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GMS_2013_en.pdf   Scarica il file htm       >>> SMD 2012: letters and materials <<<

SMD 2013 Rector Major Fr Pascual Chávez

SMD 2013 V.Klement e G.Basañes

Giornata Missionaria Salesiana (GMS) 2013 V.Klement

Jesus walk with me
Jesus stay with me
Jesus never leave me
Jesus evangelize me
May my mouth speak words of peace
and reconciliation
May my ear listen to your voice
May my heart never be cold
May children never see me and run away
Mary Queen of Africa, protect your children
Mary Mother of the Church, journey with us
Let our feet run fast to help the sick
and the poor
Let our lips magnify the greatness of God
Jesus walk with me
Jesus stay with me
Jesus never leave me
I am your witness.

The Mission Rosary
for the Year of Faith
As a Salesian Community or Educative - Pastoral Community
let us contemplate, through Mary’s eyes, the mystery of
Christ as it is revealed and proclaimed across the continents.
AFRICA - green
ASIA - yellow
EUROPA - white
OCEANIA - blue
Worldwide Prayer Campaign
For the Year of Faith the Congregation for
Evangelization of Peoples is launching a world-
wide campaign. Its aim is to use the Rosary as
a way of accompanying the work of evangeliza-
tion throughout the world and to pray that
many of the baptised may deepen their faith’.
Pope Benedict XVI has told national Directors
of the Pontifical Mission Society that: Today
the Mission needs intense prayer. (11 May 2012)
What is the Mission Rosary
In February 1951 Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (USA, 1895 – 1979) used radio
(The Catholic Hour) to launch the ‘World Mission
Rosary’. This rosary is made up of 5 colours
representing five continents. Main in-
tentions are for peace in the world
and proclamation of the Gospel.

video       Presentazione della GMS2013, Camino della fede in Africa, da don Guilleromo Basañes, Regionale (it)

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GMS 2012
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