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Action Network in Missionary Animation October - December 2014

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Message from the Rector Major
I want to say something simple and clear:
p               rovnIsslonatydltuenslon Is port of our10017llY and that cultural diversity a multkultural and interceitunar situation, ore a treasure towards vrakhinthissixitarperialleaarradvancing.
According to Evangelii (nos.111,
115, 120), the proclamation of the Gospel is

  • ,                    the mission of all the People of God and is meant for everyone, since "there are no moredistinctionsbetweenJewand Greek... but allof you are one in ChristJesus" (60(3,28). It means we are the leaven of God within the human race, a humanity and a People of God with many faces, with many histories and different cultures where we areatImissionorydisdpies.

The Pope is calling for the Evangelisation of all peoples and we are directing our gaze,atwayssoasto recognise ourselvesin our identity, on the missionary character of our Congregation. Don Bosco wanted the Salesian Society to be determinedly missionary. In 1875, from among the small group of the first Salesians, he chose ten to go to South America; before his death he had already sent 10 missionary expeditions and the 153 who were in South America at the time of his death were almost 20% of the Salesians at the time according to the Elencoof theCongregation for 1888.
This missionary identity, preserved and cultivated as the yea rs passed led theSpetialGeneral Chapter to makea special appealwhich I want to renew today, on the threshold of the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Boscoandas a living homage to him: lheSpecial6enerolChopter appeals to all the provinces and even to those who are poorest in numbers so that by obeying the invitotion ofdre found( ond following the courageous example of our Founder they may contribute. even in o temporary manner, tothe spreadof the Kingdom of God" (SGC, no.477).
1 sincerely believe, dear Confreres, that this call remainsfully relevant in the current situation of our Congregation. When I speak about a homage to Don Bosco on the occasion of the celebration of the Bicentenary of his birth, I am not doing so in an empty spirit of celebration or for the sake of statistics, but because I truly believe-and it was the feeling of the GC27 - that a great warm, of our
Congregation isits ntssienarycapacity,the pessibltitya Wog tharo when, there is thegreatestneed for usin the retie( Evangelisation, even though all our efforts are very valid wherever we may find ourselves. In this context I take this opportunity to invite all the SDB Salesians - and I earnestly extend my invitation to all the Salesian Family - at an appropriatetimeto read, meditateonanddiscussEvongelliGoudium. Certainly it will be good for us to do so; in many places it is still not known (ACG419).

