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Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation Cagliero11 - November 2012



Titolo n otiziario Nome società N. 47 - November 2012
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation
A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission
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Dear Salesian missionaries and friends of the Salesian Missions! At the end of November the Provincials of Europe will meet for the fourth t im e . P r o j e c t Europe, launched in 2008 has already produced some fruits for the revitalisation of the Salesian charism and the new evangelisation of the Old Continent. Among the topics for discussion is also the result of the research on the Salesian commitment for migrants in Europe. According to official statistics, there are about 40 million migrants in Europe: 20 million from other continents, 10 million from countries of the European community, 10 million Gypsies.

We Salesians are engaged in various works for migrants.

The Commission for Project Europe pointed out in 2011 that the commitment to migrants in Europe is really about revitalising our charism, a contribution to the new evangelisation, and it provides a resource for endogenous regeneration of our charism. In the same way that Bartholomew Garelli, a young migrant in Turin, marked the beginning of the Salesian mission so was our work for Italians in Argentina the starting point of the Salesian mission ad gentes. Some fundamental insights could help inspire the journey of the 28 Provinces of Europe: the work with migrants is a prophetic field to become credible in front of the Church; it is a humanitarian witness - visible to non-believers; it is a vocational field; it is a new field for learning how to work in synergy; it is a field with the full involvement of the laity; it could easily involve other Provinces outside Europe in the context of Project Europe. It is also a field of formation and specific preparation of the Salesians.

A European missionary in the Italian Salesian Bulletin of July 2012 wrote about Nicolas, a boy from Ghana who, though economically poor, prays for the evangelisation of Europe! Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by the dynamics of a quickly changing world! The migrants present in Europe are brothers and sisters to be welcomed and a resource for the Church and for the Congregation.

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councillor for the Missions Migrants: brothers & sisters to be welcomed & a resource for the Congregatiion 5-9 > Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Study Days on the Initial Proclamation of Christ in Africa and Madagascar 10-12 > Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Meeting of PDMA of Africa and Madagascar 24 > Macas, Ecuador: Beatification Sr. Maria Troncatti NOVEMBER - Upcoming Events In the last five years all the Provinces of Europe began the process to revitalise the Salesian charism in Europe from within. Thus new horizons were opened for 6,300 confreres present in the continent. The Committee for Project Europe which meets every six months and the Assembly of the Provincials of Europe which meets every two years - have identified two specific topics of this process. Besides the Salesian contribution for the new evangelisation of young people it aims at more focused commitment for young migrants and their families in Europe. There are about 40 million migrants in Europe (20 million came to Europe from other continents, 10 million moved within the continent and about 10 million Gypsies - Roma) most of them are Christians.

Salesian Missionary Intention Don Bosco wanted his Congregation to be profoundly missionary T he11th of November is a powerful reminder about the missionary dimension of our Congregation. All members of the Church, by baptism, are called upon to live her missionary dimension. This does not exclude that some of the baptised (lay, consecrated, priests) may dedicate themselves to the missionary activity of the Church. Indeed, our Salesian vocation places us at the heart of the Church (Const.6) which is missionary by her very nature (Ad Gentes, 2).

At Valdocco Don Bosco’s ministry to young people was deeply permeated by the missionary dimension as a dynamism that animated all his endeavours. He used the means of communication of his time to spread the faith and make known the Congregation’s missionary activities . This missionary zeal – synthesised in Da mihi Animas - was the animating force which undergirded all his initiatives: «He took no step, he said no word, he took up no task that was not directed to the saving of the young... Truly the only concern of his heart was for souls» (Don Rua). It is in this light, that immediately after the approval of the Constitutions (1874), on 11 November 1875, he sent the first missionary expedition.

Don Bosco handed on to us this missionary ideal as a constitutive element of his spiritual and apostolic heritage. Thus, the Special General Chapter had emphasised that the missionary dimension is an «essential part of our charism» . To keep this missionary ardour alive it also insisted that «right from the very beginning of their formation we should present to young Salesians the missionary ideal in an objective and attractive manner, clearly demonstrating its value. We should spread the knowledge of and promote the missionary undertakings of our Congregation; we should study the lives and the personalities of our great missionaries, and above all we should cultivate the apostolic zeal and spirit of supernatural generosity which forms the foundation of every missionary vocation» (SCG , 476).

The missionary dimension of the Salesian charism does not preclude but actually implies that there are Salesians who have a specific vocation to be engaged in the missionary apostolate among those who have not yet heard the Gospel and where the Church is not yet fully established (ad gentes), or where there is an abandonment of the faith, outside their own homeland, cultural milieu and language group (ad exteros), through a life-long commitment (ad vitam). A Salesian who feels called to be a missionary should seek, first of all, the help of a spiritual guide to discern the call of God, purify and deepen his own motivations, ascertain his qualities and attitudes in view of determining his basic suitability for Salesian missionary life . This is the initial and most important step in the process of missionary discernment that will lead to the writing of the letter offering oneself to the Rector Major to be a missionary which will conclude with the giving of the missionary cross and missionary send off.

Fr. Alfred Maravilla, SDB Missions Department M embers of the 143rd Salesian Missionary Expedition The aniimattiion off Projjectt Europe iin allll tthe 28 Proviinces off Europe That Project Europe may open new horizons and stir up new hopes to foster the endogenous revitalisation of the Salesian charism in the continent.