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Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation Cagliero11 - February 2013



Titolo n otiziario Nome società N.. 50 - February 2013 Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission D ear confreres and friends of the Salesian missions!

As the practice during these last four years, this month we also get the Cagliero 11, but this time it’s the 50th issue.

A big thank you goes to many friends, to all those who have contributed and are contributing to its production - missionaries who share, the editor who is patient and constant, the very precise layout master and especially to the many translators in the following languages Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Czech, Slovak.

After four years we can recognise the many fruits of Cagliero11.

Due to its simplicity, regularity and lively missionary experience, it is welcomed by the Salesians and various members of the Salesian Family in 13 languages. It is becoming a part of daily life in the Salesian communities: posted on the refrigerator in the dining hall of the community, used for animation of Vespers in many communities and houses of formation, some experiences are reprinted by the Salesian Bulletin, or Provincial Newsletter or simply sent monthly by the Province Delegate for Missionary Animation or Provincial Secretary to all communities. For some Salesians it is the first step in discovering their missionary vocation.

The cycle of the Gioventù missionaria is still alive today. Young missionaries share with an open heart and honesty their life experience. The knowledge of the beauty of missionary life, awakens the missionary consciousness of some young people and Salesians. Story telling generates another living missionary story.

The main challenge of Cagliero11 is still valid.

We have not reached all the local communities, as it was dreamt of four years ago on the occasion of the first issue: "With the Cagliero 11 we want to reach all the Salesian communities in the world, to remind us at least once a month to pray for all the missionaries ad gentes in the same time remind them, and remind ourselves that we are all called to be ‘missionaries of the young’” (January 2009).

How can you help us today? First, the distribution of Cagliero 11: by sending us a new address or a personal missionary experience, By printing Cagliero 11 for your own community or by creating a link on your website or Facebook. However, the best help is to use it in Community prayer!

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councillor for the Missions February 25, 2013 Feast of the Salesian protomartyrs Saints Luigi Versiglia and Callixtus Caravario vimeo: Salesian Missionary Intention Even iiff we cannot do much… the Spiiriit works M y missionary vocation was born many years ago, when I was 13. In the meantime, many things had changed and had been rethought, however, the dream remained and I remember that, talking to my Provincial on the eve of my first profession, I expressed my missionary desire. About fifteen years later, I spoke again with the Provincial. He asked me to wait, and in the meantime he asked me to serve as rector of a community and parish priest. Finally, two years ago, I was sent to Azerbaijan.

The Course for New Missionaries in Rome and Turin helped me to make a closure to my previous experience, to pray, to learn useful things before leaving for the missions, to breathe an air of Salesian missionary spirituality, meet missionaries, and especially dialogue with the Councillor for the Missions. I also had the chance to know other new missionaries and, together, we made the pilgrimage to the places of Paul, the great missionary, in Rome and to the Salesian holy places. I consider the invitation to write the spiritual journal regularly as a precious gift of the course.

Here in Azerbaijan I found several challenges: a new culture, a new religious situation, new languages. The presence of the Catholic Church is very limited. After the last Catholic priest was executed in the thirties under the communist regime, no church and nor Catholic priest was left in the country until 1997. The presence of the Catholic Church is tolerated as a service to foreigners and local people with foreign roots. The population considers itself Muslim and any form of apostolate is not allowed. Only those who come to church may hear something about Christianity. The Liturgical languages are Russian and English. The local language is totally different. The same goes for the culture, which is deeply associated with Islam. Almost everyone believes in God, but knowledge of their religion is very poor.

Since 2000 a Salesian community lives in the capital Baku, the city of about three million people. about 200 foreign and 100 local Catholics regularly come to church.

Often someone comes either because he or she is interested in Christianity or is in need of help. Young Catholics are few.

As we have been reminded during the Course for New Missionaries, it would take years become I could fully inculturate myself in this culture. But the most important thing is to remember that it is the Holy Spirit who acts in the hearts of people. This reality fills me with joy and hope every day even if we can actually do very little here.

I would like to remind the young Salesians who are thinking of the missionary life that the missionary vocation is a great gift from God. If after and accompanied discernment one discovers this gift, a positive response will fill your life with joy, in the same way the Jesus filled the life of Mary, and that young people filled the heart of Don Bosco with joy!

Fr. Vladimir Baxa, Slovak, missionary in Azerbaijan NEW MISSIONARIES SOUGHT FOR ASIA Province - Country Necessary languages Enviornment and necessary qualities of the missionaries CIN China Services English, Chinese, Cantonese To help the province with young confreres (Macau, HK, Taiwan) There is need to rejuvenate with vocations of Salesian brothers.

FIS Pakistan English, Urdu Few SDBs, challenging Islamic environment, Technical education– Need of robust SDB vocations, lay brothers and formators.

ITM Indonesia, East Timor English, Bahasa Portuguese, Tetum Need of senior confreres over fifty years as formators, Spiritual directors, confessors, experts in technical schools.

INC Bangladesh English, Bengali New mission (inaugurated in 2009), two presences, aspirantate and pre novitiate School, parish rural and tribal areas, few Salesians INC Nepal English, Nepali Youthful mission (started in 2000), three presences, social and educational works, religion Hindu, Need missionaries from outside South Asia.

LKC Sri Lanka English, Sinhala, Tamil Country torn apart by civil war, need missionaries from outside the region, South Asia, especially coadjutors.

SLK Apostolic Prefecture Azerbaijian Russian, English, Azeri Only 600 local Catholics and 3000 migrants, moderate Islam; There is an effort to internationalise our presence (non-Slovac Confreres) For young people who journey with the Salesians in Africa through the paths of education in the faith, especially through catechesis, that by embracing the Gospel of Reconciliation, they may be architects of a society and a reconciled Church that continues to foster reconciliation.

Before an enormous cultural and ethnic diversity experienced in contexts where we live and work in Africa, the temptation of division and conflict is sometimes very strong, especially among young people. The patient proposal of the journey of evangelical forgiveness is a difficult road for them, yet it is a sure path to real development. Young Africans often surprise us by their creative ability to try new paths of dialogue and peace.

AFRICAN REGION -- Democratic Republic of Congo