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Cagliero news (missionary volunteer movement) n.10

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WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU Issue #10, May 9, 2014
Newsletter #10

What a great few months we have
had in the Cagliero Project office!
In March I headed over to
Cambodia to see how our three
volunteers over there are going. It
is always a privilege to be able to
visit Cambodia and it is humbling
to witness the hard work and
dedication of our Cagliero
volunteers and the Salesians with
whom they work. I have included
some photos about the journey
and written about the experience.
Our ‘immersionists’ are also
getting ready to depart for Samoa
in late June (pictured above). We
had a fabulous preparation
weekend Don Bosco Camp in
Safety Beach. The group
represents Salesian schools and
works from all over Australia and
they are AWESOME! There is such
a diverse ranges of skills and
talents. It is going be a wonderful
journey. Jess has written a detailed
account of the weekend where lots
was learned and much fun was had!
It is that time of year when people
start to think about what they are
doing and where they are headed.
We have begun accepting
applications for January 2015 and
will do so until October. NOW is
the time if you have ever
considered long term volunteering.
We have some amazing
opportunities available.
Thanks again for your ongoing
support of the Cagliero Project.
Many blessings till we write again!
Lauren and Jess

A new Rector Major has been elected
for the Salesians of Don Bosco. We
wish Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime every
blessing for his time as Rector Major.
Fr. Angel pictured here with Fr. Bernie and
Fr. Greg, our vice-Provincial and Provincial.
It’s all happening!
WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU | Issue # 10 2


Romina and Melissa in front of the
Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Bess working with beneficiaries
from DBCF

Melissa with students at DBTS

We are currently accepting
applications for departures in
January 2015. These will be
accepted until October 15, 2014.
Visit: to obtain
information on how to apply.
It was a pleasure to be able to visit
Cambodia and witness firsthand
the good work being done by Bess,
Romina and Melissa. Bess is
working with the Don Bosco
Children’s Fund on their HIV
program. I attended the
distribution program where they
support and educate young people
impacted by HIV/AIDS. It was great
to see Bess at work. The Khmer
people really respond to her gentle
demeanor and it is evident that
they really appreciate her efforts to
learn the Khmer language.

Romina and Melissa are both
working very hard at Don Bosco
Technical School. Romina is
teaching English in the school and
running formation seminars for the
students. When I arrived she was in
the midst of running a seminar and
all of the students were hanging on
her every word. Melissa is also
teaching and helping the school
with their marketing. She is getting
ready to launch a new website for
the school that will help them to
promote the sustainability of the
school through different business
ventures that they offer. It looks
fantastic!! As per usual our
volunteers in Cambodia have
wonderful supervisors – Cynthia at
DBCF and Fr. Roel at DBTS. They
are guided and supported by these
excellent mentors.

Bess will return to Australia in June
after a year of service and Romina
and Melissa will return next
January. We wish those in
Cambodia and all of our volunteers
the best of luck as they continue
their volunteer journey.
Visit to Cambodia
by Lauren Hichaaba

Romina working with an ESL
student and running a seminar WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU | Issue # 10 3

Twelve inspiring
young people
prepare for the trip
of a lifetime
For two weeks at
the end of June and
beginning of July
this year, a group of
twelve will embark
on an immersion
trip to Samoa. The
two weeks will give
the group an
opportunity to
volunteer, learn
about the Samoan culture,
experience living with a Samoan
family and visit the Salesian works
in both Savaii and Upolu. On Friday
the 2 nd of May to Sunday the 4 th of
May the group gathered together
for the first time to learn about
Samoa and plan some of the work
that they will be doing while in the
schools and Parishes. It was a
wonderful opportunity for the
group to gather together to get to
know one another and learn about
the unique
culture of
The group
in activities
that involved team building,
including a competitive dessert
competition of ‘My Kitchen Rules-
Samoan style’. The group had a
great time creating the desserts
but unfortunately for the judges it
was not the same experience
tasting them!
The small teams also planned a
variety of activities, games, input
and leadership sessions that will be
used during school and parish
based activities. The Saturday
evening involved an
introduction to the culture of
Samoa. As dancing is a huge
part of the culture the Samoa,
the group worked together to
choreograph a dance to the
song ‘Happy’ to perform while
in Samoa. The group is diverse
in the skills that they bring to the
group and this will be a great asset
while in Samoa. It will be a
wonderful immersion this year and
we are all very excited about
departing at the end of June.
The Cagliero runs an immersion
program every year. In 2015 we will
go to Cambodia.
For more information please visit:
Samoa – here
we come!
by Jess Quinn
Dance practice for the Samoa
Immersion participants
My Kitchen Rules desserts! WWW.CAGLIERO.ORG.AU | Issue # 10 4

News and Reminders

The Bus has been purchased!!
You may remember that our amazing
volunteers Declan and Catherine walked
around the island of Savai’i with Fr. Mosese
and the ‘Walk for a Bus’ team last year to
raise money for a much needed school bus!
Well after all of the hard work and
fundraising a bus has been purchased. What
an amazing accomplishment!
Check out for
more details and photos on the bus.
T-Shirts in Cambodia
Don Bosco Technical School in Phnom
Penh runs a printing press that delivers
fantastic screen printing at a really low
price. All the profit goes directly back into
the running of the school! We recently had
our Oz-Bosco t-shirts printed there and
they look fabulous. Please contact the
Cagliero office if you are interested in
ordering some t-shirts.
Please keep us updated with what is going on with you –
we love to hear and share your news!
The new school bus for Don
Bosco High School in Salelologa
A student prepares the t-shirts
for OzBosco 2014 and the
finished product