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Cagliero11 May 2014


MISSIONS - Cagliero 11

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Virgin most holy,
Help of Christians,
Mother of Christ,
Patroness and Guide of China,
intercede for the Church,
for the Chinese People
and the Youth entrusted to
your motherly care.
Defend your children
from all kinds of evil,
from the dangers of materialism
and of religious indifference.
Raise up holy and faithful vocations among them.
Grant us, too, waiting in trust
for the miracles our father Don Bosco foresaw,
the same deep faith,
Titolo notiziario
Nome società
N. 64 - May 2014
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation
A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission
D ear confreres, dear friends!
Every May our Salesian missionary heart goes directly to the Mother
House of the Salesian missions, to the shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Val-
docco, a joyful and silent witness of the now 144 missionary expeditions. At
the same time on the 24 th we join wholeheartedly the whole Church on the
World Day of Prayer for China, the feast of Our Lady of Sheshan, China's only
national Marian shrine. Let us make a pilgrimage, even if only spiritually, to these two shrines of Our
Lady and ask for greater missionary generosity, especially among the Salesians of Don Bosco.
Mother Yvonne Reungoat, the Mother General of the “living monument to Mary Help of Chris-
tians”, makes an urgent appeal to the FMAs that also applies to all SDBs: “Today, I am sure that the
Lord continues to call many Daughters of Mary Help of Christians to be available to be sent as mis-
sionaries in many parts of the world who are waiting for the Salesian charism. Why are the applica-
tions to be missionary ad gentes so few? I’m waiting for these every day!” (Circular 944, in
Even Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, the10 th successor of Don Bosco is waiting ...!
Courage! I wish everyone a fruitful month of Mary Help of Christians !
Fr. Guillermo Basañes, SDB
Councillor for the Missions

passion and thirst for souls.
Make us faithful to our charism
and to our preference
for poor and abandoned youth.
Give us courage to dream, boldness in daring,
heavenly wisdom and perseverance in our
and a purity of life which reflects your own.
You, who cooperated in your Son’s first miracle
at Cana, show now your motherly care
and bring your people a speedy revelation of
freedom, peace and joy in listening to your Son.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
In Mozambique I found the face of Christ In Mozambique I found the face of Christ In Mozambique I found the face of Christ
and my own happiness! and my own happiness! and my own happiness!
I was born in East Timor. My missionary vocation is the result of a Christian
experience rooted in my family, where I have received a great example of
love for God and faith in Him. I also had a great admiration for Fr. Alfonso
Maria Nacher who was a missionary in East Timor, and my spiritual director. On
May 24, 1992, the feast of Mary Help of Christians, he was celebrating his 60th
anniversary of Salesian consecrated life. This coincided with the visit of Fr.
Luciano Odorico, then Councillor for the Missions. On that occasion I had the
intuition to offer myself for the mission ad exteros, ad vitam as a beautiful gift
to my spiritual director who had a great devotion to Mary Help of Christians.
Hence, during the offertory, I brought to the altar my letter to the Rec-
tor Major asking him to send me as a missionary. I tried to nourish this
missionary desire during the following years of my initial formation
through prayer and discernment. In 1995, after the post-novitiate, I re-
turned to East Timor for my first year of practical training, and the
next year I received the missionary cross from the Rector Major, Fr.
Juan Vecchi, as a member of the 126th missionary expedition, destined
to Mozambique.
Of course, the needs of the Salesians in East Timor are great.
However, the Salesian charism is already sufficiently rooted and incul-
turated there. We have received so many missionaries, so it is also im-
perative that we, who are the fruit of the labours of these missionaries,
also offer ourselves for the missionary needs of the Congregation. I also
realised that I received my Salesian vocation as a free gift from God, hence I try to live it with joy and
share it with others.
I am a missionary in Mozambique for 18 years now. I did 2 years of practical training in a parish
here. After my ordination I have always worked in vocational schools where I am daily in the midst of
young people who made me understand their thirst and hunger for the meaning in life and for God. In
their midst I found the face of Christ and my happiness. I always try to give my best and serve them
with a Salesian heart. But I also sincerely say: "We are merely servants: we have done no more than
our duty." (Lk 17, 10)!
To the Salesians who are discerning their Salesian missionary vocation, I would like to offer three
words: freedom, availability and courage to go where God wants to send you!
Fr. Adolfo de Jesus Sarmento
East Timorese, missionary in Mozambique
Despite problems within and beyond Christian Churches in China over the past
60 years, we thank God for the great growth amongst Christian communities.
Before 1949 there were just one million Protestants and around 3 million
Catholics, while now official statistics speak of 20 million Protestants and 5
million Catholics. There are also a further 50 million Christians belonging to
‘non official’ Churches – those not registered with the Chinese authorities.
There are many seminarians, religious, Chinese priests studying abroad in the East Asia-Oceania Region,
in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. It is important for the particular Churches of the region to
remain close to them and assist in the formation of their Chinese brothers and sisters helping them per-
severe in the faith, and recognising the spiritual and cultural patrimony of this great people.
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For the Evangelisation of China in the Context of the East Asia For the Evangelisation of China in the Context of the East Asia For the Evangelisation of China in the Context of the East Asia --- Oceania Region Oceania Region Oceania Region
May Mary, model and Mother of all disciples, accompany the Church
in China