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Fundatia Sf. Ioan Bosco ACTIVITIES June – July – August - September 2013

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Fundaţia "Sf. Ioan Bosco" ACTIVITIES June – July – August - September 2013 1 June 2013-children's day – Adjudeni Together with 2,000 children from parishes from the Moldovian region, we celebrated the most beautiful day dedicated to small ones. Animators and MoldoClovnii "Don Bosco" have ensured the opening celebration bringing smile, and giving the tone to a day full of dance, play and fun, all with the blessing of Jesus.

2 nd June – The second meeting to prepare for the Summer Together 100 volunteers and educators attended this day, "Dominic Savio" to prepare the activities of the Summer Together.

10 June - Celebration of the closing of the school year and closure of the Dayly Centre "Dominic Savio" for 2012-2013.

8 June-course for animators –. Destinated to teen-agers from neighbouring parishes, to prepare Summer Together. Approximately 200 youth with initiative and experienced animators attended the course within the Center. A day of training to become entertainers according to the example of don Bosco- available, cheerful, responsible for the Organization and implementation of activities, games, practical laboratories- plaster painting, origami, bracelets etc-an exercise simulating theSummer Together.

24th of June – 19th of July Summer Together – the motto of the 13th edition of the Summer Together program, which had as models Dominic Savio, Michelle Magone and Francesco Besuco-three special children of Don Bosco's oratorio. 570 children participated, and they were assisted and supervised by 130 animators volunteers and 10 educators. Summer school programme included moments of animation, training, workshops, sports and games, tournaments, contests. Some of the special moments of this summer were: the treasure quest in Gherăiești Park, excursion to the Neamț Fortress Vanatori and the Văratec monastery.

ALA Special group- was at a „highly level”- through the climbing exercise done at national college.

Vrânceanu and canoe race on the lake.

A number of 400 parents and guests attended the final event, enjoying special moments performed with great love by their children.

29th of July – Multi Youth Exchange –30 teenagers from Germany, visiting Romania, have spent a day at the Oratorio with the animators. Games, dances and competitions have helped mutual knowledge and exchange of a unique experience.

1st – 07th August – Summer Together in Traian – the 5-th edition. Six of the animators’ representatives shared their experience with youth from Traian and Zăpodia villages. 100 children and 15 animators attended the program. It was a great opportunity to have fun in the spirit of don Bosco.

7th – 18th August – meeting MTS Italiy –Eight youths from our Oratory and 16 young people from Chisinau and Constanta had the opportunity to spend a week , stepping on the footsteps of don Bosco: Bechi -his native town, Chieri-the place where don Bosco studied Torino (Valdocco)-the first oratorio. It was a unique experience shared with another 1200 young people from Italy. The meeting's theme was "witness of joy"-moments of prayer being merged with those of reflection, fun and information sharing. 26th – 30th August - Summer campus for entertainers and children Pralea 2013 –a week spent in a family spirit, in which moments of lunch preparing and training times were combined with moments of relaxation: swimming, games, parties and Carnival. These moments have made the 70 children and entertainers participants to live unforgettable moments.

10th – 12th September - Oratorio’s Day – 100 children relived the experience from the Summer Together period. Games were held together those days. Grand Prize win was a cute rabbit weighing 2564...g. 13th of September – Summers Together’ day – 300 children from all regions, where that program had been held, joined that day; The children came from our Oratorio, from Lilieci, Lespezi, Mărgineni, Traian Zăpodia, Galbeni, Nicolae Bălcecu, Faraoani, Valea Mare and Butea. At its fifth edition the Summers Together’ Day was not to let outdone this year too: dances, games, the holy Liturgy, the raffle have made part of the program.

All ended with the summer festival.

16th of September- Restarting the activity in the Daily Centre Dominic Savio – a number of 80 children are waited to participate to the After School program. All the activities and the hours of study will be held in the new rooms of the building recently constructed within a European project. The rooms were equipped and decorated to create a more welcoming atmosphere. On this occasion we wish them much success in the new school year!

20th – 22th of September – Vocational Campus Luncani 2013 -its purpose was to know more closely the Salesian charisma and to discover the way that God prepares each of us, the way that five young people from Bacau, Romania and Moldova would like to follow.

30th of September 2013 – The completion of works - improvement of the building through the lobby of the theatre, the arrangement of the dining room; Endowment lecture halls with school furniture and purchase the elevator to be installed until the end of October. All these were made possible through non-repayable financing from the Missionary's proxy "Don Bosco",to whom we thank for their support.