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Year 7 | Issue No. 25 Dec - Jan - Feb 2013 Pope Benedict XVI Don Bosco High School - Nkhotakota Education in the Digital Continent ZMB - VII Provincial Chapter SalesianNewslink ZMB Quarterlypublication Year7/Nº25 Dec-Jan-Feb2013 2 Director & Editor: Fr. Javier A. Barrientos Redaction Board: Fr. Dennis Higgins, Walter Thyrniang Graphic Design: Fr. Javier A. Barrientos Photos: Br. Walter Thyrniang, Sylvester Makumba, Fr. Javier Barrientos, Joackim Mzanywa, Alexio Mesi, Fr Ignatius Musenge.

E-mail: Website: Contribution from: Fr. George Chalissery, Dn. Jerome Bwalya, Br. Walter Thyrniang, Cl. Flavious Chikadzu, Cl. Alphoncious Hamweete.

Printed: Printing Press - ZMB Provincial House Editorial:
Re-thinking the Salesian Mission 3
Don Bosco Educator - Pascual Chavez RM 4
The Church belongs to Christ - Pope Benedict XVI 6
Through suffering to Endless haipiness 7
Salesian World: Local News 8
Don Bosco High School - Nkhotakota 9
Young People and the Year of Faith 10
School and the Digital World 11
Is it possible to live a life of abstinence from sex? 12
Thinking Point: VII Provincial Chapter 13
Rector Major: Letter to the Salesian Family 14
Salesian World: ANS News 15
Moshi Update 16
Did you know that..? 17
Obituary Letter: R.I.P Clement Mutamba 18
Celebrations at Don Bosco Technical Institute 20
Cagliero 11 - February 2013 22
Benedict XVI 23
ZMB Photo 24
In this Issue: ZMB Salesian Newslink Don Bosco Campus - Lilongwe T ZMB Salesian Newslink 3 he year we just began keeps significance of others and eventually make a bringing about surprising move, as it will happen in the forthcoming VII events. A few days ago a Provincial Chapter.

meteorite disintegrated in History speaks of the victory won by George the Russian sky, injuring Washington and his small battalion. When none more than a thousand people expected them to make a difference in the and destroying not a few American Civil War, they gave all their lives for buildings. In addition to this the ideals they believed in. They are now event, days later we learned of reckoned to have been the 'right men' who did the res ignat ion of Pope the 'right thing' at the 'right time'. The capacity to Benedict XVI to the Chair of assess the situation and to give the answer the Peter. time and situation deserve; this is a lesson we Last year's happenings are still can draw from George Washington's move and echoing in our minds. The last lately the Pope's resignation.

one and perhaps the most painful of all was the death of Clement Mutamba, a young Salesian whose life cancer cut short. We saw him fighting for life, dealing with the whole scaring idea of death and finally we saw him gone. Together with Clement's death we also witness the departure of other family members of some of our confreres in ZMB. They leave behind the example of their lives, but also the emptiness of their absence, yet life goes on.

Our Vice-Province [ZMB] is also wi t n e s s i n g a p e r i o d o f transformation and growth. The community in Nkhotakota Life is dynamic and we have to take it this way; (Malawi) is proud of the yet as the Latin proverb reads, 'non progredi est progress students are making regredi' 'not going forward is already going and the good education they backward.' This is the experience of the Zambian provide to the children of Soccer Team, champions of the AFCON 2012; Nkhotakota. The school in winners last year and only.

Mansa (in the north of Zambia) As the year unfolds, all the events that keep on is almost ready to open its doors surprising us, it is important to keep perspective to the first intake in 2014. In and never lose sense of direction. We have Kabwe, a par tnership i s achieved many things individually, as a underway between the Vice- community, Vice-Province, etc. There is call to Province and Sables (an Irish continue growing, with positive thinking and Organisation) for the opening of enthusiasm, finding the way, or making one, an the long-desired 'Street-kids urgent need to continue making the difference, Project'. But at the same time, progressing in quality but also in holiness.

we need to evaluate the HISTORIA Magistra vitae est T Fr. Javier Antonio Barrientos ditorial O N B O S C O must do so by staying in the NARRATES grace of God, since the heart of I am known throughout the young man who is in sin is the world as a saint who like the sea in continuous has openhandedly sown t u rmo i l " . T h a t ' s wh y I so much joy. Indeed, as remembered always that "joy someone who knew me comes from peace of heart". I personally wrote: I made insisted: "I don't want anything Christian joy "the eleventh other than a young man who c o m m a n d m e n t " . T h e does what is good and is always experience convinced me that cheerful".

you cannot work without this At times, someone comes to wonderful educational drive, mind as the eternal acrobat of this beautiful step ahead, which the Becchi and I think 'you can is joy. And, what's more, do me a big favour'. But it is a because my kids were deeply very reduced image of my ideal.

convinced. "If you want your life Games, rides, musical bands, to be happy and peaceful, you theatrical performances and The Devil is Afraid of Happy People rector major 4 ZMB Salesian Newslink Don Bosco EDUCATOR DD Fr Pascual Chavez SDB RECTOR MAJOR ZMB Salesian Newslink 5 festivals were a means, not an end. I had in In 1847, a book on Christian formation was mind what I wrote openly to my kids: "I have printed, The cared-for young man. I'd written it only one desire: to see you happy in time and losing many hours of sleep. The first words in eternity". that my boys were reading were these: "the Games and happiness were for me a form of first and foremost trick with which the Devil serious apostolate, of which I was deeply sweeps away young souls from virtue is to let convinced. Since my boyhood, for me joy was them think that serving the Lord consists of a an inseparable element from study, from work melancholic life far removed from all fun and and from compassion. A lad from those early pleasure. Not so, dear young people. I want to years remembering the 'heroic' years, teach you a Christian way of life which can at described them thus: "Thinking about how he the same time make it cheerful and happy, in ate and how he slept, now we wonder how he addition, those things which are real fun and had then been able to enjoy himself, without real pleasure…. This precisely is the purpose somet imes suf fer ing and wi thout of this booklet, serve the Lord, and be happy ".

