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The General Councilor for Formation

Rome, December 20, 2011
Prot. 11/0645

To the Reverend
Provincial Formation Delegate,
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Mr. Inspector
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Subject: Commitments of the Provincial Delegate for Formation with the Commission for 2012

Dear Delegate,

                                  after the annual meetings of the regional formation Commissions, I indicate to you, as is now customary, some commitments that you will be able to face with the Provincial Formation Commission and possibly with the Provincial and his Council for the year 2012.
There are some commitments indicated for the whole Congregation in the Project of animation and government of the Rector Major and his Council. There are others that concern the specific path of your Province and of the Region, based on your planning.

1. Way of the Congregation

As a Congregation at this time we have a double path, which concerns the evaluation of intellectual formation and Salesian personal accompaniment.
* The Provinces that wish to send their suggestions about " Evaluation and proposals on intellectual formation in initial formation ", a working hypothesis presented at the meeting of the Regional Commission for formation, can do so by May 31, 2012 .
* The Provinces that wish to send their comments about " Criteria and norms for Salesian personal accompaniment ", a working hypothesis that will be sent during the year, can do so by 31 December 2012 .

2. Way of the Region and the Province

The Regions are committed to helping the Provinces to develop an itinerary of affective maturation and formation in chastity , according to the orientation offered in number 408 of the Acts of the General Council, and at the same time to apply "Criteria and norms" for the discernment of candidates, prenovices and in general of all those in formation.
In addition, the Provinces have become more aware of the care to be given to Salesian brothers and to Salesian priests of the " five years ", which is the first phase of ongoing formation. Also in this case the regional formation commissions are helping the Delegates to identify ways to carry out a provincial process in this regard.
It is also important that each Region and Province reflect on their own problems of initial and ongoing formation, paying attention to what the Rector Major asks in the letter on the inculturation of the charism and therefore of formation, which is at the service of the charism.

3. Information

In January 2012 we will have the approval of the Revision of the "Ratio" on the initial formation of the Salesian brother , who made use of a prior consultation in the Provinces.
We will also have the approval of " Elements for Salesian missionary formation ", which were studied by the Sector for missions together with our Sector for formation.

4. Meetings of the Congregation

On 21-25 March in Rome we will have the meeting of the Deans of the Salesian centers of philosophical studies and those in charge of post-novitiate studies to deepen the Decree of reform of philosophical studies in the Pontifical Faculties and in the Seminaries, published by the Congregation for the Catholic education.
In 6-8 November 2012 we will have the meeting of the Deans of the Salesian Centers of Theological Studies and those in charge of the studies of the specific formation communities of the Salesian clerics , to study theological themes and the curriculum of studies, together with the Faculty of Theology of the 'UPS.

I thank you now for your collaboration and I cordially greet you in Don Bosco.