The Vicar general is the first collaborator of  the Rector Major in the government of the Society and has ordinary Vicarious power.

He takes the Rector Major's place whenever he is absent or impeded. To him is entrusted particularly the care of religious life and discipline.


 Secretary: Fr Saimy Ezhanikatt SdB
Fr Francesco Cereda
Vicar of the Rector Major

    Equipe: Segretario: Don Saimy Ezhanikatt SdB

  Province of origin ILE
  Nationality Italian
  Date of birth 06-03-1951
  1st Profession 16-08-1968
  Ordination 24-05-1980
  Degrees - Ph.D. Mathematics (Parma, 1983)
      - Abilitazione in Matematica (Milano, 1987)
  Positions held - Provincial Councillor (ILE, 1990 - 1993)
      - Provincial (ILE, 1993 -  1999)
      - Superior (UPS, 1999 -  2002)
      - General Councillor for Formation
        (3. 2002 - 3. 2008)
  Languages Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portughese