complaining. But we were happy, we lived for As you can see, for me joy has a deep affection". religious significance. In my educational style To live and pass on the joy was a form of life, a there was a balanced combination of sacred conscious choice of pedagogy in action. For and profane, of nature and of grace. The me, the lad was always a lad, his deep need results didn't take long to appear, so much so, was joy, freedom and playfulness. I found it that in some autobiographical notes that I was natural that I, a priest for the young, passed on almost compelled to write, I could say: to them the good and joyful news contained in "Faithful to this mixture of devotion, the Gospel. And I did not have to do it with a amusements and trips; everyone who stern face and in unfriendly and abrupt ways. became part of the sign, were not only very Young people had to understand that for me obedient to my commands, but were anxious having fun was something really serious! The to help to carry out some task".

courtyard was my library, my chair where I I wasn't just satisfied that young people were was at times both teacher and student; that cheerful; I wanted them to spread around this joy is the Basic Law of youth. atmosphere of rejoicing, of enthusiasm, and Increasing the value of theatre, music, song. love of life; I wanted them to be builders of Organizing in minute detail the famous hope and joy. Missionaries to other young autumn walks. people through the apostolate of happiness. A contagious apostolate.

6 ZMB Salesian Newslink "Thank you," the Pope said. "I have felt almost physically in these days, which are not easy for me, the power of prayer that the love of the Church, your prayer, is bringing me. Continue to pray for me, for the Church, for the future Pope, who will lead us." 'The Church Belongs to Christ' After the general audience, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, met rior to delivering his weekly General with journalists to discuss the Holy Father's words Audience address, Pope Benedict and his schedule in the coming weeks.

XVI spoke on his retirement set for Fr. Lombardi dwelt on the Holy Father's words at the end of the month. Thousands of pilgrims the start of the General Audience, since the Holy gathered at Paul VI Hall to express their support for Father "addressed the people of God directly" the Supreme Pontiff. regarding his resignation.

"The climate of the audience was profound and "As you know, […] I have decided to give up the touching," Father Lombardi noted.

ministry that the Lord entrusted to me on April 19, The director of the press office also remarked on 2005," the Holy Father said. the importance of the Holy Father's certainty that "I did this in full freedom for the good of the the Church belongs to Christ. "If anyone is having Church, after having prayed at length and having difficulty with the Pope's decision, they may be examined my conscience before God, well aware consoled that the Church is sustained by the grace of the seriousness of the act, but equally conscious of God and of Christ," Fr. Lombardi said.

of no longer being able to carry out the Petrine "The Holy Father" he continued, "felt the support ministry with the strength that it requires." and comfort of the prayers of the faithful, of the Thanking the Church faithful for their support -- people of God." which was displayed with prolonged applause and Speaking personally on the Pope's impending chants of 'Viva il Papa' (Long live the Pope) -- the retirement, Fr. Lombardi expressed his admiration 85-year-old Pontiff conveyed his certainty that "the for the "free, humble, responsible, and lucid Church is Christ" and that He "will never allow it to decision made by the Holy Father." lack His leadership and care." "We have seen him become fragile with time," the The Holy Father thanked the faithful for the prayers Jesuit acknowledged, "but it was up to him to and love displayed, "with which you have decide on the seriousness of his health." accompanied me." Source: | Vatican City, February 13, 2013 The Church belongs to Junno Arocho Esteves CHRIST P M ZMB Salesian Newslink 7 y Dear Friends, us. Just because of an apparent failure at the first effort, we need not lose heart. We There is a famous saying: continue struggling on and on. These trials “Good people are like tea prove our worth. That we can handle leaves; their real strength misunderstanding with equanimity of heart comes out when they are in hot water”. We and mind and that we do not need to be have entered the season of Lent. It is an crushed. If we meet with failure at the first opportunity to look at ourselves and to see attempt, we try again.

which areas of our life we need to grow more Mother Theresa when she started her work for and which areas of our life we need the poor and abandoned met with open readjusting. hostility from people. They misinterpreted her Our life is filled with temptations and goodness. She also struggled within herself struggles. Jesus, the Son of God Himself was and was often tempted very seriously to doubt not free from them. St Luke tells us in his if God ever loved her etc... But she came description of the temptation scene: “And through it all abandoning herself to God. This when the devil had ended every temptation, he is the clue to success in temptations and trials.

departed from him until an opportune time” We fall into the arms of God.

(Lk 4:13). I wish you all dear friends a very Happy The temptation to play the glorious Messiah Easter. The Risen Jesus represents the fruit of was always there in the life of Jesus – not only total surrender to God even if it was very in the first temptation scenes. The devil will painful and dark as was on that Good Friday.

tempt him in the person of His disciples who May we fling ourselves into the arms of the did not want to hear of his passion and death; Lord in loving surrender and experience the and through the large crowds who followed wonder of His loving Presence close to us.

him and hung on to his every word, among During these days we were all surprised at the whom he was very popular. The apostles news of the resignation of the Holy Father, would seek places of honour in his kingdom Pope Benedict XVI. In all humility, he felt he and argue about who was the greatest among was not able to serve the Church as he should.

them all. Their minds were fixed. Jesus The media is rife with speculations as to why painstakingly tries to impress on them that he he resigned and as to who would be the next did not come to re-establish the Jewish pope and what name he would take. I guess kingdom, but the Kingdom of God where all these are unimportant. As he himself men and women of every race language and requested of us, we continue to pray for him way of life had a rightful place because and for his successor that our faith may everyone is a child of God and has been continue to grow ever deeper in ourselves and adopted by God. in many more peoples of the world.

Trials come our way, day in and day out – With best wishes and prayers, failures, dangers, unpopularity, sacrifices.

