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Nome società N. 74 - February 2015
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation A Publication of the Missions Sector for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Missions

Every year with this distribution we experience at first hand how Divine Providence comes to our aid, especially when we are totally devoted to the mission entrusted to the sons of Don Bosco. As you know, the source of the solidarity funds to be distributed is the Mission Offices that depend directly on the Rector Major, especially in recent times, those of Madrid and New Rochelle. To these we should add the thousands of small benefactors and friends of the Salesian missions, to whom we owe a permanent debt of gratitude and prayer .

These guidelines must be integrated with and joined to those already received from Councillors for the Missions and the Economers General of previous six-year periods, particularly those mentioned in AGC 381 (2003) and in the letter of 24 June 2011 - Prot: 11/0243.

We emphasize the following general criteria for the distribution : - Absolute priority is given to the formation of SDBs and to projects directly targeting the poorest young people; - Less will be given for buildings; - We encourage the creation or consolidation of the Planning and Development Office (PDO), as a sign of the professional responsibility of the Province in supporting the mission.

In the procedure for the distribution, in addition to the already well-known and well-established practices, we highlight the following: - Requests are submitted only by the Provincial, signed by him, on the forms provided for this purpose; - Deadlines for the submission of requests are strictly 30 April and 30 October; after those dates, the requests are sent directly to the next distribution; - Scholarships for the Licentiate and Doctorate are for three years only; - Requests for formation will need to be accompanied by: (a) the total foreseen budget; (b) the amount that the - Province intends to pay; (c) the amount requested from the Rector Major.

Conditions sine qua non for the granting of a request, in addition to those already known, will from now on include:  that the provincial annual balance sheet for the previous year has been sent to the Economer General; requests received from provinces that have not yet submitted their annual balance sheet, will not be considered ;  that the financial report of the money received at the last distribution, has been sent to the Generalate (Economer and Missions:, and to the relevant Mission Office. The Mission Office needs this before it can launch other campaigns. A lack of transparency from one province to the Mission Office normally blocks or conditions aid which might be of benefit to others; - A request which is not granted does not automatically go to the next distribution. If still deemed necessary, and if in the meantime there were no other means of financing, it will have to be re-submitted.

Yours Don Bosco, Fr. Basañes Guillermo, SDB Br. Jean Paul Muller, SDB Councillor for the Missions Economer General For Salesian Mission Day 2014 the Province of Central Italy (ICC) has collected €22.805. This entire amount will be sent to the interprovincial missionary project for migrants of the Interamerican Region.

SMD 2014 Accountability in the Missions Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention That the Provinces may have the courage to launch new initiatives especially for young people who come from broken and dysfunctional homes .

There are many young people in the countries in the Interamerican Region who come from broken and dysfunctional homes. This is a phenomenon that happens too often both in poor countries as well as in richer ones like Canada and the United States. There are thousands of unaccompanied youth, some even adolescents, from Central America who travel alone to Mexico and attempt to cross the difficult and dangerous border to the United States. These poor and abandoned youth are a prophetic and heartbreaking call to every Salesian Province in the Region to launch new initiatives in their favour.

I will never exchange the joy I experience in proclaiming Christ!

For pastoral care of families in Interamerica Witness of Salesian Missionary Sanctity The servant of God Andrea Majcen (1904-1909), missionary in China and Vietnam, used to pray making the sign of the cross with holy water saying: “Take off Lord, the old man and clothe me with the new man, created in righteousness and holiness.” He said this prayer as a novice, a priest, a missionary, when he celebrated the golden jubilee of his priesthood.

I was born in the north of Slovakia near the border with Poland in a very religious family. As a young man I was very athletic and I really liked weight lifting. I was the champion in my country! In fact I was part of a group champions of Slovakia. One day a friend, who was also part of this group, introduced me to a man who was a professor of mathematics and physics. He was a professor of mathematics and physics in Secondary School but could not work publicly as a professor because he was persecuted for his faith by the then communist regime that ruled the country.

He lived in the city where I was doing my Secondary School so I visited him often.

We called him “godfather”. We would meet there and read the Bible, he taught us how to meditate; we talked about his life, his work, of the meaning of life, of God. He also invited to mountain shelters for spiritual retreats, recollections, and walks but he never introduced himself as a priest or a Salesian. The professor helped me a lot to discover my Christian, Salesian, priestly and missionary vocation.

Once he invited a missionary to Ecuador - Fr. Jan Sutka - his companion in the Salesian Secondary School before the communists took over the country. It was the first ever for me to meet a missionary. For the first time I also heard about the Shuar people and their culture. This meeting was the birth of my missionary vocation!

After Secondary School I began studies in veterinary medicine at the University but I had problems with my studies because I gave too much time to weight lifting. Fortunately I was attending meetings of a group of university students whose leader was a Salesian Cooperator. Through him I came to know the Salesian Cooperators, and especially the Salesians. I went to their house for prayers, meditation, confession, as well as to study the lives of the saints, philosophy, theology, and for some apostolate with the boys.

After my studies and one year of military service, I worked as a veterinarian and in the Post Office. But then in 1988 I decided to join the Salesians following all stages of formation in my country. After my ordination I was in charge of the Oratory and then chaplain in the Salesian parish in Bratislava.

Now I am a missionary in Ecuador since 2005. For the first four years I worked in the periphery of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Now I am in Taisha. Our community is made up of 3 Salesians and a lay volunteer and we take care of 32 Shuar communities. The area assigned to me is in the Ecuadorian rainforest where there are neither roads nor paths, only many rivers and the forest. One travels only by motorboat, on horseback or on foot. Every week I have to prepare the motorboat, gasoline, bags and all that is needed for my pastoral work. Indeed, life is tough but I will never exchange the joy I experience in my heart in sharing Christ with the Shuar !