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Build skills
In Andhra Pradesh, a Children’s Parliament is an important element of Don Bosco’s Child Safety Net
Fr.Koshy with his numerous
Fr.Jose Mathew at UNHCR,
Fr.V M. Thomas at UN,
A home for former child
An award from the
German government

BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Sunitha studies in class IX. Her parents had a
piece of land, but had no papers to prove their
ownership of it. They went repeatedly to the
panchayat for these documents. Illiterate as they
are, they were totally ignored. Sunitha attended a
training provided by Don Bosco known as CAMP.
She learned about her rights and grew in selfconfidence. After the CAMP she herself went to
the panchayat and, in no time at all, her parents had
all the documents to prove the ownership of their
CAMP stands for “ Children As Media Producers”.
It is a concept developed by the UNICEF. Children
are usually seen only as “consumers” of information – they buy books and magazines; they watch
films and the television. UNICEF felt that marginalised children could be empowered by giving them
the opportunity to be “producers” of information.
UNICEF knew that Don Bosco Navajeeven, Vijayawada, had an excellent programme going on
called Child Safety Net (CSN). They invited Don
Bosco to delegate 18 children to their next CAMP.
These 18 children produced 17 short documentary
films. Each film highlighted a problem they themselves faced in their daily life. Under the guidance
of experts, the children went through the whole
process from script-writing to the release of the
Street theatre - an effective medium in creating social awareness
Disadvantaged children shooting a documentary film
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Fr. Koshy among his beloved children
I am very thankful to Navajeevan. CSN
concept is a great thought to bring colour
into children’s lives. We are sure that soon
we can make our village a child friendly
village.” - Mr.S.Bharagavi, teacher at
evening tuition centre (ETC)
Fr. Thomas Koshy has spent his entire life
with street children. Way back in 1996
he was already given a national award.
Since then he has received numerous
other awards at various levels. He was
the founder of Don Bosco Navajeevan,
Vijayawada, and is the chairperson of
the government’s CWC (Child Welfare
Committee) of the district.
films. This experience totally transformed
the lives of these children.
CSN aims at creating Child-friendly
villages in Andhra Pradesh. It follows
a rights-based approach. Children have
rights. They need to know them. They can
build sufficient self-confidence to stand
up for themselves and get their rights met.
Navajeevan gave special emphasis to the
most vulnerable children.
Fundamentally important elements of the
Child Safety Net are: Children’s Parliaments, Evening Tuition Classes, Kitchen
gardening, Life Skills Education, Caring
Communities, Back to School Campaigns,
“We want to give voice to every child
by creating a platform for them to share
their problems and issues that are directly
related to their welfare,” says Fr. Koshy.
“There can’t be a happier scenario
than children understanding their problems and defending their own rights.”-
Fr. Koshy among his beloved children
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
A few of the more striking achievements
of the children under the CSN, in 2012:
Rescued 64 child workers 1.
Got the midday meal scheme to function 2.
properly in Tadigadappa village
Got the process rolling for 47 cases of do 3.
mestic violence
Prevented four child marriages 4.
Identified 48 families affected by HIV and 5.
facilitated educational support for 326 chil
dren and nutritional support for 108
families affected by AIDS
Collected Rs. 3,28,232 to support the 6.
Evening Tuition Classes
Stopped sexual harassment of girls by a 7.
physical education teacher
Got the panchayat to repair the school build 8.
ing at Poranki
I thought that through CAMP I would only be
taught to handle a camera and to shoot small documentaries. Now I know that CAMP means responsibility. I learnt about child’s rights and children’s parliament. We thought about our problems
and discussed them. Then we shot a clip to present them clearly to others. We found that we could
solve not only some of our own problems, but even a few problems of the village.
I am no longer shy. I lost my fears and I am able to speak in public. I like CAMP training very much.
V.Giridhara Sai, 2nd year Junior College, Kandhari, Vijayawada
National Award for Fr. Koshy way back in 1996 from the president of India
Children can identify, analyse and solve their issues
To Support Don Bosco Navajeevan, Send your Contribution to: Don Bosco Navajeevan Balabhavan,
Federal Bank, Vijayawada,
A/C No: 11520100135312,
IFSC: FDRL0001152
Address: Navajeevan Bala Bhavan(main)
P.B.507,24-35, Andhra Ratna Road
Bavajipet 1st Line,Vijayawada-520 003, Andhra
Pradesh, India, Tel: 0866 24 39 913
To support similar work anywhere in India,
send your contribution to BoscoNet- See inner
back cover.
