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Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation Cagliero11 - August 2013


MISSIONI - Cagliero 11

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Titolo notiziario Nome società N. 56 - agosto 2013 Bollettino di Animazione Missionaria Salesiana Pubblicazione del Dicastero per le Missioni per le Comunità Salesiane e gli amici delle missioni Salesiane D ear friends of the Salesians and of the Salesian mission, Cordial greetings during the month of August! For various Provinces it is vacation time, for others a period of intense apostolic commitment. For a number of missionaries it is occasion to visit their Provinces of origin, it’s ‘holiday’ time: “Every missionary may return periodically to his native land, in accordance with the norms of his Province. His Provincial will present him to the Provincial of the area where he intends to pass his time and will provide him with what is necessary for his stay. The confreres of the province which receives him should see to it that he is given a generous and fraternal wel- come” (Regulations art. 21). The time for holidays is a valuable opportunity to rest and recharge one’s physical, mental and spiritual batteries. At the same time it is also a valuable opportunity for missionary animation among the Salesians and the Catholic community in one’s own native land! Often, however, we devote more energy to seek funds or projects, than to share our missionary life. The visits to the houses of formation and the interviews for the Salesian Bulletin and other means of Salesian Social Communication are very important. The interviews - thanks to the Delegates for social communication or for mis- sionary animation - are used to share their life experiences and missionary vocation with young people, with the Salesian family. Almost all the new missionaries say that the first moment of their journey in the discovery of God's calling was lis- tening to the story of a missionary! Humility, in this case, is not a virtue! Of course it's different when a missionary returns to visit Spain (with its 300 Salesian missionaries the worldover) as when a missionary returns to Colombia (which has just three Salesian missionaries!) Indeed, the time to visit one’s country is the time to have some rest and recharge one’s batteries, but it is also a time of intense missionary animation. No one can replace the personal story of a missionary! Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councillor for the Missions I n his letter on Salesian Youth Ministry the Rector Major pointed out that “our apostolate is still not very missionary, that is to say, it pays little attention to the need for an initial proclamation or a renewed proclamation of the Gospel.”Regarding the Oratory - Youth Centres, Fr Pascual Chávez draws our atten- tion to some aspects to be explored urgently, including: *** a pastoral methodology needs to be found which succeeds in responding to the more immediate needs of the great mass of youth people, without, however, forgetting the most demanding and challenging proposals for those young people who are open to following a formation path at some depth; *** make the Oratory-Youth Centre a real educative community with a strong identity and a formative force, which is expressed in an environment which is profoundly human and Christian, in which there is a significant presence of Salesians and educators among the young, sharing their lives, varied educa- tional opportunities according to the circumstances and the needs of young people themselves . Let our Oratory Let our Oratory -- Youth Centres ... Youth Centres ...

... be more Missionary! ... be more Missionary!M y missionary vocation began in the novitiate when the Councillor for the Missions came to visit. During the conference, he invited us to reflect on our mis- sionary vocation. In the post novitiate I heard the stories of Vietnamese missionaries who came to visit us. Gradually the call to be a missionary became stronger and clearer. After much prayer, I expressed my desire to be a missionary ad gentes. The Rector Major accented my application and he sent me to work among the Indians of the Brazilian Amazon. Many young people have asked me: "Why do you want to become a missionary abroad while in Vietnam many do not yet know Christ? For many this seems paradoxical. But my motivation is clear: We were lucky because many missionaries came to Vietnam. The Word of God which they have sown has already taken roots and continues to grow. I want to be a missionary because I want to share this gift of faith with those who do not know Christ so that they too may have the joy and the light of faith and the light of Jesus Christ, with which I have been blessed. I bring them nothing but the only and most precious thing I have, my faith! Before leaving for Brazil, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Course for New Missionaries in Rome and Turin. It helped me to make a closure to my past experiences, to pray, to study and reflect on what await us as missionaries. I really appreciate the personal dialogue with Václav Klement, Councillor for the Missions, with each of us at the beginning and towards the end of the course. God has called me to work in Brazil, for my beloved indigenous peoples of the Amazon. I'm really happy with my vocation as a Salesian missionary. I was welcomed with open arms by the confreres of the Province of Manaus. I immedi- ately felt at home here. However, learning Portuguese was a big chal- lenge for me. I struggled because I was afraid to speak it. The culture was also completely new to me. Later, I was sent to an introductory course for new missionaries of three months organised by the Conference of Religious on Brazil- ian culture, society and Church. At the moment I am the assistant at Don Bosco School where I try to practice the Pre- ventive System in my daily missionary activities and in my relationships with young people. Sometimes I struggle to maintain discipline in my spiritual and re- ligious life. This is essential for me. Missionary life is certainly not easy, but my faith assures me that God never abandons those who give generously.

Ch. John Baptist Dinh Viet Tien Vietnamese, missionary in Brazil Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention Salesian Missionary Intention I share with the indigenous I share with the indigenous peoples of the Amazonia peoples of the Amazonia nothing else but my faith! nothing else but my faith! The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Africae Munus clearly asked us to place ourselves at the service of reconciliation, justice and peace. The treas- ure of spiritual and educational experience lived by Don Bosco in the early Oratory becomes a unique opportunity to consolidate in Africa & Madagascar paths of education and evangelisation that gives rise to the much desired peace and justice. The Region of Africa & Madagascar The Region of Africa & Madagascar That the Salesian Family in Africa & Madagascar may know how to share the riches of the Preventive System of Don Bosco, inculturated in local cultures as leaven for justice and peace for the peoples of Africa, especially for young people .

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