These trials and difficulties we face are Yours, opportunities we have, to bring out the best in Fr George Chalissery SDB THROUGH SUFFERING to ENDLESS HAPPINESS Fr. George Chalissery SDB Provincial Superior of ZMB Message from the Provincial M Tsabango - Lilongwe The Eucharist was the centre of (MALAWI) 12/02/2013. the celebrations and it was PROGRESS IN THE CHURCH presided by Fr. Oswald Mulenga, BUILDING. rector of the community. The day Fr. Patrick Makina sdb, parish ended with the giving away of priest of St. John Bosco Parish in prices to the winners of the Lilongwe Area 23, and the competitions and different community are carrying out with performances the construction of the church.

The target is the finishing off of the .Lusaka (ZAMBIA) 20/01/2013.- and the councilors the progress floors with the terrazzo material Weekend Retreat for Salesian made in the church construction.

before proceeding on to fixing all Co-operators of Bauleni. The community also showed the doors and windows. A small set Salesian Cooperators from council the constructions going on back is found in the roof of the Bauleni gathered at the provincial at Don Bosco Outstation in church that is currently leaking in house to participate in a weekend Makululu (Kabwe-Zambia). The a few places. Two engineers were retreat organised by Fr. Lewis council will travel to Chingola for called to the site in order to assess Malama sdb. The initiative came the second day of the provincial the situation and come up with a from the group of Salesian Co- council. In Chingola, Fr. Slawek viable solution. operators of Bauleni who annually Bartodziej showed the council the gather to have days of study and damaged roof of the pre-novitiate, reflection on the identity of the blown away during a heavy storm Salesian Co-operator. This at the end of December 2012.

weekend retreat helped them to evaluate their lives and pastoral engagement as regards the year 2012 that is now over, and briefly plan what is to come in the year 2013.The Provincial of ZMB, Fr.

George Chalissery SDB, helped with a few sessions and with the eucharistic celebration on the Mansa - Chimese (ZAMBIA) second and third days. The group 01/03/2013. SOLEMNITY OF ST finish the weekend retreat with a JOHN BOSCO. get together with the Salesian Nkhotakota (MALAWI) Hundreds of kids gathered at Don community of Chawama. 23/12/2012.- ATTACK ON A Bosco Youth Centre to celebrate CATHOLIC MISSION.

the Solemnity of St. John Bosco. One of the outstations of St.

The feast was prepared with the Paul’s Parish in Nkhotakota was novena in honour of the Saint of burnt to the ground by an youth, preached by Deacon unidentified group of people, most Jerome Bwalya. On the feast day probably Muslim. The area where dances, drills and other forms of the Catholic outstation is located entertainment showed how much is predominantly Muslim and at young people love Don Bosco. times hostile to Catholics. The outstation is hardly 20 km from the main parish church. The parish priest of St. Paul, Fr. Jozef Kabwe (ZAMBIA) 15/01/2013.- Czerwinski and the parish PROVINCIAL COUNCIL. community are seeking ways to The provincial and his council rebuild the outstation and to visited Kabwe community in the s t r e n g t h e n t h e Ca t h o l i c first day of work. Fr. Mariusz and community.

Fr. Andrew showed the provincial S W Salesian W d orl 8 ZMB Salesian Newslink ZMB Salesian Newslink 9 Nkhhotakota (Malawi) 01/02/2013.- Don Bosco High School won a local competition in Literature and English Composition. Form II Students of Don Bosco High School in Nkhotakota have won a local competition, which made them be ready to participate at the district level. The winners were congratulated by the School Manager Fr. Christopher Kunda SDB. The competition took place over the weekend and the pupils of Don Bosco High stood tall during the exercise, showing to the jury how well prepared they were.

Don Bosco High School is quite new and this is its first year of operations. The local community has welcomed the initiative of the local bishop Mgr. Ste Marie and the parish community to put up a beautiful structure for the local kids who otherwise had to migrate to neighbouring towns in search of a secondary school where to pursue their secondary education.

Don Bosco High school is a project of the archdiocese of Lilongwe with the cooperation of the Salesians of Don Bosco and partners from Europe (Manos Unidas) who sponsored the construction of some of the classrooms and the administration block.

It is remarkable the presence of young volunteers from Don Bosco Mission (Bonn- Germany) who teach English language and other subjects. The project is very promising and it is an example of vision, cooperation and good will in promoting the education and evangelisation of young people from the local community.

Don Bosco High School NKHOTAKOTA Motto: “Enemies of Ignorance” Salesian Schools By Innocent Haingura Young People & the Year of Faith Catholic Students of Rundu make a remarkable step of Spiritual Formation 10 ZMB Salesian Newslink t is quite sad to witness that our Church (Catholic) has become the centre of misleading and groundless criticism, a situation that has shaken up the faith of a considerable number of lay members of the Catholic Church. Sadly enough, among those struggling to keep and maintain good spiritual norms promoted by our church are the young. Without any doubt this is an issue that requires immediate response beginning with the local communities of Catholic believers.

A group of students belonging to St. Mary's Parish in Rundu decided to organised a spiritual workshop for Catholic students of the neighbourhoods of Rundu district. They aimed at sharing their faith experience with one another, searching for ways to put an end to the confusion on the basics of the Catholic faith that prevails at all levels.

The event was held at Don Bosco Youth Centre in Rundu and the majority of attendants were students. The theme of the workshop was “THE WORKS AND FAITH OF ACATHOLIC STUDENT”, which follows a important truth: 'young people need to participate in the pastoral and service work performed in their parishes or Christian communities'.

The programme was guided by Dn. Jerome Bwalya SDB, with collaboration of Fr. Jerzy Szurgot, the youth chaplain and Fr.

Henry Juszczyk, the parish priest of St. Mary's mission.

