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Consultation regarding the Salesian Personal Accompaniment




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Il Consigliere generale per la formazione


Rome, 25th July 2013
Prot. 13/0451


To the Reverend
Provincial Formation Delegate
at his address

For information
To the Reverend
Fr. Provincial
at his address

Subject: Consultation regarding “Criteria and Norms for Salesian Personal Accompaniment”

Dear Delegate,

I hope that you are keeping well and that your work too is proceeding smoothly. With this letter of mine, I am requesting your collaboration with our Formation Sector for the last time. I am referring to the consultation regarding “Criteria and Norms for Salesian Personal Accompaniment”.

The preparation of these guidelines was already envisaged by the project of animation and government of the Rector Major and his Council for the six-year period from 2008 to 2014. Accompaniment is for us one of the six fundamental methodologies of formation. As the Ratio’s treatment of the subject (FSDB 258-267) remained limited to essentials, a further development with regard to its application became necessary.

Accompaniment concerns both initial and ongoing formation. In the text that I am presenting for your kind attention, the topics refer to both these stages of formation, except when it is clearly stated that the matter in hand pertains to a particular stage only.

* The process followed so far in carrying out this work began two years ago with a first consultation in the Regional Commissions. Subsequently, every Delegate sent in his questions and suggestions. Then, with the help of collaborators, I prepared a first draft; it was sent to some experts in Salesian studies, spirituality, psychology, moral theology and canon law. The text that I am now attaching to this e-mail is the second draft, the product of the various observations received.
* Right now I am entrusting this text to you so that you can study it with your Provincial Formation Commission, with your formation personnel, and if possible, with your Provincial and his Council. If you wish to send me your contribution, I ask that it reach me by the 15th of November 2013.To facilitate your reading of this text, let me point out to you that at the end of each chapter there are the “criteria and norms” which summarize the main points that are presented together with their motivations in the chapter itself.
* The remaining part of the process foresees the following steps. After this consultation and after making the necessary changes, I shall submit the revised text, viz. the third draft, to the Rector Major and the General Council. If there is time, is will be reviewed and approved before the GC27; if not, I shall hand it over to the next General Councillor for formation who will see to bringing the process to its conclusion.

I count on your collaboration and express my gratitude. I greet you cordially.

In Don Bosco,

Fr. Francis Cereda