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Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation Cagliero11 - April 2013



Titolo n otiziario Nome società N. 52 - April 2013 Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission Interview of Fr. Manolo Jiménez, Provincial of Africa Equatorial tropical (AFE) in French with sub titles in English > Missionaries as heralds of the Gospel need also to be continually renewed in mind and spirit. In fact this is the mind of the Church. The Servant of God, John Paul II wrote: “In the consecrated life (there is) the risk of routine, and the subsequent temptation to give in to disappointment because of meagre results.

Middle-aged consecrated persons must therefore be helped, in the light of the Gospel and the charism of their Institute, to renew their original decision, and not confuse the completeness of their dedication with the degree of good results.” (Vita Consacrata 70).

Our congregation offers various opportunities to Salesian missionaries to renew themselves. The longer period of three months (open also to other congregations) is offered at Salesian Pon- “ For me every wish of the Pope is a command (MB V, 874) His word must be our rule in everything and for everything (MB VI, 494) CONTINUING FORMATIION COURSES FOR MIISSIIONARIIES:: ROME -- QUIITO -- SHIILLONG D ear brothers and friends of the Salesian missions!

Cordial Easter greetings during the Year of Faith. We can conclude the Eucharist during the Easter season with a missionary invitation 'Go and preach the Gospel!

All throughout our Salesian history the Church has entrusted to us areas where the Christian community was either very weak or altogether non-existent. Now some of these have become Dioceses: China: Chow Shiu (1920); Australia: Kimberley (1922); India: Assam-Shillong (1921), Krishnagar (1934), Tura (1935), Haflong (1951), Kohima-Imphal (1957); Thailand: Ratburi-Suratthani (1927), Japan: Oita-Miyazaki (1928), Myanmar: Lashio (1938), Brasil: Guiratinga (1901), Rio Negro (1914), Porto Velho (1925), Humaita (1961); Colombia: Ariari (1964); Guatemala: San Pedro Carchá (1935); Congo (DR): Sakania-Luapula (1939); Lybia: Derna (1939).

At present the Church has entrusted to us a Missio sui juris (Azerbaijan in 2000), an Apostolic Prefecture (Gambella, Ethiopia - in 2000); Apostolic Vicariates (Mendez, Ecuador - in 1897, Chaco, Paraguay - in 1918, Puerto Ayuacucho, Venezuela - in 1946, El Peten, Guatemala – in 1995, Pucallpa, Peru - in 2009), and an Apostolic Prelature (Mixes, Mexico - in 1962). In order to reinforce the personnel, recently the Rector Major sent 15 young missionaries to these territories (

Let us remember our confreres as well as the new apostolic vocations in these eight Salesian territories!

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councillor for the Missions Continued next page ...

Salesian Missionary Intention The Miissiion iis God’’s … Our task iis jjust to Sow!!

While studying law at the University (1988-1992), with a girl, we planned go to Africa in the future as a missionary family. But I began to feel I was not contented, I was not happy. I was missing something ... I began to listen and try to be true to the “inner Voice”. I read the Word of God, I prayed, I searched ... One day I went to confession and where I was not expecting at all, in a Salesian parish, I felt that a spark was lit in my heart. When, thanks to the guidance of a Salesian, I confirmed that Jesus was indeed calling me, I decided to give myself to the Lord forever.

Needs are everywhere, and even if it is true that we are called to respond to these needs, the real need is actually to discern, see, hear what God wants in a particular situation and in the life of each of us. It was only then that the Salesian friend who accompanied me said: “now you may write to the Rector Major.” I wrote and received his answer: “I am sending you to Pakistan”. So, why did I want to be a missionary when Argentina also needs missionaries? The answer is “because God wants.” The final criterion is the call of God, it is He who sends. As time passes, the more I become convinced of this ...

On a personal level, my biggest challenges were learning to recognise and integrate my limits and weaknesses. Paradoxically, fear, pain, loneliness, feeling betrayed, not being able to understand and be in control of the situation, could become the door that leads you to your deepest and real self. At level of faith, the challenge of living in a country where 96% are Muslims, gave me the opportunity to be “born again” (like Nicodemus), to “see” (as Bartimaeus), to rediscover the “gift of God” (as the Samaritan).

My greatest joys have names: Noble, Adnan Sami, Julia and Rome (my Pakistani brothers and sisters, first local vocations), Rodrick, Alwin, Khurram, Miss. Fitness, Miss Sabra (they live and love the Salesian charism as laity), Maria (we found her crying alone when we were visiting her family and now she’s studying, smiles and wants to become a designer!), Sunil (he is now working, thanks to a course he did in Don Boco, studies, is an animator of the oratorio and is discerning his vocation ...) ...

Yes! The Mission is God’s. It is He who makes it bear fruit in due season. How much? When? How? Only he knows. Our task is just to sow. We continue to live together day after day, with the hope, light and joy that come from our faith. And we are happy!

Fr. Julio Palmieri Argentinian, missionary in Pakistan Terriittoriies enttrustted tto tthe Congregattiion iin tthe IIntterameriican Regiion That the Salesians in the six territories entrusted by the Holy See to the Salesian Congregation in the Inter American Region may develop into a truly inculturated Church.

The work of evangelisation must take and transform indigenous cultures in the territories entrusted to us so that communities may develop their specific identity yet in communion with the Universal Church. In concrete terms in the Inter American Region there are 5 of the 8 the territories entrusted by the Holy See to the Salesian Congregation: Mexico - Prelature of Mixes (since 1962), Guatemala - El Peten Vicariate (since 1995), Venezuela - Puerto Ayuacucho Vicariate (since 1946), Peru - Pucallpa Vicariate (since 2009), Ecuador - Mendez Vicariate (Since 1897). The common feature of these is our commitment to indigenous groups in poor and very difficult areas, with a few local vocations and a decreasing number of confreres. To help these Vicariates 15 young missionaries have been sent in the last four years.

tifical University in Rome. This course is meant for those who have been missionaries for a sometime time and would like to have an updating. It begins with a spiritual retreat. Topics on Scriptures, anthropology, psychology, catechesis and missiology are discussed. An intimate encounter of the person of Jesus is fostered in a community environment of love and family spirit, with a lot of possibilities for sharing of experiences and mutual interaction. Salesian participants are led to rediscover the richness of the origin of their society and charism through a pilgrimage to Salesian Holy Places.

To compliment the course at the UPS, short courses of 3 weeks for missionaries (of the Salesian Family) are also organised in the region in order to foster a closer dialogue with the local context. One was organised in Quito, Ecuador (2012 and the next in 2014) for the regions of America. This coming August a similar course is being organised in Shillong, India for the two regions of Asia. Salesians who wish more information regarding these courses may write to the secretary of the Missions Department:

Fr. Jose Anikuzhikattil, SDB Missions Department