Dn. Jerome spoke on the topic “Devotion and Consistency in YOUTHS IN RUNDU” as well as a the Church”. His presentation helped students become aware of group titled “RUNDU CATHOLIC the rich tradition of the Catholic Church which comes down to YOUTHS”, which was found to be a us through the centuries. On the side of the students, the topic medium that can aid sharing of entitled “Healthy desires among the Catholic youths” was educative matters which are essential to presented by Meinolf Simbenda. He reminded students to put the lives of Catholic Student Christians.

God first in their life, family and studies, wherever they are, The newly enlarged group also whatever they do. An opportunity was also granted to the promised to hold weekly meetings to candidates to share their views, raising questions or comments discuss and work on ideas of equal on the contents of the two talks and also on matters of relevant relevance alongside other groups at the interest. parish and the diocese or vicariate as a The workshop was well attended and the talks were welcomed whole. The next step is planning of a by the participants with interest. As a way of a concrete plan of lager gathering in June, so as to increase action, they proposed a reliable way of communication that can our witness on the Catholic Faith in this keep them and other Catholic youths in touch. This comes true year of Faith.

in the creation of a Facebook page titled ”CATHOLIC Youht Ministry - NAMIBIA I ZMB Salesian Newslink 11 At Valdocco, Don Bosco's first duty was that of educating young people. The most visible aspect of this effort was the school. He conducted his school as an apostolate to which all his energy and every available time was dedicated to. We could ask ourselves: Did ever Don Bosco seek anything for himself? The whole purpose of his existence as a young priest was the welfare of young people who came to him, especially the most neglected and marginalised. That is what is most perceived in Don Bosco.

Objectively speaking, as a priest, educator and teacher, for Don Bosco the formation of the youngsters was the burning concern of his mind. He aimed at reaching out all the dimensions of the human person. A holistic training of the youth was his main purpose. Looking at Don Bosco we can say that he knew 'how' to integrate and motivate in the young the love for learning different skills (studies), the art of living (moral life), intellectual formation and the 'formation of the heart'(good behaviour).

He was an expert in nurturing of whole process of maturing of their personalities which he encountered.

He based his method of education on three pillars: Reason, Religion and Lovingkindness.

Looking at the three pillars, a crucial and reflective conclusion can be drawn: “Don Bosco as a educator went beyond mechanical learning (mere knowledge); his was a model of 'learning to learn' and to reason.

Comparing Don Bosco with old philosophers I can say that Don Bosco's approach to the young inductive, in a way he used the Socratic Method (a dialogical relation); a method which today's digital continent seems to be regarded as of no use.

Aface-to-face-dialogue is really a challenge for all today. This is because of the new culture brought about by the Media. Many youth are found in the digital world exploring and searching for meaning; yet this is not a face-to-face-meeting with others.

In this “digital world” responding to the challenges the youth are facing, Don Bosco would continue to say, 'courage and go where they [young people] are to be found'.

Don Bosco's method was perhaps one of the most adequate in the education of the young. Through this method boys were able to communicate the different skills acquired, while building up an expressive and a critical style. By imitating Don Bosco's method and while reading the signs of the times, it is possible to be in a position to offer to the young people a culture that is not an end in itself but which puts them in a position of making responsible decisions in their lives, as means to adulthood, summarised as becoming “good Christians and honest citizens”. One big challenge for all of us Salesians is to apply the aspect of the school “being the place for the formation of the heart” to reach out the young of By Br. Flavius Chikadzu SDB School and the Digital World: A CHALLENGE TO THE EDUCATION TO THE HEART From the 26th to the 31st of December the youth of KA.RU.WA parish in Harare had their annual pilgrimage.

This year the pilgrimage was in Masvingo at Gokomere mission. The theme of the pilgrimage was “Youth in the Year of Faith.” The pilgrimage was not only attended by the youth from our parish but also by some youth from Kariba and Masvingo.

The pilgrimage became a time of strengthening of our faith and a time to rest at the end of the year.

Apart from the prayers and learning more about our faith we also had a chance to visit the ruins of the “Great Zimbabwe” as well as Lake Mutirikwi. These places are very beautiful, so much so that they reminded me of God the author of them all.

We also had a chance to go to the grotto of Our Lady which is at Gokomere mission. The environment at the grotto is very conducive for prayer and it puts you in a reflective mood, helping you get in closer union with God.

Young People and the Year of Faith Harare - Zimbabwe By Joackim Mzanywa sdb they divorce.

However, the face of God has continued shining in the words and deeds of the lives of men of faith. Saint Dominic Savio is known for living a pure life and selection of companions and his dictum better to die rather than sin still resounds in our days. If God commands that there is no sex before and outside marriage, we need to believe the Scripture and obey it. God always wishes us well and when He commands even the things that seem difficult and not very appealing, but he has a good reason. Abstaining from sex before marriage is possible once we cut off the roots of materials that feed the mind with ideologies of sex and understand t h e g i f t o f ma r r i a g e o n e are living in a propose values which they have sociological and religious values.