Fr. Koshy receives a token of gratitude and appreciation from
Vijayawada Municipal Commissioner for his service to street
children - Aug. 2011
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Fr. Jose Mathew SDB was a resource person as well as a participant
at a consultation of the UNHCR
(United Nations High Commission
for Refugees). This consultation with
Non-Governmental organizations was
held from 11 to 13 June 2013 at the International Conference Centre (ICCG),
Geneva, Switzerland.
The main theme of the consultation
was “Advocating together for protection”. 430 participants from over
90 countries participated. Fr. Jose
Mathew was one of the main speakers. He made a presentation on “Urban
Refugees: Protection, Livelihoods,
Self -reliance and Promotion of Durable Solutions”. The presentation was
well appreciated by the assembly.
Why Fr. Jose Mathew at the UN?
Since 2001 Don Bosco works with
the UNHCR at Delhi to give care and
protection to refugees and asylum
seekers. We provide them access to
health, education, and community
empowerment/self-reliance, psychosocial and other support.
As of 31 December 2012 there are
18,491 refugees and 3,559 Asylum
Seekers. 52% of the refugees are
Afghans (9,633). The majority of them
(76%) are Afghans of Hindu/Sikh origin. The remaining are Ethnic (Muslim) Afghans. These include Tajiks,
Pashtuns, Hazaras, etc.
The second largest group of refugees (42%) is from Myanmar (7,671). The majority are Chins and smaller
numbers of Burmans, Arakenese, Kachin, Muslims, etc. The remaining (1,187) refugees include those from
Somalia (739), Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc. Some 3000 Rohingyas from Myanmar
registered with UNHCR by the end of 2012.
Fr. Jose Mathew, the director of BOSCO - New Delhi - and the economer of the
Salesian province of Delhi
The Don Bosco model of holistic care of refugees won the admiration of all participants
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Don Bosco has 14 centres to serve these refugees in Delhi, with 244 staff members, of whom 50% are,
themselves, refugees.
The invitation to showcase the BOSCO - model was recognition
from the highest international body for refugees
Leading from the front was what Don Bosco always demanded from
his sons when it was a matter of quality of service for the
Avishkaar is a 20-year-old national media group of cable operators.
In 2012 they instituted awards to honour
Fr. M C George Menamparampil SDB, Director of BOSCONET
was awarded this year, on 17 August, for his
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Fr.V M Thomas at UN Council on Human Rights, Geneva
The Salesian provincial of Guwahati, Fr V M.
Thomas (Vattathara), addressed the 23rd session of
UN Human Rights Council
in Geneva. The Plenary
Assembly was attended by
Ambassadors and Representatives from 193 countries, UN Bodies, NGOs,
and media.
Fr. Thomas and Sr. Molly
Kaniampady FMA made
a presentation on – “Don
Bosco Institute Kharguli : a
Model in Youth Empowerment” - at a parallel session
at the UN Headquarters
Fr.V M. Thomas SDB and sister Molly Kaniampady FMA at Geneva
A well deserved recognition from the community of nations for the great work being
carried out by the DBI, Guwahati
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
in Geneva on 4 June
2013 during the Human
Rights Council.
Fr. Thomas founded DBI
at Kharguli, Guwahati,
in Assam, and served as
its director till his appointment in 2012 as the
superior of the Guwahati
Province of Don Bosco.
The creativity of Fr.
Thomas, inspired by Don
Bosco, resulted in an immense variety of services
to young people, teachers
and internally displaced
people. DBI also gives
training even to high
level bureaucrats from all
the states of North-East
The gratitude of the state
and national governments
for the cost-effective,
highly productive programmes of DBI led,
finally, to this recognition
from the United Nations
itself in the form of the
invitation to share the
wealth of Fr. Thomas’s
experience with leaders at
the global level.
Donors to BoscoNet may deduct 50% of their donations from their taxable income under 80 G. Write
to us for the required documentation.
B - 33, Street No.7, Dashrathpuri, Palam - dabri Road, New Delhi -1100 045, Ph: +91 - 11-25390585,
E-mail :,, Toll Free:1800 300 200 50
Educated as he was at Harvard, Fr. V.M. Thomas is used by the goverment of India as a visiting
faculty member of the National Academy of Administration that trains fresh recruits into the IAS
DBI, Kharguli, Gwahati, has between 2006 and 2013 benefitted over 60,000 youngsters
and 5,000 teachers
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Mallikarjun, pet
named ‘Malli’, was
born in the year 1994
in Chinchansoor village
of Gulbarga District
(Karnataka). His father,
Kupendra, was a lorry
driver. Mother Thejamma was a house wife.
He has two brothers.
