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Provincial directory - Formation section


Provincial Directory – Formation Section

The General Councillor for Formation

Rome, 14 May 2003

This text is an appendix to the letter of the Vicar of the Rector Major sent to the Provincials dated 14 May 2003, for the convocation of the Provincial Chapters. The revision of the Formation section of the Provincial Directory by the Provincial Chapters has been asked for.

Provincial Directory – Formation Section

Following  the approval of the new edition of the “Ratio” by the Rector Major and the General Council in the year 2000, it becomes necessary to revise the Formation section of the Provincial Directory. It is a question, in fact, of bringing the provincial norms in the area of formation in line with the guidelines and norms of the “Ratio”.

1. The contents of the formation section of the Directory

In appendix n.1 of the “Ratio” useful suggestions can be found for the revision of the formation section of the Provincial Directory (FSDB 566 - 571). In this appendix are explained the nature of the Directory, its contents as regards the formation process and the stages of formation, and the manner of carrying out its evaluation. Regarding the contents, the appendix provides 24 topics that can be the subject of provincial norms..

2. The Directory and the Provincial Formation Plan

In the “Ratio” each province is asked to draw up the Provincial Formation Plan, which is a  new instrument the Province has for its structural planning. In appendix n. 2 the “Ratio” provides some reflections and guidelines in its regard. It should be noted that now having its own Formation Plan   a Province can make the application of the norms in the formation section of the Provincial Directory more easily adaptable.
The Directory sets out the essential norms, while the proposals regarding the formation process and the procedures being followed, which of their nature are not established juridically nor permanently, can be set out in the Provincial Plan. It is recommended therefore that the flexibility and the juridical nature of the Directory be ensured. “Not everything need form part of the Directory” (ACG 365, 49); many aspects can be developed in the Plan..

3. The Directory and interprovincial collaboration

In the revision of the Directory, one should beer in mind that nowadays in the field of formation there are many new forms of interprovincial collaboration. Where there is interprovincial co-responsibility which works through the “Curatorium” and is ensured by a Convention between provinces, a Province cannot then legislate in an autonomous manner.
In situations of interprovincial collaboration care needs to be taken not to introduce norms in the Provincial Directory, when certain issues are subject to joint decisions by provinces. In some cases these forms of collaboration are just beginning and have not yet been codified.

4. The previous text and the renewed text of the Directory

In presenting to the Rector Major for approval changes that have been made to the Directory, it would be convenient to provide the previous text with the new text, so that the changes or any additions made can be more easily identified.