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MISSIONS - Cagliero 11

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N. 58 - October 2013
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation
A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission
D ear confreres and friends of
the Salesian missions!
Cordial greetings during the mis-
sionary month of October. I thank
you all for your prayers during the
month of September for the 36 new
missionaries and for Salesian mis-
sionary vocations.
Having accompanied more than 200
new missionaries during the six year
period from 2008 to 2014, I thank
the Lord for his constant call! The Salesian missionary
vocation is very beautiful! It is the best expression of
our charism, our spirituality is made available to the
whole Church! I thank the Lord for this grace to accom-
pany many confreres in their journey of discernment of
this beautiful vocation “within the Salesian vocation”!
How beautiful it is to accompany the first young Sale-
sians from Albania, Russia, Myanmar, Madagascar,
Togo, Ukraine, Cuba, China to respond well to the mis-
sionary call! The first missionaries from young Provinces
show the trust of the Lord in us! The freshness of the
faith in the ‘global South of the world’ invites all to let
ourselves be surprised by the gift of faith!
I wish you all a fruitful celebration of World Mission
Sunday 2013 as an opportunity to revive our faith and
help the Church to journey to all the the outskirts of
existence where Jesus Christ is not yet known and lo-
Fr. Václav Klement, SDB
Councillor for the Missions

The Church is not an NGO but a community which announces Christ!

T he work of evangelisation often finds
obstacles, not only externally, but also
from within the ecclesial community.
Sometimes there is lack of fervour, joy, cou-
rage and hope in proclaiming the Message of
Christ to all and in helping the people of our
time to an encounter with him. Sometimes, it
is still thought that proclaiming the truth of
the Gospel means an assault on freedom. … It
is urgent in our time to announce and witness
to the goodness of the Gospel, and this from
within the Church itself. … The Church – I re-
peat once again – is not a relief organisation,
an enterprise or an NGO, but a community of
people, animated by the Holy Spirit, who have
lived and are living the wonder of the encoun-
ter with Jesus Christ and want to share this
experience of deep joy, the message of salva-
tion that the Lord gave us!
(For the Pope’s message for World Mission Day 2013 see (

MISSIONARIES SOUGHT FOR AFRICA (145 th Missionary Expediton)

Province Country Necessary languages Environment and necessary qualities of the missionaries
AET Ethiopia
Vicariate of Gambella
local languages
Apostolic vicariate: entrusted to the Congregation, few personnel, first evangelisation with opportunities for implanting the Church
FRB Morocco French, Arabic The only community in the country, school-CFP (vocational training centre), parish, small community
ISI Tunisia French, Arabic Only community in the country, primary school and oratory, small community

My missionary vocation was born When I read an appeal for missionaries

I joined the aspirantate when I
was 16 and I had a wonderful
time with some missionaries. As my desire to become a priest developed so did my interest to become
a missionary especially through some missionary news we read.
During my first year of practical training in Negombo, our Salesian ‘motherhouse’
in Sri Lanka, I had an amazing experience. At that time Sri Lanka was a Delegation
of Chennai Province. That evening the Rector gave me the Circular letter of the
Provincial to be read at spiritual reading. In that letter Father Provincial spoke
about the Rector Major’s appeal for missionaries for Papua New Guinea. While I
was reading, I turned to the economer, a missionary in Sri Lanka, and said “Father
shall we go? What do you think?” “Why not, let’s go,” he replied with a smile on
his face. That same day I called my superiors and asked whether I could apply. I
consider this as the moment when my missionary seed began to take root. It was
the moment I realized that God wanted me to become a missionary. I was sent to
Solomon Islands, which is now part of the Delegation of Papua New Guinea.
Some ask me: “Sri Lanka needs missionaries, so why become a missionary
abroad?”Surely Sri Lanka needs missionaries to strengthen the growth of our Salesian work. But we should
never forget that our Salesian presence in Sri Lanka was started in 1956
because missionaries came to the country, particularly Fr. Henry Re-
mery, a French Salesian of the Chennai province. I still remember the
day, when I expressed my desire to go to the missions to the Provincial,
Fr. Benjamin Puthota. His answer was an immediate “yes of course,
even though we have very few confreres, if it is the will of God he will
bless us with many vocations. It is by giving that we receive!” Indeed,
Sri Lanka has been blessed by God. Now it is a Vice Province.
I am truly happy to be a missionary. Sharing the Word of God in
the daily Eucharist, teaching various subjects in the seminary, partici-
pating in the daily life of community give me ample opportunity to
share my vocation with others. I also have the opportunity to live and
relate with people of another culture as well as experience their love
and affection. I know that what is important is not to do spectacular
and remarkable things, but to keep my heart open to do God-s will in my life.
Fr. Srimal Priyanga Silva Gajasinhage
Sri lankan, missionary in the Solomon Islands

Interview of Fr.Gianni Rolandi, Provincial of East Africa,
in English

Salesian Missionary Intention

Region of Africa

That the faith journeys of young people in Africa may be qualitatively
strengthened and accompanied by the Salesians of Don Bosco, who are joyful
and committed to catechesis and the catechumenate of young people.

The fruitful tradition of African lay catechists, courageous proclaimers of the Word, is con-
nectd to us - Salesians of Don Bosco as we were born “through a simple catechism” (Don
Bosco). The three Salesian communities for theological formation in Africa - Lubumbashi (DR
Congo), Nairobi (Kenya), Yaoundé (Cameroon) - strive to instil in the soul of the young African
Salesians, aspirants to the priesthood, this lively and enlightened catechetical consciousness.

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