Kupendra, not educated
himself, did not feel
“I came to Don
Bosco when I was
9 years old,” says
Amar, “now I am
18. I received a
lot of help. I wish
and pray that similar institutions
be established all
over the world
to help poor and
abandoned children like me.”
the need to send his children to school. Instead,
he took his eldest son Ramu as a cleaner on his
lorry. When Mallikarjun was 8 his father died. His
mother then started working as a cook in a hostel.
The sight of the students in the hostel opened the
eyes of Thejamma to the value of education. When
Mallikarjun was 11 his mother got two of her sons
into Don Bosco PYaR. Ramu and Malli completed
the one-year Bridge Course.The following year
Don Bosco got Malli admitted into the 4th standard in a regular school. The same year his mother
passed away. From then on Don Bosco PYaR
became his true home.
He studied up to 10th class, staying in Don Bosco.
In 2011 he did a 3 month course in tailoring. Shae
garments, Bangalore, recruited him and he earns
six thousand rupees a month.
Simple structures, great services!
Home is where we feel wanted, loved
and safe. DB-PYaR is our home
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
What is this Bridge Course?
Many children are never enrolled in school.
An even larger number drop out early. They start
working. When Don Bosco rescues child labourers, they are too old for class I. If we put them into
that class, they would feel shy, as well as bored
with the syllabus that is too simple for their more
mature brains.
Amarnath gets a second
(and a third) chance in life!
Amarnath was born on 10th
July 1994 in Shakkapur village of Gulbarga District (Karnataka). His
father is Chandrakanth and his mother Ramabhai.
He has two brothers, Dharmaraj and Chaitan, and
a sister, Mayadevi. None of his siblings went to
school. Although he wanted to study, his father
would not let him. He made him work in a restaurant.
His father had a heavy debt. When he failed to
repay the money, they started harassing him. His
father just ran away. Amar was then nine years old.
His mother met Fr. K.J. Jose sdb, the then director
of Don Bosco Programme for the Young at Risk at
Gulbarga. Amarnath began his studies at the centre.
Two years later his father came back, but was beaten up by his brother. His kidneys were damaged
and he died. Amarnath discontinued his studies,
and started working as a cleaner in a lorry. Fr. K.
Don Bosco offers such children a 12-month Residential Course. They study at the maximum speed
they are capable of. By the next scholastic year they
are able to join a class better suited to their age.
In 2010-2011, the programme at Gulbarga was
registered under the government’s SSA project. Of
the 22 children who attended the residential bridge
course, 20 have been re-enrolled into mainstream
J. Jose found him
again and invited him
back to Don Bosco.
Amarnath passed class
X in 2012 and went to
Don Bosco, Hospet,
for three months of
computer training. By
the end of that course
he had not completed
18 years and hence he
could not be employed.
So he did another
3-month course in
electricity in the same
Don Bosco Gulbarga does lots of other programmes.
Supplementary education:
Evening classes in two localities of Gulbarga town
and 15 village centres.
Beneficiaries: 954 children.
Help for Street Children:
Of the 899 children from the 16 street centres, 27
have been re-enrolled into mainstream schools and
22 into bridge schools.
Child Line
ChildLine is a 24x7 emergency helpline for children in need of care and protection. 13149 children and youth have benefitted from the stall programmes, puppet shows, open house programmes
and school visits organised through ChildLine.
Missing Child Bureau
This is a web based intervention to help missing
children to reunite with their families. Awareness
programmes are conducted for school children,
general public and the police personnel.
institution. He now works in Bangalore and earns
Rs. 6000/- per month.
Amar is highly motivated and wants to achieve
great things in life. His first priority is to have a
house for his family.
DB PYaR implements Project CREAM – Child Rights Educationand Action Movement in the district.13 ChildRights Clubs with 1027 members are active in this.
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Don Bosco, Gulbarga, was started with one priority: The rehabilitation of child labourers in this
taluk. Despite all government schemes, there are
many of them, engaged in various sectors. The
worst situation might be of the children working
in brick kilns.
We have been able to rescue quite a number, and
start their rehabilitation; but many among them
need a home while they study.
A Child Labour Rehabilitation Centre is under
construction at Bablad to house these child victims.
Contributions, large and small, in cash or in
kind, are urgently needed to complete this work.
You may send them to:
Don Bosco – PyaR No.617, Dariyapur, G.D.A.
Layout, Naganhalli Rd., Gulbarga, Karnataka
- 585102
BOSCO (Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota) is the service of Don Bosco for the street children of Bangalore city.
Don Bosco does not run a single school in this city, but has SIX centres for street children. Over the years
it has won numerous awards at various levels. Here is the latest of them – from the GLOBAL ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION.
