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Sf. Ioan Bosco Foundation ACTIVITIES October - December 2013

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"Sf. Ioan Bosco" Foundation
October - December 2013

October 1st, 2013 – the first meeting with volunteers who want to
get involved in the activities of the "Dominic Savio" Daily Center. It was
attended by young volunteers who wanted to continue the experience
lived last year and by young "Buds" in volunteering who were
presented the importance of volunteering, the activities that will be
carried out within the Centre and ways to involve. The meeting was
attended by 60 high school students.
02 / 08 October – in order to help students from 8th grade who were to
sustain the high school entrance exam, they were offered the
opportunity to prepare at mathematics and Romanian language, assisted by teachers and employees of the
04 – 05 – 07 – October - the members of ADS ON, ADS KEY-BOYS, ADS NOI and ADS Leader restarted
their weekly meetings. The purpose of their meetings is to create team spirit, to know better Dominic Savio’ life
and to follow his example, to learn to maintain the animation within the Oratorio, etc, following in everything the
Don Bosco’s teaches.
07 October – After the pleasant moments spent by the vocational group in September at Luncani, the young
people from Bacau want to know more closely don Bosco’s spirit and they want to better understand the don
Bosco’s plan by attending weekly meetings.
13 October - the Harvest Day- a celebration in honor of
autumn, celebrated through games, contests and good
cheer, a day dedicated to children and young people from
Bacau, having as guess their parents. Harvest day is a
public holiday held
annually, it is celebrated to
say thanks to God for all
the fruits we received from
the Earth to ask blessing for the future and for all the benefactors of this holiday.
The Grand Prize was given to a child for his beautiful Lamp and beautiful
14 – 20 October - -the football competition for
grades 9th-12th – to which participated 8 teams, 4 from high schools from
the town and 4 from the villages around the town. Taking advantage of the
new conditions, the children now have the opportunity to meet and to know
through sport. The
prizes for the winning
teams were offered
by the Directorate of
Youth and Sport (Romanian).
19 – 20 October - consulta MTS – animator’s
representatives of three oratorios Bacau-Chisinau-Constanta met to share the summer experience of 2013 and
to plan together the activities for the year 2013-2014 that will have themes and common goals.. 10 October – 9 November - the socio-educative Animator course was organized within the project DVI, for
28 young volunteers from Foundation and other organizations; they had the opportunity to develop
organizational capacity, knowledge and animation.
02 November – 14 December – it was organized the first training course for the trainer occupation,
addressed to those who wanted to acquire organizational skills, the use of instruction and evaluation technics in
the vocational adults training. The participants to this course were both people in the field of education-teachers,
teachers, educators and representatives of local public authorities. Finally, graduated they received a certificate
recognized by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education.
04 – 10 November – soccer /football
competition for grades V-VIII; 12 teams took
part: 9 of the villages around Bacău and 3
from the North Neighborhood schools. It was
an opportunity for children to meet, to develop
team spirit and athletic abilities.

14 November – qualifying examination for the Electrician of maintenance and repair work in the small industry.
23 November – a day of silence for those
in the ADS Key-BOYS and ADS NOI – the
theme of the introspection was "Dominic
Savio-a path to follow (at school, in the
family, ministrant in the Church and animator
between friends). It was attended by 26
children. This day helped children to prepare
for the promise for 7th of December.
30 November – the chess competition for children; after the soccer games, it was the chess turn to help
children develop sports spirit.
30 noiembrie – a silence moment ADS ON as traditionally, before the
promise, the ADS ON choose one day to reflect upon the year end and
the New Year. This moment took place at
Valea Mare, having as meeting theme "the
animator and his choices".
30 November - 13 December - specialization
course for "Socio- educative Animator" held in
Roma. Attended by 28 people, students and teachers, involved in various
educational activities addressed to children.
02 December – starting a new qualification course for the occupation of plumbing pipes and gas plumber. 04 December – football match –
Oratorio’s new football team had its
first competition with a team from
Barați. It was an auspicious match
and they won it.
7 December – the promise ADS – as
every year, children and animators from ADS, during December, they make
or renew the promise within the group. It is an important moment as it
refreshes the motivation.
December 6th -the Volunteer Gala is an
event held annually, in which, voluntary work
and volunteering projects were recognized in
Bacău. On this occasion we thanked and we
awarded all volunteers involved in the activities during 2013 within the „Sfântul
Ioan Bosco” Foundation.
17-20 December – the living Crib-the Birth of
the Infant Jesus was brought to "live" by the
animators and volunteers of the Foundation for all
those who visited the Arena Shopping Mall. The
goal of this action and the Christmas carols was
to renew in our hearts the joy and excitement
during the winter holidays.
22 December – Christmas Celebration
prepared by the children from The Daily Center "Dominic Savio" for parents, brothers
and their grandparents. It was an important moment for which they prepared with much
enthusiasm. The artistic moments from the program included Christmas carols sung in both Romanian and
English, vocal and guitar, plays, poems, and a sketch prepared by the clowns. The event ended with the
Christmas Raffle, which encompassed over 200 awards, the Grand Prize was a living turkey, being won by a
little girl from the Center.

December 23, 2013 – „The Charity Basket” was a project launched by Oratorio, which gave everyone the
opportunity to be better in Advent. At the same time, the goal was this project was to learn to share giving and
helping the families in need. We thank all donators and may God reward them all the good done!

24 /27 December – and because it's Christmas,
the tradition to pass on the news of Jesus ' Birth
was continued by members of those ADS, ADS
BOYS KEY, ADS NOI and ADS ON caroling,
from house to house, where they were received
with great joy.

31 December 2013 – New Year Eve, January 1st
2014 – after wandering with “Capra”( traditional
Romanian Folk dance), and making wishes for a
better new year, youth group
ADS have spent together
the night of New Year.
Games and music have
given color "of the night.

In December, the classroom, designated for the specialization
courses, was equipped with seats with arm to offer students a high
degree of comfort, to enable trainers to
arrange the room according to the
objectives and the activities carried out. This
was possible with the help of the financial
contribution of the company SC ELECTRIC
LTD that sponsored this acquisition, and
which we would like to thank with this

At the end of the year, we thank all the contributors which helped the Foundation last year and
we pray God to bless them!

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