sexually saturated given up on or do not put efforts in Sex is a matter of the mind. Faith s o c i e t y. Yo u n g living them up. With this comes from what we see, listen to p e o p l e b e c ome environment, people think it is not and watch. Eventually, a human sexually active as possible to live a pure life. As a person begins to believe in what early as 12 or earlier, a thing celibate, a lot of people have he/she sees, listens to and which was a taboo in the past in asked me how I do live. They watches. When a person gets many cultures. The reason is that seem to be sympathizing with me married he gives himself/herself people of all ages and walks of life as though I am suffering. I tried to to the spouse her/his whole being are having access to materials explain but in the end I find and not a body which has been involving sexual related activities myself only having inadequate of joined emotionally and spiritually through magazines, websites, words to make them understand. through sex to different bodies music, etc that are full of words The sexual explosion is prior to marriage. Above all, and sexual message. Adverts on merely an illusion to the deeper abstaining from sex before television associated to sex make aspiration of people. Pope John marriage is a free choice, which a people become more familiar and Paul II said that there is something person has to prepare to live addicted to sex. We no longer deeper than the urge of sex and without fear as he/she is going to have any reverence to the mystery that is the desire to love. The go against the grain not and sacredness of it. On the distortion of the value of sex is the conforming to the temptations of newspapers, we are presented result of lack of understanding the the society. One will need first of with sexual abuses of children and value of the institute of marriage. all to believe that it is possible to gang rapes. This kind of news no Marriage needs to be promoted live a chaste and dignified life and longer shock people, but gives and strengthened as they are the overcome the temptations of sex only a sense of sadness for the remedy to human affection and by trusting in God who guides, v i c t ims . I t i s b e c omi n g love which many people are s u p p o r t s , c o n s o l e s a n d preferential to have sex and live lacking in our society. People, strengthens a person through single, carefree lives. The people, who are denied of human prayer, spiritual readings and who are supposed to safeguard attention, turn to find attention in spiritual direction. The other way morality in our societies, are also other distorted behaviours such as is to have a good network of guilt of sexual scandals. illicit sexual relationships, friends, with whom a person Henceforth, a lot of people have pornography and masturbation. shares the similar faith and vision found it hard to believe that it is When a man and a woman enter of life and with whom they will possible to live a chaste life. Some into a sexual relationship before love, encourage and support each spiritual mentors and moral marriage they confuse sexual other to maintain the life of purity.

agents are seemingly having pleasure with love. They are not in It would be good to pay heed to accepted to live double lives. love, but in lust, and this may be the words of St Paul to the They are separating their being the reason why those who marry Ephesians regarding sex. (Eph 5: from their roles in society. They after living together eventually 1-7) 12 ZMB Salesian Newslink Is it possible to live a life of abstinence from sex before marriage in today’s society?

By Alphoncious Hamweete SDB W H Thinking Point VII PROVINCIAL CHAPTER Br. Walter challenges all to reflect on the documents of the Provincial Chapter focusing on the essentials H ZMB Salesian Newslink 13 ello, thinking people!

I missed the last issue again and the same excuse, I was too busy with my Examination at the University. I had to think about it and I could not share.

A lot have happened since then, we are in the New Year now and there is a plenty to think about. Christmas has passed quite fast and we are now in lent and preparing for Easter. Time flies. Then what now? Of course the VII Provincial Chapter is next. Are we thinking about it?

I hope we have read the 48 pages VI Provincial Chapter document of 2010. Or it "lies neglected among piles of other documents" as the provincial wrote in its introduction.

Personally I enjoy reading it and occasionally amused by it.

Look at art. 105 on page 30, I read it to my confreres in the community and they too enjoyed it. The Directory spells out everything for our mission and daily life from Youth Ministry, Formation, Communication to Administration. It provides guidelines to start afresh from Don Bosco and asks us to change our mentality to New Frontiers. But if we have not "read, studied and reflected on its context" then it will be of no use and why getting ready to make another document or add more pages to the one we already have?

It is a requirement by our constitution, -clear enough. So we have to do it. The able team of animators are moving around the communities to help in reflection and preparation. We hope all the efforts will bring good results. Now the date is set, the delegates elected and the agenda agreed. What is to be seen is if the Chapter will lead us towards a different direction and a new destination.

My cynical fear is that the Chapter Fathers and Brothers will spend a lot of time discussing and arguing on petty matters like, how long should the holidays be? How much money should be granted for holidays? And can we take a car for holidays, or it is a privilege of a few only? Or similar issues, instead of being daring to answer the call of 'radicalism' that we may have to adopt by force rather than by choice.

The simple question is: Will this Chapter be of any benefit? Will it be different than the ones we have had in the recent past?

What do you think?

Br Walter Thyrniang SDB and the challenge to be radical in living up our consecration 14 ZMB Salesian Newslink MydearConfreres, Sisters, Membersof theentireSalesianFamily, FriendsofDonBosco: Greetings with the heart of Don Bosco fromMexicowhere I have come to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Guadalajara Province, my Province of origin.

Although profoundly surprised by the news just received of the decision of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, to resign from guiding the “Barque of Peter” and confirming his brethren in faith through the proclamation of the Gospel, witness of life, suffering and prayer, we are edified bythisexemplaryand propheticgesture.

In offering his resignation, motivated by age and tiredness, the consequence of his solicitude in accompanying the Church at a time marked by profound and rapid social change touching on both faith and Christian life, and that demand much physical and spiritual energy, the Holy Father says that he placed himself in an attitude of discernmentbeforeGod.

His decisions, then, is the result of prayer and an exemplary sign of obedience to God! Such an attitude cannot but give rise to our greatest admirationand esteem.

Once again this is a case of a typical trait of his: humility, which makes him free before God and man and makes his sense of responsibility so evident.

Whilewe express ourgratitude to theHoly Father, as Don Boscowould have done, for the generosity withwhich he has served the Churchand has expressed his fatherliness with regard to our own Family, we accompanyhimin this stageof his lifewithmuchaffectionand prayer.

Fromthis point onwe pray for the Church, calling on theHoly Spirit to guide this moment of conclusion of a Pontificate and the convocation and celebrationof theConclave.

We entrust the Holy Father and the whole Church to Mary the Immaculate, Help of Christians as we liturgically commemorate Our Ladyof Lourdes. May Shecontinue to manifest herself, as She hasdone throughouthistory, asMotherand Teacher.

Incommunionof heartsand prayers.

FrPascual ChávezV., SDB RectorMajor Letter to the SALESIAN FAMILY Our Love and Gratitude to you, HOLY FATHER!

(ANS – Rome) – As soon as he became aware that Pope Benedict XVI had announced he would be giving up his ministry as Bishop of Rome and Successor of St Peter, the Rector Major chose to address a message to the whole Salesian Family.

Fr. Pascual Chavez SDB RECTOR MAJOR (ANS – Città del Vaticano) – (ANS – Nairobi) – 15/2/2013.



