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Missions: Proceedings of the Superior Chapter of the Salesian Society




ACS 203 1958 07-10. pp. 50-57

Since the beginning of our Society, missions have always been one of the forms of apostolate, which has dedicated the best energies, and today our family, after only 80 years of life, is proud to occupy an advanced position among the Congregation of Missionaries,
in fact, two thousand are our brothers who work on missionary land and about one hundred and seventy leave every year to help them.
Chapter Commission, addressing the issue of the mission, followed by the resolutions of the 1952 model of the general chapter and the recommendations on the same subject (Acts of Ca pte r Superiore, in October 1952, n.170).
The General Chapter considered it necessary to insist on the most important points of this scheme and to add some recommendations, suggested by the experience and the need for an organization more adequate to the times, and therefore more and more effective.
The General Chapter also vowed that missionary zeal in our homes should grow more and more and that all confreres feel this problem alive and present.
Assembly gives a warm applause to the provinces, which gave the largest contingent to the mission of brothers (in 1957: Italy 73, Spain 65, Belgium 12, in 1958.: Italy 71, Spain 38, Belgium 15, Germany 12, Mexico 4); to the Provinces of Portugal, Belgium, France and England for their contribution to their mission.

Missionary vocations - Apostolate abroad

1) In order to foster the missionary spirit and arouse vocations in our schools, chapels on Sunday, and between the external face is active propaganda of our Bulletin, the Young missions ù and other missionary publications.
To this end, we present the publication of a series of agile biographies of missionaries, presented by «Elle Di Ci in a modern and attractive form. These biographies are disseminated and translated for our young people and the public.
The new features offered by A. 'HS have improved, as well as a complete monthly photo service that illustrates the activities of the Congregation throughout the world and in the missions.
2) The central press and propaganda office is invited to prepare video files shot in the same places as the missions and tapes for regular screenings.
3) World Mission Sunday and the annual festival of Salesian Missions are celebrated with the utmost seriousness.
The first is Catholic, the other has a specific and fixed place in the school calendar, creating a tradition in the home.
4) Congress missionaries should be promoted, conferences, possibly organized by missionaries, with consolidated and missionary film screenings and projections.
Moreover, through charitable organizations, lotteries and mission holidays, young people and people can be educated in a spirit of generosity and dedication to the mission.
5) Each Company has its own Mission Group. The purpose of these groups is to sustain the flame of the apostolate and support the missionary spirit among the students of our
homes. The "Missionary Association of Youth", created in this way by the Groups of Mission Societies (AGM), under the direct direction of the Catechist, without stopping the movement, will give them greater vitality.
6) There should also be a provincial commissioner of companies. the person responsible for the missionary movement in the provincial houses.
7) The missionary spirit should be intensely nourished in all houses of formation.But when we talk with young people, trying to arouse enthusiasm for the Mission and spreading the faith in them, we do not to present reality in an unreal way or create illusions.
8) Let it be known, especially among aspirants, that those who ask to leave the Mission and in the judgment of the Superiors have the necessary qualities will be able to follow their vocation before the novitiate.
The experiences seem to indicate that the missionaries were sent to the mission or to the novitiate or immediately thereafter. Comparing the statistics of various trips, it can be seen that the highest percentage of perseverance occurs in the group of people who have left the youngest.
9) Young people who give a serious guarantee of success in the field of study should be sent to the country of the Mission, taking into account the high level of culture of some pagan nations, especially the East.
10) The members of each province, whose purpose is to dedicate their life to the missions, I address to the Superior General after a careful examination and special prayers.
The inspectors gladly accept the confreres who ask to go on a mission.
In addition to the virtues of a good Salesian, they must have the necessary capacity to adapt to the inevitable sacrifices of missionary life.Missions, due to climate diversity, food, customs, language, require strong nerves and a particular ability to adapt, which are difficult to acquire, after thirty-five years, namely the maturity of life.
11) they often complain about the deplorable disadvantages: some confreres in adulthood ask for departure for the mission is not for the true vocation, but for some who have suffered disappointments or for unrealized ambitions and came ill prepared, in a bad mood, with psychological dispositions , which make life and others difficult for him. It is best that they stay at home, in an environment where they have grown up and where they can be better understood and better tolerated.

