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Newsletter for Missionary Animation July 2012




Upcoming Events activities either in their own place, or through missionary volunteer service abroad.

Now I want to present a very special group.

During the recent extraordinary visition in the Province of Krakow (Poland) I met several missionary groups in schools, oratories and parishes. Worth noting among them is group “Art 43”, founded just five years ago by some postnovices, who took seriously the Article 43 of the Salesian Constitutions regarding Social Communications. These young Salesians have understood immediately that the most attractive picture of the Congregation is that of its missionary activity.

In the space of a few years they have produced more than 260 videos on Youtube ( Besides a small studio in Krakow - thanks to some volunteer missionaries - Art. 43 was started (in 2011) an audiovisual studio in the Provincial house in Ashaiman - Ghana (AFW Province). At present Art 43 is very much alive in postnovitiate in Ląd (Poland) and in the theologate in Krakow (Poland). In my wallet I carry with me one of the first products of Art 43: a prayer for missionaries on an ID card format and at the back each day the names of 3 - 4 countries where we work are remembered.

I hope that we are able to foster in all our works similar groups! Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councillor for the Missions Titolo n otiziario Nome società N. 43 - lJuly 2012 Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission D ear Salesians and friends of the Salesian mission, I wish to share with you once again a dream which I’ve carried in my heart these past 4 years. There is nothing new. Already 90 years ago Blessed Philip Rinaldi wrote that there is a need of a Salesian missionary group in every house! But what difference does the presence or absence of a missionary group in a Salesian work or in a Salesian formation community? The presence of the missionary group is a guarantee that the missionary flame is kept alive! In the same way that the absence of medical schools and hospitals would make health care impossible, so too without missionaries ad gentes – ad vitam and without missionary groups in schools, parishes, youth centres it would be very difficult to expect that the missionary spirit be kept alive! Usually missionary groups pray and invite others to pray for missionary activities and missionary vocation, they make the educative-pastoral community sensitive to the needs of the universal mission and they could also contribute directly in missionary The "Missionary Group" makes a great difference July 30 - August 4: Study Days on Salesian Presence among Muslims, Salesianum (Rome) August 6 - 27: 1st On Going Formation Course for Missionaries in America, Quito (Ecuador) September 4 – 30: Formation Course for New Missionaries (Rome-Turin) September 17 - December 6, 2012: XV On Going Formation Course for Missionaries, UPS (Rome) November 5 – 9 : Study Days on the Salesian Mission and the Initial Proclamation of Christ in Africa & Madagascar, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) November 9 – 11 : Meeting of Province Delegates for Missionary Animation of Africa & Madagascar, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Among the ten Provinces of the Region five have province programs of missionary volunteer service. We pray for the Salesians involved in missionary volunteer service that they may help the young volunteers to grow towards a more radical and long-term commitment.

We pray for the young people involved ('Cagliero Project'-Australia; 'International Volunteer Group'-Korea; 'Salesian Lay Volunteers'-Philippines-North; 'SALVO'-Philippines- South;, 'Don Bosco Volunteer Group', Japan; 'Torch Movement'-Hong Kong), that they may be committed not only in projects abroad during the holiday, but also be inserted with enthusiasm and energy in the volunteer service of their Provinces of origin.

That the Salesians in East Asia-Oceania region may help the young to be enthusiastically committed to the Salesian missionary volunteer service.

Salesian Missionary Intention I hand on our Salesian Charism in Cambodia by Witnessing God’s Love as Don Bosco Did ! At a young age I was fascinated by the movie on Saint Damien of Molokai, the apostle of lepers. In him I saw what I dreamt to be someday – a missionary serving the lepers all of my life.

I kept this desire when I entered the aspirantate. But as years passed I realised that my call to missionary life was not for lepers, but for the marginalised youth. I spent the first 25 years of my Salesian life working for young people, then as Province delegate for youth ministry and later as vocation promoter and eventually as delegate for formation as well as formator either in the pre novitiate or the post novitiate. Yet, through these years I kept the hope to be allowed to go to the foreign mission someday.

Finally my application was accepted and the Rector Major sent me to Cambodia. In 2008 I joined the Orientation Course for New Missionaries in Rome and Turin for the members of the 139th missionary expedition. The course gave me an overall perspective of the nature, objective and demands of missionary life. It gave me a chance to reflect and set my priorities through my personal plan of life as a Salesian missionary. It also helped me to have the right motivations and attitudes.

The pilgrimage to Salesian holy places also made me appreciate and love more my Salesian and missionary vocation.

Now, that I am a missionary in Cambodia I try to transmit the charism of Don Bosco to our Cambodian youth and staff by witnessing to the love of God as Don Bosco did in his lifetime. There is so much work here for us 3 Salesians in the community. But it becomes lighter with everyone’s effort to collaborate and support each other. Our mission consists in our constant presence among the poor youth and our dedication to educate and form them. Aside from the formation sessions we give to our students and staff about Don Bosco and the Preventive System, we also tap them to volunteer as leaders and animators in our weekend oratory. This year we also invited our very few Catholic students and staff to be catechists. Through their service to the local Church they learn to practice Don Bosco’s way. We have started re-organising our Past Pupils’ Association and have been promoting the Association of Salesian Cooperators. Through constancy in their formation and by encouraging their involvement they become more actively involved in the Salesian mission as one Salesian Family.

I continue to study personally the Khmer language. As I come to understand better the language I also understand better the Cambodian way of thinking, culture and attitudes. Thus, I realise that now I am more patient and understanding to the Cambodians than in my first year as a missionary. Now I have learnt to first accept what they can do at the moment and meet them at their level. Then I try to be more imaginative or creative in allowing them to discover new ways of growth and development.

During my last vacation in my own country I realised that my mind and my heart never really left Cambodia.

I hope and pray it remains this way forever! Fr. Roel Soto Filipino, missionary in Cambodia All previous issues of "Cagliero 11" are available at EAST ASIIA -- OCEANIIA -- For tthe Growtth off Sallesiian Miissiionary Volluntteer Serviice