(ANS - Turin) 31/01/2013.

Conclusion of the Consulta for the Missions at Valdocco.

(ANS Lubumbashi) 14/02/2012, L u b u m b a s h i . S O C I A L COMMUNICATION - AFRICA.

The Holy Father Benedict XVI has The grounds at Don Bosco Youth nominated Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia Educational Services (DBYES), Arroniz, sdb, new bishop of the Nairobi were filled with young diocese of Pointe-Noire, in the students from various secondary Republic of Congo. Fr. Miguel and technical schools around the Angel was appointed as Apostolic city and outskirts on 3 February.

Administrator of the same diocese The youngsters had come on 31 March 2013. together to celebrate their faith at people: one representative from the “C'mon & Celebrate” event, each language group of the region and to consider it in the light of the (English & French) together with Bible. The programme began with the Provincial in-charge of Morning Prayer, a blessing, and a communication of the CIVAM (Fr.

talk on “Faith and/in the Bible” by Fausto Garcia) were trying to The 6th meeting of Regional Capuchin priest Fr Christopher make an Africa Salesian Social Coordinators for Formation for all Mu s y o k a . Yo u n g p e o p l e Communication System (ASSCS) regions in the Congregation discussed the topics introduced by basing on the Salesian Social concluded on Saturday 16 the speaker and had a chance to Communication System (SSCS) February in Nairobi. This meeting of the Congregation. This will be was the final one for the 2008- finalized in the meeting of all the 2014 period; three meetings have SC delegates of the Region in occurred in this period while a November 2013. The draft will also further three took place in the be presented in the World previous period, 2002-2008. Consulta which will take place in These days saw a work of Rome in April 2013.

evaluation of the Rector Major and General Counci l 's Project regarding the formation sector.

They looked at their departure point, objectives achieved and Delegates from all regions of the ask questions; also to go to Congregation were gathered at those still to be achieved. All of this Confession. Mass was at midday Valdocco-Turin with the Rector work has been summed up in a followed by lunch. The programme Major and the General councillor written contribution as a report to aimed at following up the for Missions, Fr. Vaclav Klement. the Rector Major for the 27th discovery of Christian faith The meeting aimed at reflecting on Ge n e r a l Ch a p t e r (GC2 7 ) launched with the Year of Faith. “In the findings of the various regional regarding formation. Fr. Cereda this way we hope to educate encounters which took place in the was present together with Fr. Chris young people to faith and help past years and recently in Addis Saldanha. them feel proud of what they Ababa for the Africa-Madagascar professed at Baptism”, explained Region.

Fr Sebastian Koladiyil, Director of DBYES.

A meeting of the “Africa Regional Co n s u l t a ” o f t h e S o c i a l communication took place in Lubumbashi DR Congo. Three S W Salesian W d orl ANS ZMB Salesian Newslink 15 16 ZMB Salesian Newslink (ZMB Newslink 27/12/12) Fr. Julian Fox, from the department of Social Communication in Rome has led a seminar on Communication and Media for the young Salesians of the Formation Community of St. John Bosco in Moshi (Tanzania). The seminar began by discussing and discerning the use of the Media and Social Communication in the Digital Continent. All community members where strongly encouraged to put forward their views, trying to answer to some of the very pressing questions of this area such as: what is the help Media provides in this particular stage of formation? Is Media helpful for purposes of evangelisation? What the role of Media in the personal formation and how does one make the best of Media in our time?

Fr. Fox emphasised the need for every Salesian to be present in the so-called 'Digital Continent' where numbers reach more than a billion, of which majority are youngsters. He challenged the community asking them, 'how can we evangelise them?' At the same time, the facilitator reminded all of the need to be prudent in using the means of social communication, in line with the directives of the Church and Congregation.

This year the Salesian community of Moshi, comprising of the Salesians of Don Bosco, the Salesian Cooperators, Salesian past pupils and the students of the Salesian school came together tot cerebrate the feast of our father St. Don Bosco. The celebration began in the morning at about 7:00 hours with Morning prayers then the whole community went for the photo session. At around 9:00 hours the community went for Mass that was celebrated by the Episcopal vicar for the religious Rv. Fr Munishi Mathei. After mass the community had a time for entertainment.

In the evening during night prayers, the Lord blessed the Salesian Family with two new cooperators: mama Foster and mama Pertrude who made their promises.

On this same day the community also celebrated the rector's 20 of religious life.

Solemnity of St. John Bosco Seminar on Communications and Media Moshi UPDATE Young confreres from ZMB, students at Don Bosco Moshi- Philosophy Centre share some of their experiences SING AND PRAY Sing and Pray is a comprehensive Hymn and Prayer book compiled specifically for Salesian Communities and Salesian Family. The book is designed to be used in religious communities and for liturgical celebrations with young people. It has two parts: PART 1 - 206 Selected Hymns arranged in a convenient order.

Entrance to Recessional hymns for Holy Mass with different sets for Eucharistic hymns.

General Hymns of themes like Vocation, Thanks Giving and Adoration.

Hymns for different liturgical seasons from Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

Hymns to the Sacred Heart, Hymns of Our Lady, St. Joseph and the Salesians Saints.

Few newer hymns such as Taize chants that are good for young people.

PART 2 - Prayers orderly arranged From Angelus, Morning Prayer, Meditation to Night Prayer.

Common community and personal prayers such as Adoration, Litanies, Christmas Novena other Novenas and the Stations of the Cross.

Some important prayers such the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

The new order of the Holy Mass and the two commonly used Eucharistic prayers.

ZMB Salesian Newslink 17 1. Chingola and Kazembe communities are the oldest existing community with each having 30 years of existence this year 2. Lusaka archdiocese and Mansa diocese has the highest number of communities each having three canonical erected communities respectively 3. Fr. Zygmunt Labun died on the same day the relics of Don Bosco landed in ZMB Vice-Province at Harare international airport, 16/07/2012.