Donations Received by BoscoNet
Sl State Amount
1 Andhra Pradesh 2,34,338
2 Assam 3,66,123
3 Bihar 2,06,043
4 Delhi 1,54,168
5 Goa 5,000
6 Jharkhand 1,04,025
7 Karnataka 6,500
8 Kerala 6,60,869
9 Maharashtra 2,76,801
10 Manipur 53,480
11 Meghalaya 46,307
12 Nagaland 2,194
13 Punjab 4,640
14 Sikkim 81,029
15 Tamil Nadu 9,01,292
16 Uttar Pradesh 20,000
17 Paschim Banga 3,90,338
Total 35,13,147
BOSCO, Bangalore
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Bosconet Financial Assistance given in 2012-13
Sl.No. Place Name State Purpose Amount
The Vizag Navajeevan
Balabhavan, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh Scholarship 2,00,000
2 Youth Centre, Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship 60,000
D.B. School,
Drinking water Facility
for school children
4 D.B. School, Tangla Assam Scholarship 90,000
Ms Naina Das & Rekha
Das, Snehalaya
Assam Marriage Assistance 75,000
6 D. B. School, Tinsukia Assam Scholarship 40,000
D.B. YaR Forum,
New Delhi
YaR Directory and information
Vocational trg Institute,
Delhi Scholarship 4,92,372
D.B. Youth Animation,
New Delhi
Coordination meeting for
Youth Workers
Students in schools in
Delhi Scholarship 24,500
11 Jinu Jose, Kottayam Kerala Scholarship 16,135
Ms Sowmya Mathew.
Assistance for Nursing
13 Disung Pamei, Imphal Manipur
Assistance for Eye Operation
Paglam Circle, Dambuk,
Lower Dibang Valley Dt
Arunachal Pradesh
Flood Relief, Arunachal
15 Ms Raguangthai Pamei Nagaland Scholarship 9,250
D.B. Development Society,
Paschim Banga Scholarship 1,50,000
Gayaganga Navjeevan Rural & Health Devpt Society
Paschim Banga Scholarship 1,00,000
St Alberts Home,
Paschim Banga Scholarship 3,00,000
19 SURABI, Chennai Tamil Nadu Scholarship 7,90,000
Total 26,55,738
BoscoNet :- October - December 2013
Representatives of the six award winning projects from six countries
The fast growing economy of India is capable of providing gainful
employment to all our young people, if only we could provide them
with the skills they need.
A ten-day study tour in Germany followed by two days of sharing of
experiences was an ideal award, enabling us to improve further.
After near total destruction during the Second
World War, Germany rose like a Phoenix from the
ashes, through rapid industrialization. Wishing to
share its success with others, Germany has always
supported efforts at skill training for young people
in the weaker countries of the developing world.
To encourage the improvement of technical education, the Government of Germany held an international competition in “Innovation for technical and
vocational training projects in developing countries”. Six projects from India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique and Sierra Leone were
declared winners. The project selected from India
was Don Bosco –GroheJal Academy at Kurla,
Through its state of the art facilities, Don Bosco
has trained 554 underprivileged young men with
the most modern skills for sanitary hardware fitters
(plumbers), providing them gainful employment.
The ‘Innovation Award’ comprised of a 10-day
study tour to Germany. During the final two-day
workshop, the winners exchanged experiences with
their German project partners in order to learn from
each other. Fr. Colbert de Silva sdb participated as
the representative of the Don Bosco team.
Sl Account Name A/c No Bank Name Branch IFSC Code MICR Code
1 BoscoNet 0359053000013067 The South Indian Bank Janakpuri, New Delhi SIBL0000359 110059006
2 BoscoNet 15450100015254 The Federal Bank Ltd Dwarka, New Delhi FDRL0001545 110049018
3 BoscoNet 32070038412 State Bank of India Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi SBIN0011564
4 BoscoNet 911010068009441 AXIS Bank Janakpuri B Block, New Delhi UTIB0001147 110211087
5 BoscoNet 50100015733818 HDFC Bank Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi HDFC0000132
Sl Account Name A/c No Bank Name Branch IFSC Code MICR Code
1 Bosco Aid Trust 15450100013903 The Federal Bank Ltd Dwarka, New Delhi FDRL0001545110049018
2 Bosco Aid Trust 32151140958 State Bank of India Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi SBIN0011564
3 Bosco Aid Trust 912010016238760 AXIS Bank Janakpuri B Block, New Delhi UTIB0001147 110211087
You may donate as little as Rs.10/- at a time from your mobile phone into “ BoscoNet ” Bank Account