Missionary life and organization called missionary work
1) The inspector must ensure that all missionaries have the convenience of joining regularly in the sacrament of confession.
There are at least two priests in the residences. They can comfortably and add a coadjutor; but do not leave the Coadjutor with only one Priest, not to mention the Priest. 2) Wikariach or Prałaturach entrusted to the Assembly, the Institute Seminars to prepare the local clergy, in accordance with the provisions of the Apostolic See, which should be encouraged as much as possible. Superiors allow our aspirants and seminarians in our missions to attend the same school when otherwise not possible. 3) 

Great importance should be given to the formation of catechists for the mission.
4) The catechism school in residences and institutes should be well organized.
Follow a well-studied and organic moral school plan for pagan students. Try, in accordance with the possibilities, to prepare a suitable textbook for such schools where a catechism is not allowed for everyone.
5) We insist on what is foreseen in the art. 67, 68, 69 of the Regulation (Constitutions and regulations, Chapter VI: "For the missionaries"), which regulate the temporary repatriation of the confreres.
It is recommended that the inspectors informed of repatriation responsible for the missions and warned the commissioner under whose jurisdiction he will be a missionary; provide him with a letter of recommendation and communicate these messages, which can help the confrere's help.
The General Chapter agreed that it was not appropriate to determine the time and frequency of the return of the missionaries. The inspectors organize with discretion and love according to the cases.
6)  Each inspector should be interested in preparing a brief history of each residence.
The missionaries are increasingly accurate training also in the scientific study of population psychology, they face because the encounter of two different or primitive civilizations of transition in the civil life is extremely delicate and requires missionaries adequate ethnological preparation and psychological balance, the spirit of self-denial and Christian love.
7) Treatment of scientific publications on mission; Ethnological museums are created and meetings of missionaries from different countries are encouraged.
8) Attention must be paid to the remarkable scientific contribution of our missionaries. Also in the simple reports of the Salesian Bulletinthere are many first-hand scientific materials that ethnographic scholars collect and catalog systematically and use for their research.

Economic aid for the mission

In general, all our missions are extremely poor, so that missionaries often devote a lot of time and energy to finding the necessary funds, while it would be desirable for them to devote themselves exclusively to the apostolate.
Therefore, the following recommendations are repeated:
1) financial aid for homes. - Each house of the Congregation must strive to promote initiatives to collect economic resources for the mission.
Lotteries can be used to collect offers in the interest of students, alumni and associates. Missionary lotteries have a twofold effect: propaganda and dissemination of the missionary spirit and at the same time fundraising.
Academies and theaters play for the mission, piggy banks in the prefecture or elsewhere, an echo.
The money raised is sent to the Provincial, who as a stimulus for all will inform about the sum collected by each Chamber.
The money collected on the occasion of World Mission Sunday "must be transferred to the Secretariat of the diocesan Mission so that it can be
sent to Propaganda Fide. Pay attention to this sum to the Councilor of the Chapter of the Missions through the Inspector to collect statistical data.
2)  Financial aid province de lle. - each province. to its name, it sends every year a Superior General to the Provincial Fund which helps to support the missionary work.
3)When it comes to the organization and functioning of the offices of the Provincial Missionary Central Missionaries and refer to that prescribed in the General Chapter of 1952 (Proceedings of the Chapter Chamber, No. 170, in October 1952).
It is also recommended that the collection center should always be a public prosecutor's office or another Salesian house. To give a personal address, the preparation of personal current accounts and indiscretions in the way of writing letters and circulars, to ask for help, to raise suspicions of fraud and to dry the charity.
Stamp collection center in the province can be aspirantate: it would give aspirants the opportunity to maintain good friendly relations with members of different business houses.
The central mission office provides adequate rules to ensure that the collection and exchange of stamps are the best.
4) national mission or offices of order. - In the United States of America, the National Mission Office or "Mission Mission Office" was organized, which works efficiently, as it is called in other religious institutions.
Inspectors are asked to see a similar organization in their countries to investigate the problem.
It can be placed next to the Salesian house, and even better, it can do it by itself.
It will depend on the inspector in whose jurisdiction he is.
The staff will be provided by mutual agreement between the inspector and the superior of the chapter assigned to the mission.
The Director of the Prosecutor must provide the Rector Director with the money raised for missions in general. Superior General of the Mission to distribute it, so as to do your best and believe in the Lord will scrupulously satisfy the donors will indicate when the mission or the person to whom the offer is.
The public prosecutor will present annual reports to the Rector Major from all administrative traffic. Every year he has to do one hundred inspectors on the occasion of a provincial visit and every time he asks for it.The public prosecutor will be understood by the various provincials of his country regarding the missionary movement.
It is obvious that he will be in close contact with the missionaries of the Provincials and Bishops.
5) Provinces to which missions are assigned. - It is appropriate for each missionary province to have the provincial mission office. This will greatly facilitate propaganda and save the missionaries time and effort.
This does not mean that every house and residence takes initiatives that it considers convenient, in agreement with the inspector or missionary bishop.
Prelate apostolic prelate or missionary may also have his own prosecution or agreement with the inspector, creating one of the prosecution.
6)  Papal works.- Work on behalf of our mission with the greatest fervor, according to the norms of the Apostolic See, Pontifical Works propagate, invite young people aged 12 to sign for the Holy Childhood and all others (former students, collaborators, true) faith in propaganda work. The conditions are very easy and the indulgences are numerous. Take advantage of the opportunity of World Mission Sunday to learn and increase these Papal Works.