4. That Br. Clement Mutamba died on the same day his young sister made her first religious vows on the eve of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 7/12/2012.

5. Chingola has recorded the highest number of confreres in perpetual profession leaving the congregation, ZMB province and religious life at large.

6. Communities in the north of Zambia – Mansa, Kazembe and Lufubu has recorded the highest number of confreres in initial formation leaving the congregation (not counting the formation communities) 7. The past ten years, ZMB has never opened a new community and the last community opened was Hwange, Zimbabwe in 2003, while the last community closed was Shambyu, Namibia.

8. Fr. Zamberlan Bruno is the eldest in terms of religious profession in ZMB and this year is celebrating his 53 years since he made his first profession and Fr. Andrew Zdzieborski who is second after him is celebration his golden jubilee.

9. What has strengthen our Pre-novitiate Formation in our province is the idea of changing the Pre-novice masters, the past five/six years we had the following Six masters :, Fr, Bosco Mulenga, Fr. Rychcik Christopher, Fr. Zamberlan Bruno, Fr.Chester Lenczuk, Dn. Mbandama Michael, , Slawomir Bartodziej and back to Fr. Bosco Mulenga 10. Statistically, Namibia is still the lowest on vocation promotion, presently we have only one Salesians in initial formation out of two who have joined us since our presence in that country.

11. Namibia is the only country in ZMB which has no canonically erected community. The existing community is under the canonicity of Chawama community.

PUBLICATIONS Br. Walter Thyrniang showing his recent work: “Sing and Pray”, a hymnal and prayer book. A compilation of hymns and prayers for the liturgy and Salesian celebrations.

Did you know that?

By Dn. Jerome Bwalya SDB 18 ZMB Salesian Newslink Obituary Letter Clement MUTAMBA harles Mutamba, the brother of Clement was at his bedside on the night when Clement passed away, he told me his brother did not struggle nor made any indication that it was the last moment he just said; "now I want to rest" he laid back and breathed his last in serenity. That's was how he died.

I first met Br. Clement in 2008 when he came for the holidays-communityexperience to Lilongwe. The little I remembered about him was the time we played football with the boys and the quality time we had at the community.

The following year he was back in Lilongwe to begin his Practical Training - we had more time and had a lot of fun. He was always a respectful and joyful community member, a good companion and fun loving friend. The last activity together in Lilongwe was again to play a social football game with the staff members of the Technical Institute and he complained about his aching right knee. After one year in Lilongwe he went to join the Salesian community in Harare for his second year of practical training.

When the throbbing knee was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, we were together for some time at the provincial house. We chatted a lot and often time he shared his anxiety about his problem. Once when he collapsed in the chapel during Mass it was clear that the situation was serious. It was a dilemma for him to come to terms and accept that he will have to lose his leg. This reality pained him since he would have to give up playing football and of course the uncertainty of life without a limb.

Bro. Clement was born on 19th October 1985 the 6th Child of Mr. Peter Mutamba and Mrs. Theresa Mutamba from Luwingu District. As a boy he went to Lwena Basic School and completed his secondary education in Lubushi Minor Seminary.

Until we meet again Br Walter Thyrniang SDB C Clement Mutamba during the General Assembly in 2008 ZMB Salesian Newslink 19 He joined the Salesians of Don Bosco in 2003 feelings of people around him.” and did his first experience of formation in Don Bosco Chingola. After Pre-novitiate he went for The last years he has been a regular contributor to his Novitiate to South Africa and returned to the ZMB Newslink Magazine with various make his First Profession at St. Mathias articles and he would read and critically Mulumba, Bauleni on 6th August 2006. Bro. comment on most of the writings of other in the Clement proceeded for his Philosophical studies Salesian provincial newsletter. We will miss his to Moshi, Tanzania and completed his degree in contribution.

Philosophy and Education in 2008. From 2008 to The Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of 2009 he worked in the School and Don Bosco Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Namibia morn Youth Centre in Lilongwe. In 2009 he was the lost of this dynamic young Salesian. He is the transferred to the Salesian Community and first Zambian Salesian from this province to Parish in Harare. enter the Salesian garden in paradise. He will be While in Harare, he developed trouble on his remembered and missed by all the Salesians, the right leg which he initially thought was an injury young people who knew him personally, his from playing football. His right knee was Mother, brothers, Sisters, relatives and friends.

diagnosed with cancer and after extensive examination and treatment in Lusaka and South For those us who could take part in his memorial Africa; he had to have his right leg amputated in mass, vigil, funeral mass and the final journey to September 2011. Bro. Clement was recovering the cemetery; we befittingly accompanied the well but again it was diagnosed that the cancer remains of this young Salesian and prayed for his had spread to other parts of his body. eternal rest. It was all very solemnly arranged Since he left Harare he stayed at the Provincial and well organised. His mother and his brothers House going for regular check-ups and medical and sisters told me they were consoled with the examination then finally the surgery on his leg. way their dear one was accorded the final rites.

His health improved rapidly so he moved to the Priests, religious and faithful paid their respect Salesian Community in Bauleni but he had to and said good bye to him respectfully. It was an undergo regular treatment (chemotherapy). On honour to a life well lived, a journey that had 20th November due to his deteriorating come to an end. In his pain and suffering Clement condition, he was admitted at the University finally seem to say silently; " I have run the race...

