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Newsletter for Missionary Animation November 2011

Characteristics of the context and necessary qualities of missionaries n.143

Country - Province Languages Characteristics of the context and necessary qualities of missionaries
Ethiopia - AET English, local language Vicariate of Gambella since 2000, very few SDB personnel, great opportunities for first evangelisation, Church implanting stage
Morocco - FRB French  Islamic context, educational works, mission of witness and service,explicit form of evangelisation is not possible
Nigeria - AFW English, local languages new Delegation of Nigeria, urban expansion in Lagos, few SDB personnel,sensitivity to vocation ministry is needed.
Dem. Rep. Congo – AFC French local languages start of the 2nd centenary of Salesian presence, area of first evangelization with possibility of development
Tunisia - IRL Arabic Islamic context, educational works, mission of witness and service, explicit form of evangelisation is not possible
Uganda - AGL English, local language first evangelisation, war in the north has ceased, start of the 4th presence
Azerbaijan – SLK Russian, English, Azeri Missio sui iuris, about 600 local Catholics, 3000 migrant Catholics, moderate Islam; need to internationalise the communities
China services – CIN English. Chinese, Cantonese need to rejuvenate the Province (Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan), need of robust Salesian vocation, lay brothers, multi-language
Indonesia - ITM Indonesian, English need of experts in technical schools and senior confreres (over 50 years) as formators, confessors, spiritual guides
New Zealand – AUL English, local languages new presence in the country (2010), parishes and work for youth at risk
Pakistan – FIS English, Urdu few SDB, challenging Islamic context, technical education, need of robust Salesian vocation, lay brothers, formator
Timor Leste - ITM English, Tetum, Portuguese need of experts in technical schools and senior confreres (over 50 years) as formators, confessors, spiritual guides
Bolivia - BOL Spanish, local languages presences among indigenous groups (Kechua, Aymaras), evangelization focused on school and social-economic development
Brazil – BMA Portuguese, local Languages work among the indigenous groups, Amazon forest climate
Brazil - BPA Portuguese challenges of evangelisation within modern society, commitment especially in the social work
Cuba - ANT Spanish Delegation with few SDBs, communist regime, parish, youth centre, new-evangelisation
Peru – PER Spanish, local languages Vicariate of Pucallpa, few personnel, different indigenous groups 2. Valle Sagrado (Kechua), 3. Yurimaguas (San Lorenzo missions)
Uruguay - URU Spanish most secularised country of Latin America, evangelisation of youth
USA - SUE – SUO English, Spanish work for migrants especially of Hispanic origin (parish, youth centre, oratory, social work)
Austria - AUS German youth centre, oratory, parishes, work for migrants, Salesian Youth Movement
Albania, Kosovo - IME Albanian, Italian first evangelisation, few SDBs, especially lay brothers
Belgium - BEN Flemish work for migrants, need to build up international communities
Belgium - FRB French school, youth centre (Brussels)
Bulgaria - CEP Bulgarian, Rom need to build up international communities; work for the Gypsies
France - FRB French parish, migrant population
Great Britain - GBR English schools, retreat centre, work for migrants, need of young SDBs
Ireland - IRL English school, parish, youth centre, apostolate among the university students
Italy - ICC Italian, Spanish, English Project Genoa (Ecuadorians), Project Sacro Cuore (Rome-migrants)
Russia - EST Russian Moscow, Gatchina, Rostov (school, youth centre, parish)

cagliero 2011 novembre cagliero 2011 novembre

Salesian Missionary Intention

November 11, 2011

Dear Confreres, On the anniversary of the first Salesian missionary expedition I invite you to contemplate the missionary heart of Don Bosco. From the courtyard of Valdocco he always dreamt of reaching out to young people around the world to bring them to Jesus. We are invited to understand his vision and his missionary heart if we are to know the full stature of Don Bosco. The more he sent missionaries, more young people asked to join the Salesians! I believe the Lord is calling many of the 500 novices entering the Congregation each year for a life mission ad gentes - ad extra – ad vitam. At present about 30 Salesians respond generously every year to the call of the Lord: “Go … and make disciples of all nations”! (Mt 28:18-20).

Each of us can help the missionary activity of the Congregation especially through prayer for missionary vocations, communicating the great missionary needs of the universal Church. There are at least 5 billion people, who never met Jesus Christ. This is also an invitation to examine the way we live radically our faith and consecration.

With this letter I send you the list of the urgent needs of the Congregation for 2012, as updated by the Rector Major.

There are a few steps to follow for missionaries ad gentes which are meant to help the confreres to discern well the missionary vocation within the Salesian vocation: (1) missionary formation, (2) an initial discernment (http://, after which a written application is sent to the Rector Major. Each candidate makes himself totally available to the Congregation, however, one may express his preference or concrete predisposition for a specific mission territory, (3) the discernment process concludes with a dialogue between the Councilor for the Missions and the Provincial of the confrere, (4) After a positive outcome of the discernment process, the Rector Major assigns the candidate to a specific destination, (5) All new missionaries are invited for the Course for New Missionaries (Rome-Turin) in September 2012, (6) the 143th missionary expedition will take place in Valdocco, presided by the Rector Major, on September 29, 2012.

To facilitate a good discernment I invite you to send me the applications or directly to the Rector Major as soon as possible (before January 31, 2012).

I entrust this appeal for missionary generosity for 2012 to Mary, at Muniguda in Orissa (India), where recently many of our brothers and sisters bore witness to their faith in Jesus Christ with their martyrdom.

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB Councilor for the Missions Titolo n otiziario Nome società N. 35 - november 2011 Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation The Synod for Africa, underlined: "The Church expects much from the witness of religious communities, characterized by racial, regional and ethnic diversity.

By their life in common they proclaim that God makes no distinctions between persons and that we are all his children, members of the same family, living in harmony in diversity and peace"(Propositio 42). Young Africans, not satisfied with the fatalism of tribal and ethnic divisions are particularly in need of this testimony.


For men and women religious of the Salesian Family who live and work in Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, that they may be eloquent signs of the prophecy of communion among the young.