Some members of the Chapter propose:
a)  that each Mission be accepted by one or more Provinces to obtain moral and financial assistance;
b)  that financial assistance allows you to send missions to educational institutions with a fixed benefit, as well as Propaganda Fide with the seminars you use.

The president replies that the idea is good and should be examined. But he admits that there will not always be a good dose of relief, so for now it is better to continue relying on the Turin Missionary Center. An excellent job has already completed the mission office in this area and much is waiting.
Finally, the chapter is dedicated to the heartfelt thanks to the United States provinces for their generosity towards our missions and the warm applause for the commissioner for the missions: the great progress made in the organizational sector in recent years is mainly due to its tireless activity .

ACS 206 1959 03-04. pp. 21-23
4. - for the mission -

 The need to replace Don Beillido, absent in his office during visits to the provinces of India, I have the opportunity to see how few there are who offer work in missions among pagan peoples.

a) A word to those who (after the time of the novitiate or shortly after, asked to be sent to the Mission and were not heard).
Renew your request with confidence, if you think that the sacred fire of the missionary vocation has not yet been extinguished). The missionary vocations tried by time, ripe in a holy and arduous life, are the most precious and the most resilient
b) For those who would like to go to the Mission, but do not dare to ask.
As a general rule, only superiors send those who wish to be sent there, so if you do not ask, when the grace of the Lord knocks on the door of your soul, perhaps precious missionary vocations will be lost due to your indecision.
C) Two words addressed to inspectors and directors.
There are few employees in the Mission, Don Bosco asks for your important help. Feel the call of our priest Albery of SM:
"You must be deeply convinced that providing good Missionaries is really his duty: both because they have under their jurisdiction good core confreres, that yes, better than anyone else, it is possible to evaluate the capacity and specific attitudes, and because every house of the Province, according to its very nature, is (or should be) an eternal nursery school of new vocations, especially for our Congregation.
»Think often and seriously of your duty and enlighten your love for our Mission so that each of you can repeat your own, first for yourself and then for your employees, words of our yen, Father:" I feel deeply sad when I think about very large collections, which are presented at any time and from all sides, and which are forced to leave unattended due to lack of employees. "
But - perhaps some of you will say - how to make his appeal if not Do we have enough staff for our provinces?
"I answer:" This is why you can have abundant personnel for the Provinces, entrust myself, I tell you: Prepare and many good missionaries!The greater the number of missionaries that the Province can send away to Americas, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Paraguay, Brazil, to the equator, Africa, India, China and wherever there is a mission, the more numerous and the excluded will be vocations religious, which the Lord will give to this Province ".
" This is not a simple rhetorical affirmation, it is the true thought of our Holy Father. In fact, for those who have seen how it was removed from his college, the best subjects to establish the their first missionary expeditions told him to note that in this way, they would be forced to reduce the sites due to the lack of adequate personnel, he replied with the deepest conviction: "It is,good thoughts: for every missionary, the Lord will certainly send us two good calls, and even more ".
And let me add the second word with all honesty.
The missions need well-trained employees in every respect, certain elements and firm in our spirit, in a spirit of sacrifice. send them unprepared or worse, lacking in virtue, the characteristics of a good Salesian, it is a shame, moral damages incalculable material damages. These selected evils will not be a recognition for our Company or for the people to whom they cause and who will disappoint and disappoint.
Don Bosco sent the best in every respect. and for those wonderful, that Providence will send others and it will be more numerous