Teaching Hospital in Lusaka where he passed I fought the good fight... what is left for me is the away peacefully on 7th December 2012 at 22.33 crown...." p.m. "Gone to soon" wrote a facebook friend, another Bro. Clement was a very lively and active one; "this is hard to understand... Why?" Yes! it Salesian, multi-talented and loved by his looks like he has left us too soon, this young man companions and young people. He possessed of just 30 years of age. The preacher at his good leadership quality and was very pleasant to Requiem Mass explained that "human beings everyone. As a student in Moshi he was the don't die of sickness, we die because our time has president of the students grouping. He was a deep come" and it is God who determines the time. We thinker with a warm and accommodating heart have to accept that Cement's time had come...

always ready to listen and had a silent prayerful ours will come too sooner or later.

personality. One of his classmates wrote; “Clement was a person who did not wish to Till then, I cherish the memory of Br. Clement!

offend anyone, he was sensitive to the emotional Obituary Letter 20 ZMB Salesian Newslink Tsabango Area 23 - Lilongwe (Malawi) 01/02/2013.- Students, Salesian Community, Stuff and Friends of Don Bosco Technical Institute as well as people from St. John Bosco Parish came together to celebrate the Solemnity of St. John Bosco. The date was moved from 31 January to February 1, 2013.

The day began with the Eucharistic celebration, presided over by the guest of honour Fr. Antonio Javier Barrientos who is the youth delegate and the provincial secretary, concelebrating were the Principal of the Institute, Fr.

Michael Mbandama and the parish priest of St. John Bosco Parish, Fr. Patrick Makina. After the holy Eucharist we had Don Bosco quiz in which the student showed their knowledge of Don Bosco and the Salesian congregation. Astudent from Accounting got the first position, followed by the Auto mechanics students and the third position went to Information and Technology. Thanks to the quiz master, Mr. Precious Chilupysa and his team for the good organization of the quiz. Immediately after the quiz we had students' activities. It was wonderful to see students showing their different talents through the different activities they performed, each from their respective sections. The winner of the students' activities was Fashion Art and Beauty section that performed a wonderful play.

This was followed by lunch which the school offered to all students and those invited guests.

The feast of Don Bosco 2013 included not only the indoor activities but also the outdoor games which were played in the afternoon. On this day we had the finals for the Don Bosco Cup that was sponsored by the past pupils. A big word of 'thanks' to the former students of Don Bosco Technical Institute – Lilongwe for the contributions they made over this feast and more particularly in the tournament we had.

celebrations at don bosco technical institute Michael Rua Group which comprised of Accounting and Brick-laying sections took the first position in football, Mazzarello which consisted of Information Technology and Carpentry section took number one in volleyball, and Laura Vicuña composed of Electrical and Hotel won the first position in netball. Chief official Mr. Masala and his team organised the whole tournament, a word of thanks to them, too.

The feast of Don Bosco ended with the prize giving around 16:45 hours with the presence of the principal of the Technical Institute, Fr. Michael Mbandama sdb, the vice principal, the representatives of the past pupils and Mister and Miss Don Bosco.

Morning Assembly Football Tournament Volleyball Tournament Arrival at Don Bosco TI Carpentry Department Official Website |

22 ZMB Salesian Newslink J ZMB Salesian Newslink 23 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, with thanks for your dedication and service to the Church...

Pope Benedict XVI oseph Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927, in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, the youngest of three children. He entered preparatory seminary in 1939. In 1943, he and fellow seminarians were recruited into the anti-aircraft corps. In 1945 Ratzinger returned to the seminary at the University of Munich in and was ordained a priest in 1951. Two years later, he earned his doctorate at the University of Munich. He earned his teaching licentiate in 1957 and became a professor of Freising College in 1958, teaching dogma and fundamental theology.

Ratzinger became a professor at the University of Bonn in 1959. Later, he moved to the University of Muenster (1963-1966) and took a chair in dogmatic theology at the University of Tübingen.

At the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), Ratzinger served as chief theological expert to Cardinal Joseph Frings of Cologne, Germany. He was viewed as a reformer during this time.

In 1972, Ratzinger helped found the theological journal Communio, which became one of the most important journals of Catholic thought. In March 1977, he was named archbishop of Munich and Freising and, three months later, was named a Cardinal by Pope Paul VI.

In 1981, Pope John Paul II nominated Ratzinger prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Cardinal Ratzinger defended and reaffirmed Catholic doctrine, emphasising the strong Catholic stand on topics such as birth control, homosexuality and inter-religious dialogue.

Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope on April 19, 2005, after the death of John Paul II.

In February 2013, at age 85, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be resigning on February 28, 2013—becoming the first pope in centuries to step down from his post.

In a statement, the pope explained, "I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise… In today's world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the bark of St. Peter and proclaim the gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me ... For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom, I declare that I renounce the ministry of bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter." ROADMAP 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 13 ZMB PHOTO - Issue No 24 1-3. Chingola (ZAMBIA): Fr. George Chalissery 8. Rundu (NAMIBIA): Young people from Don and his council visiting the Technical School Bosco youth centre after taking part in the and the Pre-novitiate. youth seminar for the Year of Faith organised 4. Kabwe (ZAMBIA): Fr. George and the council by Dn. Jerome Bwalya and a group of inspecting the progress in the construction Catholic Students from Rundu District.

works at St. Mary’s parish. 9. Lusaka - Bauleni (ZAMBIA): Candidate 5. Moshi (TANZANIA): Fr. Bruno together with Boniface Mbowo entertaining a group of kids Br. Leotika Kaluba, Cl. Faith Musabila and who regularly frequent St. Matthias Mulumba Cl. Moses Chilambe on the celebrations of the Parish.

Community Day. 10. Luska (ZAMBIA): Late Clement Mutambia 6. Jerusalem (ISRAEL): Cl. George Phiri posing during the last moments of his illness.

in front to the Basilica of Gallicantu; the spot 11-12. Lusaka (ZAMBIA): Photos of the funeral where Peter denied Jesus three times. mass and burial of late Clement Mutamba 7. Nkhotakoat (MALAWI): Catechists of St. sdb. The funeral mass was presided by Bishop Paul’s Parish during the Sunday school Clement Mulenga, sdb.

lessons after mass. All in preparation for 13.Lusaka (ZAMBIA): Clement Mutamba, sdb as reception of the sacraments. we remember him. (Newslink Team).