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Pilgrimage of the Casket of Don Bosco 2009-2014. Collection of material for the Central Archives.


Collection of material for the Central Archives



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Councillor for the Missions

Councillor for Social Communications

 Rome, 4 June 2011



Pilgrimage of the Casket of Don Bosco 2009-2014

Collection of material for the Central Archives

            Dear Father Provincial,

First of all we are happy to greet you in the month of the  Sacred Heart of Jesus with a fervent prayer for priestly and religious vocations in the Salesian Family.

Two years have now passed since, according to the wishes of the Rector Major, the Casket of Don Bosco left Valdocco for a pilgrimage around the world as a preparation for the Bicentenary of the birtth of Don Bosco in 2015. So far the Casket has passed through all the 40 or so Provinces of America, Asia and Oceania. Through the media whether Salesian, ecclesiastical or secular we have seen a great deal of interest aroused in all the countries through which the Casket has passed.

To gather together the wealth of material about the event still in progress, we are asking you to send to the Generalate at least  two copies of everything there is (DVD, Books, Posters, Articles in Newspapers or Magazines, the Salesian Bulletin) dealing with the Pilgrimage of the Casket in your Province.

Before the GC27 we intend to prepare a publication which will bring together … everything.

We assure you of our prayers for your Province!

Fraternally in Don Bosco,


Fr. Václav Klement
Councillor for the Missions Coordinator of the pilgrimage of the Casket


Fr. Filiberto González Plasencia
Councillor for Social Communications

For information:
Provincial Secretary, Delegate for Social Communications, Editor of the Salesian Bulletin