ACS 208 1959 07-08 str. 09-10

Rev. Father Prudencio Damborien SJ, professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University, presents the theme that was entrusted to him with this profound knowledge of the problem of Protestants in Latin America. 

a) Threats in Latin America.
"His Holiness Pius XII, speaking of the dangers threatening the Church in Latin America (Speech at the Second World Congress of the Apostolate of the Laity), listed them in the following order: Protestantism, communism and secularism.The danger of the last two - wherever they appear - is "obvious."But the fact that the eyes of the great Pope who died, Protestantism has come at the same level as the others, gives us the idea of concern that caused its continued progress.
to say that Catholicism in America Latina is involved in one of her greatest battles is not rhetorical exaggeration.183 million inhabitants of this continent - of which almost 160 million are Catholics - represent 33%, or almost one third of the world's Catholic population. In this context, its future, in human terms, is closely related to the Catholic Church itself. For a long time we started from the assumption that these people were definitely deserved for the cause of the Church. - From a historical point of view, it is true that the baptism, which most of his sons received, for having joined the Chair of Peter and the desire to live in the faith of their ancestors, Latin America is still a Catholic . However, his Catholicism in many parts leaves much to be desired.On the other hand, the Church does not always have the necessary means to help its faithful. As a result - and again hquendi way - we are in serious danger of losing large areas of this hemisphere.

ACS 209 1959 09-10 pp. 12-13
Increase in missionary vocations

In the last issue of the Chapter Acts , the Rector Major made an appeal to the Holy See addressed to the Superiors General of the Congregation to transfer the help of cadres to the Latin American people.
This appeal has arrived, it can be said, when the echo of the encyclical candidate Fidei Donum in Africa has continued to resound .
Urgent help was requested in this huge continent. Several steps have been taken to match this connection. In 1960 the first two of our novitiates on the African continent, Fimo in the Belgian Congo, the second in South Africa will begin to function.
At the same time, the request for immediate assistance for various Asian countries is still insistent, both in the countries where we have been for years, and in the places where we have recently entered. It should be noted that the novitiate in the Philippines has been operating for three years; in the coming year in Vietnam, a novitiate will open and probably one in Korea.
These are the data that show how our missionaries immediately try to find vocations and openings, at the expense of huge victims: houses of formation.
May their zeal for vocations stimulate and encourage us; but you understand well how these novitiates, philosophical students or houses of improvement must be strengthened in the first days.
Will it be possible to send young missionaries to these new houses of formation, without reducing the already small number started for other provinces?
The supervisors are studying how to gather more aspirants in those regions where the number of vocations is greater. We pray that the small difficulties associated with the support will be overcome. these appointments and new buildings.
At the same time, we spare no efforts, prayers and mortifications to increase the vocations of our young people in our Institute. Christmas Speakers How wonderful it would be to occasionally present to the conferences in "Compagnie, in Buone Notti", in Salesian Films, a really huge missionary landscape of our Congregation.
Because sending trained personnel is almost impossible, because it is so rare in almost all provinces, we try to compensate for many young missionaries. When they complete their formation in the Mission, their presence will be a consolation for the other confreres in hard missionary work. \

