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Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation Cagliero11 - January 2013



N. 49 - January 2013
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation
A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission

A “kairos” for Africa and Madagascar O ne thing that impresses anyone who visits Africa is the number of Chinese who are present in the continent. Some estimate that there are at least 25 million Chinese in Africa! Some of these, especially the young, come to our centres and oratories mainly for sports, and sometimes also to “enjoy” some of our liturgical celebrations.

Perhaps they become, sometimes, the butt of our jokes. Yet, if we examine deeper this situation with missionary sensitivity, it becomes obviously clear that many of them, if not most of them, have not heard the Gospel nor of Jesus Christ.

t is perhaps a happy coincidence that last November 5-9, 2012 the Study Days was on the nitial Proclamation of Christ in Africa and Madagascar which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while this year’s Salesian Mission Day focuses on the proclamation of Christ in Africa.

These two occasions impel us to look around us with the missionary heart of Don Bosco!

With the missionary eyes of Don Bosco we see around us “the urgency of proclaiming the Good News to the millions of people in Africa who are not yet evangelised” (Ecclesia in Africa, 47). ) t is important, therefore, to stir up an interest in Jesus Christ among those who do not know him, as well as to revitalise the faith of African Christians who have become lukewarm in their faith.

Yet, Pope Benedict XV also invited us to «recover the ardour of the beginnings of the evangelization of the African continent” (Africae Munus, 164). Such missionary ardour opens our eyes to the missionary possibilities of the Chinese presence in Africa. ndeed, here we have all the possibilities to proclaim the Gospel which the Church in China does not have! The New Testament uses the term kairos to describe “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1,15). am convinced that we have to respond to this time of God’s visitation. t is for this reason that invited the Provincials of the African Region during our last meeting to discern what God is telling us today before such a massive Chinese presence. am confident that an abundant harvest awaits us if we respond with missionary audacity to this kairos for the Church and the Congregation in Africa & Madagascar!

Fr. Guillermo Basañes, SDB Regional Councilor for Africa & Madagascar D ear Salesians and friends of the Salesian mission, At the beginning of January 2013 wish you a year full of light!

We are living the Year of Faith, a time of grace. As true sons of Don Bosco we want to live always with a deep sense of the Church.

The theme of the Salesian Mission Day 2013 '“The faith Journey in Africa” helps our journey during this Year of Faith: The catechumenate stories and the models of catechists, help us to be inspired by the young Christian communities.

My heartfelt thanks to all the confreres of Africa who have made available to us the dynamics of the immense “spiritual ‘lung’ for a humanity that appears to be in a crisis of faith and hope” (Benedict XV, Africae Munus 13).

During this Year of Faith invite you to live the prayer for the SMD 2013: “Jesus, walk with me, Jesus stay with me ... am your witness!” Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councilor for the Missions The annual Salesian Mission Day, celebrated on a date chosen by each Province, aims to help every Salesian, every educative-pastoral community and the whole Salesian Family to be aware of the various missionary commitments of the Congregation, open our eyes to new missionary realities, overcome every temptation to withdraw into one’s territory or context as well as to be reminded of the universality of the Salesian charism. This year's theme is The faith Journey in Africa. The celebration of the Salesian Mission Day ought to be the highlight (after an educational - pastoral journey with various initiatives which lasts some weeks) and expression of the missionary spirit which is kept alive throughout the year in the whole Educative-Pastoral Community.

/en/SDB_webTV/Sectors/SMD_2013 /it/SDB_webTV/Congregazione&DVideo=495&page=1 Sallesiian Miissiion Day 2013 The Province was established through Fr. Antonio Belloni in the Holy Land (1893) which was later extended to Egypt (1896), Turkey (1903), ran (1937), Syria (1948), Lebanon (1952). n January 2012, MOR had the first Provincial of Arab origin Fr. Munir El Rai, from Syria. Now there are 33 local confreres (Egypt 15, Syria 13, Lebanon 3, ran 1 raq 1) and 75 missionaries from the following countries: taly 42, ndia 7, Poland 6, Vietnam 3, Spain 2, Malta 2, Chile 1, Haiti 1, Philippines 1, Kenya 1, Mexico 1, Paraguay 1, Slovenia 1, East Timor 1, Venezuela 1, USA 1) - most of these are elderly. The diversity of languages, cultures, religions and different Christian rites, the difficulties of social origin and status and the various armed conflicts also make our mission of education and evangelisation not easy .

Salesian Missionary ntention African and missionary in Africa!

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was born into a Catholic family. encountered Jesus through the initiative of my mother ... One day while was walking in front of a church my mother told me: “My son let’s go to greet Jesus in the Church ...” did not understand her. But when we entered the church saw her kneel and make the sign of the cross. was greatly impressed by her gesture, and it was from this moment that began to feel the presence of God in my life.

Between 1990 and 1992 my country went through a very difficult time and there were many abandoned children.

Meeting these children in the street some questions sprung from my heart: “Why are these children suffering this way?, Has Jesus forsaken them ?” The words of Jesus came as a response from the bottom of my heart: “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me”(Matthew 25,40). decided to commit my life to the service of suffering children of the world. This was the moment when my missionary vocation was born.

As a Salesian prenovice was very happy that Father Provincial sent me to work with children in difficulty. And there shared with my Rector the missionary call that felt in my heart. Fr. Rector advised me to express this missionary desire once arrive at the novitiate.

During my novitiate Father Master strongly encouraged me in this vocation and advised me to continue my discernment. n the Philosphate wrote to the Rector Major, Don Vecchi, who accepted my application and sent me to the West Africa Francophone Province (AFO) which is composed of 7 countries. worked in Togo for two years during my Practical Training. After my priestly ordination was in charge of the home for children in difficulty and youth ministry in Abidjan, vory Coast. Since 2010 am in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso among children of Belleville where we are opening a new Salesian presence.

Throughout this missionary journey, encountered many difficulties that are part of this joy of proclaiming Jesus.

have had difficulty adapting to the language and climate. But my greatest joy is having met brothers and sisters of West Africa who are very appreciative of an African who is a missionary in Africa. was impressed by what some had told me in similar words: “You're an African and you left your country, your parents, your friends to come to stay and live with us. By doing this, you have become our brother and son. Do not be afraid we are with you in this mission that God has entrusted to you in our midst...” would like to invite the young Salesians not be afraid to respond to God’s missionary call to them: God needs you in this world wherever he wants you to be his witnesses, even to the ends of the earth. Live the mission wherever you are. To all missionaries: Let us be the page of the Gospel which attracts the young to the missionary life!

Fr. Albert Kabuge congolese, missionary in Burkina Faso MOR -- Miiddlle Eastt Proviince For the members of the MOR Province and their lay collaborators present in all seven countries so that, in the midst of many difficulties, they may continue the Salesian mission of education and evangelisation with faith, courage and patience.

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