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WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU Issue 5, June 4, 2013

Newsletter #5


Catherine and Declan are working hard at St.
John Bosco High School and Vocational

Amy is doing a wonderful job at teaching ESL
to high school students in Cambodia.
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Our Volunteers are Amazing!

As per usual life has been busy in the Cagliero Project Office!
New Volunteers
This week we will be running our formation program in preparation for our
mid-year departures. We are really excited to be sending Bess to work at Don
Bosco Children’s Fund in Phnom Penh and Calvin to work with the Salesian
Sisters at the City of Joy in Mazabuka, Zambia. Both volunteers show
incredible promise and we excited for them as they start on this new journey.
Walk for a Bus
There is lots happening in Salelologa, Samoa as our volunteers, with Fr.
Mosese, prepare to undertake a massive walk around the entire island of
Savai’i. We have included an article by our volunteers in Samoa who further
explains ‘Walk for a Bus’.
Cambodia Immersion
The Cambodia Immersion will leave in one month. Jess writes about the
wonderful weekend we had in preparation for the immersion program.
Volunteer Visitations
I had the opportunity to visit our amazing volunteers this past month so we
have included some photos capturing them in classroom!
Thanks as per usual to all our supporters – we could not have this program
without you!
Take care,
Lauren CAGLIERO | Issue 5 2

Fourteen inspiring young people
prepare for the trip of a lifetime
On Friday May 3 rd an inspiring group
of people gathered at Don Bosco
Camp for the weekend to prepare
for what will be an amazing
adventure on the Cambodia
Immersion. The Cambodia
immersion will take place from July
3 rd to July 17 th this year. The
volunteers came from many
different Salesian communities and
with a range of skills and talents.
The volunteers actively spent the
weekend learning about Cambodian
history and culture as well as
planning and sharing ideas for
activities they will facilitate while in
Cambodia. The group will spend ten
days based at the Don Bosco
technical school, Phnom Penh,
where they will volunteer their time
in a number of different ways. Some
of the planned activities will involve
helping in the farm, running
activities for the students,
professional development for the
teachers, painting and most of all
being a positive presence among the
young people. While in Cambodia
the volunteers will have the
opportunity to immerse themselves
when they
spend 3
nights with
a host
family. This
is an
all the
are looking
forward to!
The few days spent together at Don
Bosco Camp was lots of fun and all
the volunteers participated in
activities that allowed them to get to
know one another. One of the
highlights was ‘My Kitchen Rules-
Cambodian desserts.’ The weekend
concluded with a commissioning
ceremony led by Fr John Papworth.
Stay tuned for an update on how the
trip went and the many stories that
our volunteers will have to tell.

The Cagliero Immersion to
Cambodia will take place during the
month of July.
The Cagliero Project runs immersion
programs every year.
For more information please visit:

Let the Journey
by Jess Quinn
This is one of the dishes that was served up during the Cambodia
‘My Kitchen Rules’ challenge. All three dishes presented were
delicious!! CAGLIERO | Issue 5 3


In the Workshop
Declan supports the technical teachers in the classroom.

In the Classroom
Catherine with her Year 9 English Class.

They are doing amazing work!
The volunteers are all working so hard and we are so
proud of them here at the Cagliero Project.

Interested in Volunteering overseas and
making a difference? Visit:
Inspiration all over the world!
by Lauren Hichaaba

One of the best things about my job is that I get to visit
some of the volunteers during their placement. It is
incredibly inspiring to witness first hand their hard work and
Amy is volunteering at Don Bosco Technical School in
Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I was able to spend some time
with her in the classroom during my stay. It was evident that
the students were not only learning from her but also
trusted and respected her. Amy has many ideas that she
hopes to implement at DBTS such as an ESL room and a
peer education program.
Declan and Catherine are both working at St. John Bosco
High School in Salelologa, Samoa. Catherine is teaching
across all year levels and Declan is assisting the teachers in
the technical workshops. It was lovely to see how well both
had integrated into school life. Like Amy, they are both
loved and respected by the staff and students.
What is truly incredible in all this is at the start of this year,
all three volunteers knew very little about where they were
going and what they would be doing. Now they fit in each
of their placements like they have been there forever! They
are learning the language and are starting really understand
some of the cultural intricacies.
We are so proud of the work being done by Amy, Catherine
and Declan. They are wonderful ambassadors for the
Cagliero Project and we wish them many blessings and the
best of luck for the remainder of their volunteer experience.
Amy with some of her English
students in Phnom Penh,
Cambodia. WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU Issue 5, June 4, 2013

We have had an amazing four months volunteering at Don Bosco High School
and Vocational Centre in Salelologa, Savai’i. Throughout this incredible
journey we have continuously looked for ways to improve the student’s
education and wellbeing. We have learnt a lot about mission work and
ourselves, and realised that an essential part of this ‘mission’ experience is to
be present and make a commitment to this community of people around us
and help them in whatever way is needed.
Fr Mosese, the Principal of our school, has been concerned about student attendance and the student’s safety when
travelling to and from school for quite some time. He came up with the idea to walk around Savai’i and raise money for a
school bus. We wanted to be part of this cause, as we believe that this is one way we can fulfill our mission of helping this
school community and assist them to achieve this goal. We want to give all students in Savai’i the opportunity to receive a
holistic education; academically, socially, culturally and spiritually so that they can reach their full potential in life.

We believe that a bus will open up that opportunity to more young people on this island. There are four main reasons why
we are walking for a school bus:

- to provide alternative safe transport for students
- to enable those who currently can’t afford to pay
for their bus fares to come to school
- to ensure regular and punctual attendance at
- to provide transport to and from sporting, cultural
and educational events

We have experienced first-hand the difficulties that some
students face when travelling to and from school each day
via public transport. Village buses are extremely
overcrowded, infrequent and often drivers will take adults
as passengers before students because their fares are triple
the price. This leads to numerous problems, such as some
students having 12-hour days to travel to and from school
and others missing school as they are not being picked up
from the side the road.

On Monday 19 th August, Fr Mosese and both of us are setting off to walk
180km around Savai’i to raise funds for a school bus. We are planning to
complete the walk in 7 days. Along the way, we will overnight in villages
and take the opportunity to talk with families in the village and
encourage parents to support their kids’ education. We want to send the
message that this could be as simple as helping them with their
homework or spending some time reading at home.

We are very excited about this initiative and have started our training
and preparation for this walk. If you would like to know more about how
you can support this cause, please visit The Cagliero Project’s website and follow the “Walk for
a Bus” link or ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep updated at

If you would like more information you can also contact Catherine at and Declan at

Walk for a Bus!
by Catherine Lutvey and Declan