ACS 213 1960 05-06. str. 17

 "- The Rector Major in the penultimate story of the Supreme Chapter expressed the desire to send a larger number of evangelical workers to our missions this year. Thank God, from the houses of formation, there were many questions, but certainly not enough " Very few from other houses. Perhaps the law will not pay attention to everyone? I do not believe that our brothers are lacking in generosity, so much so that we do not want to send them to advanced positions.
If we knew the lack of personnel in the first Salesian mission in Patagonia and the speed with which needs grow in those regions where we are the only priests, there would certainly be abundant questions, as happened 50 years ago.Our Wen The Rector Major, who during this trip had the opportunity to see the extraordinary needs of Patagonia, I believe he made many promises of meals in many places. May Mary Help of Christians help us not to disappoint the hope of our heroic brothers.

ACS 215 1960 07-08. pp. 21-22
 Supervisor in charge of the mission

Missionari home.

 - In our language they are considered as Missionaries, not only those who find themselves in real Missions, but also all those who work outside their own bestowal.
The number of confreres who find themselves in these conditions reaches two thousand five hundred, and will hopefully increase considerably in the years to come. It follows that the number of confreres going to visit their relatives will increase year by year. /
The provisions of the Regulations concerning these trips are clear. If well observed, they will greatly contribute to restoring the energies of the Missionaries, as well as to make our Congregation better known to the other Brothers. How many vocations aroused with the conferences, and even more with the example of so many fervent Missionaries. On the contrary, it would be serious the damage that a Missionary could cause, when it is neglected in fulfilling the provisions of the Regulations.
- Here are some provisions that. should remember. - The articles of the Regulations that concern the visit to relatives are performed with seriousness. I am Sfolla presentation letter the Mission Inspector indicates the time of the permit to stay in the homeland.
If for serious health reasons or for other reasons, we must exceed four months, the maximum time allowed by the rule. inspector who must greet the missionary and inform the superior responsible for the mission.
When he arrives home, the missionary introduces himself to the inspector who must greet him, in the first days of his arrival, or at least inform him by letter, and then appears a little later .
The inspector who receives it repairs the House of the Salesian Brothers, in which he must retire after the period of legal residence in the family.
Above all, think of the priests who spend a month without being seen by a responsible inspector, they will be considered fugitives, as a result of severe canonical punishment, including suspension.divinis, reserved, according to the canons, for the inspector who must present.
Let the provincials and the confreres meet the established norms.
The large number of missionaries who are at home at the same time (in these weeks there are eighty) obliges everyone to look at these articles more closely.
If the return to the mission must take place by ship and the mission office has to consider the reservation, the missionaries will look (inform, if possible, a few months before so that the related practices can be completed calmly and a better solution found)

ACS 228 1962 11-12. pp. 20-21
Councilor for missions

1. Salesian Mission Day

Salesian Mission Day is celebrated with greater zeal in many homes from year to year. In many institutes, it has already recognized it as a traditional festival, with a great spiritual advantage of students and Oratorians, and is celebrated on a fixed day. In the northern hemisphere, several provinces established the last Sunday of February, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of the servants of God, Msgr. Versiglia and Don Caravario. In the other countries of the southern hemisphere, Sunday was chosen for the first months of the school year. The important thing is to shape its traditions in every home.
Many initiatives are awakened, in particular those organized by the missionary groups of the Companies.Sacrifices and spiritual prayers are precious. Do not miss the interesting lessons on a Salesian mission or a missionary academy. Use the enthusiasm of the day to promote the records of papal works, of holy childhood and the propagation of the faith. Create propaganda for missionary magazines, especially our magazines in which they exist. In some countries, a series of stamps has been successfully organized for missions led by the formation house. We can cite, for example, theological students of Lyon and Salamanca. In many homes, the sum of the offers is very high, resulting from the victims of lotteries and other initiatives.
Do not miss, especially on this occasion, ardent prayers for an increase in vocations.
Of course, the need for personnel and material resources is constantly growing, along with the expansion of our missions.

2. Provincial or national mission offices

In addition to the headquarters, the mission office has been operating in the United States for some time in the New Rochelle home. They have done a lot, and many brothers in this country are continuing missions.
Recently, the missionary office in Germany, in Duisbuxg, has been opened with already very tangible results . He will probably soon be transferred to Bonn. The office of the Belgian mission of Groot Bygaarden, previously assigned to the Congolese mission, is now expanding its activities to the whole Congregation. There is also a mission office at the Bulletin House in Madrid. All the confreres in charge of these offices try to help as much as possible in the practices entrusted to them.

It is obvious that, if necessary, missionary confreres can also contact the provincial offices of other nations. It is a fact that nowadays, on the occasion of exchange and ease of communication, fraternal and intense cooperation with our missionaries becomes ever more indispensable.

ACS 235 1964 03-04. pp. 17-18
 Councilor for missions

1. Assistance for the mission. "
: I agree with the cordial invitation of the Holy See. Three new missions have recently been accepted: first in Mexico, second in Colombia and third in Bhutan on the border between India and Tibet. In addition, the letters constantly come from various eastern provinces and Latin, with requests fervent from the staff. the number of sick missionaries is increasing day by day and many are still young, victims of too many jobs and the harsh climate of certain regions. from Rome insist more and more why. come with Latin American aid, a much needed clergy
.: Everything tells us that even if the lack of personnel in almost all the provinces is wonderful, it will be necessary to do so
A really special offer this year to help the neediest houses. I am sure that the Provincials will find
; great understanding and generosity in the Brothers' Houses. In this way, it will be possible to send more missionaries in the next expedition. The Lord will occupy houses with numerous and selected vocations.

2. Missionaries   at home
I remind the inspectors and missionaries of the serious duties imposed by art. 65-69 of our regulations. Staying with the family does not exceed that allowed by the aforementioned Regulation, without the approval of the Inspector, a missionary who came after his arrival at home, a grave provision. The inspector who sends the missionary always provides an introductory letter and informs the superior of the mission.
1. The missionary, when he arrives home, presents himself to the inspector who must receive him.

2. Salesian Mission Day

Every year it is celebrated in many houses with greater enthusiasm and great spiritual advantage than brothers and students. A true tradition has been created in many homes. We invite you to do the same in homes where the day has not yet entered the school program. Passionate prayers and received offerings are very comforting for the dear Missionaries. Try to immediately send money collected under these circumstances to be able to separate it as quickly as possible from the missions. It is a true duty of conscience.

ACS 237 1964 07-08. pp. 23
II Counselor of the Mission

Organization Generosity "Misereor" and Adveniat 'and the bishops of Germany is displayed on the gratitude for all the Brothers of the Congregation for the relief to help many houses professional training and in developing countries. In this regard, it draws the attention of the beneficiaries in some points to keep in mind:
1. The presentation of the statistics and to establish the inventories on the requested assistance is recommended the accuracy of conscience .
2. The indications must be carefully observedissued by the designated prosecutor's office in Bonn, which we want to pay on behalf of everyone on this occasion, thank you for what they are doing to follow the complex practices necessary to obtain such assistance.
3. It is of the utmost importance to maintain an accurate record of the aid granted.
4. It is also very important "to honor the commitments made when the house promises to participate with a certain sum in the work subsidized by" Misereor ".
5. We hope to soon create branches in other parts of the world, to facilitate the office work of the prosecutor in Bonn The provinces and houses concerned will be informed of the method of cooperation with these prosecutors.
6. It is not necessary to recommend to show his gratitude to the subsidies received by the two organizations MISEREOR "and" Adveniat ", respectively, by sending photographs of the work, nor brothers benefited 7. Following the great freedom asking for money available is limited , while the needs are numerous 8. The address of the prosecution is: HH Johann Bauh, Mis-Misionsprokur, Lindenstrasse 8, 53. Bonn, Germany.