The Universal Brother
Thisera of theglobalizationof economy, politics, culture, technology and religion speaks of many 'globals', and those which are global in scope and application: the global market, the global economy, the global consumerism, the global superpowers, the global hegemony, the global network, the global technology, the global mission, the global solidarity and so on. The 'Globals' have become part of our daily menu. Today, one can add 'global' to almost everything in life. That being so, whynota 'GlobalBrother'?
From a theological perspective. the term "Universal Brother' is a better substitute for the 'global brother' because every believer in Christ becomes a "Universal Brother" through Faith and Baptism; and every child of God is called to become a "Universal Brother" to the entire human famity and to the universe at large. The term 'Universal Brother' can be aptly applied to a missionary. The missionary is a 'Universal Brother" or sister inthetrue senseof theterm. (Herel use thetertn 'brother' toindudeatso 'sister').
The missionary as a "Universal. Brother' an mean many things. Nevertheless, I would like to focus on two fundamental realities: 1) the bearer of a universal mission; 2) the universal lover. The missionary is the bearer of a universal mission because he shares in the universalsakific plan of God, a nd in himself isa herald of the Good Newswhichessentiallyhasa universala pplication. The missionary isa universal lover because he is a living icon of the universal love of God manifested in Christ. Or in other words, a missionary is a universal Lover whocarriesin his heart the universal mission of God revealed in Christ and whojoyfully sharesitwith all
The Bearer of a Universal Missioni Every missionaryis the bearer of a universal mission. The Gospels bear testimony to the truth that the mission which Jesus entrusted to the apostles has a universal dimension: 'all nations" (Mt 28:19); 'Go into all the the whotecreation" (Mk 16:15); " allpeoptes" (Lb 24:47); "to theendsof the earth" (Acts 1:8). Moreover, those sent on mission are not left alone in their mission but accompanied by the presence of the Lord Himself and the power of the Holy Spirit. "And they went out and proclaimed the Good News everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by the signs that accompanied it." (Mk 16:20); "1 am with you always, to the end of the age' (Mt 28:20); 'lam with you, and no one will lay a hand on you to harm you" (Acts 18:10).
The Universal Leven The missionary is a universal lover because the mission itself is the fruit of the Father's unfathomable love for
humankind. "1 have loved you with an everlasting love" (Jer 31:3). And Jesus, the missionary of the Father, is the ultimate and perfect sign of this same love. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal. life" (Jn 3:16). The missionary is sent byChrist to carry out the universal "love mission" of the Father for which He anointed Jesus. Therefore the call to be a missionary is a call to be a universal lover.
She missionary is a passionate lover of Christ. This love comes from a personal experience of the person of Jesus. Paul's conviction that nothing would separate him from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord came from an experience of the Risen Lord. Following the example of Christ. the missionary must also love the Church: "Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her" (Eph 5:25). This is the focatpointof universalsacrifitiallove. Only profoundlovefor Christ's Church can sustain the zeal of the missionary. For the missionary, "fidelity to Christ cannot be separated from fidelity to the Church' (RresbyterommOrdinis,14).
Redemptoris ...Simla describes the missionary as a person of charity. "In order toproclaimto althisbrothersand sistersthatthey are loved by God andarecapable of loving, he must show lovetowardall, giving his life for his neighbour' (Redemptoris Missio, 89). As a Universal Brother, he bears in himself the Church's spirit of openness to all peoples and overcomes the barriers and divisions of race, caste or ideology. In today's globalized world, he is called to be the sign of God's universallove -a love witboutexclusion or partiality.
St. John Paul II who called the missionary a "Universal Brother' (Redemptoris Missio, 89) proved himself to be the best example of a Universal Brother poreweRence of thecentury.Wecelebrated his first feast on October 22 this year. He travelled the length and breadth of the globe carrying the universal mission of Christ. He was a universal lover, who not only explained to the world the true meaning of love through his139 speecheson thethemeof the "theology of the body", but also through his concrete living out of God's universal love in action. As a heroic prophet, "Giovanni Paolo it Grande' (John Paul the Great), as he was called, wasinstrumental in breaking down many barriers, temporal as well as spiritual, that separated humanity from one another and from God, and building bridges of Universal Brotherhood. May he continue to inspire every
missionaryto be a Universal Brotherand Sister.
FR. T.C. DIME SOD Editor,
South Asian Delegate for Missionary Animation
Anima congratulates who is re-elected as the 9th successor of Mother Maria Domenico Mauwelto
Rev. Sr Yvonne Reungoat
'JOY' shared
Joy shared multiplies. I must
immediately add that these three words
couldalso be taken asa brief summary of
Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Evangel Gaucliam [Eq. The whole Apostolic Exhortation is a passionate appeal to every Cathotic Christian to be a missionary. We read in it a somewhat surprising sentence, "it is not by proselytizing that the Church grows, but 'by attraction—(EG IS). Whatfollowsisa brief commentonit
We would need a sepa rate article only on the word 'proselytizing. But here we can be satisfied with a few remarks. A proselyte was one who was attracted by the Jewish wisdom, but did not become a Jew. He came to the door, but did not enter. At a second moment, the word came to mean cheap attempts to gain adherents to a new religion/belief.These attempts themselves became'prosMytizi ng-in the course of time. In fact, we have in English the saying, "... no amountof proselytizing is going to cha nge his/her mind!'
The Catholic Church does not proselytize, even though she is accused every now and then of proselytizing. The Church shares the Good News. She shares it in innumerable ways. In fact she exists in order to share the Good News of Jesus. In other words, she evangelizes. Evangelization simply meanstoshoutaloudtheGoodNewsofJesus so that as many people as possible may hear it and thus helpto transform theworld.
Jesus' Good News is so simple that we tend to make it complicated. It can be summarised using His own words. He tells us to lore one another "as I have loved you". The small word "as` is the most important there. In the strength of His Good News everyone in need of us becomes our neighbour. And the meaning of the word "neighbour" issodeepthatthere can beno more enemies. It isinthis sensethatweshould understand Hiscommandtoloveyour enemies, and pray for those who persecute you", for in Him we are all brothers and Sisters . In Him who overcame sin and death all of us are Mad to Eternal Life.'lherearemany mansions in myFather'shouse...°
To sharethisGood News, theChurch and everyChristian in theChurch use innumerable ways and means. AU these ways and means can be summed up in the one word we have mentioned above from Pope Francis, namely, attraction. The proclamation of the Good News has to be attractive. And the evangelize, himself/herself, and in fact, the Church Herself have to be attractive! This is the only way the Church and the Christians use to draw people to the Good News of Jesus. AU the testis only a preparation for it.
The attlaction -the Pope mentions-comes from a simple and genuine Christian life as Jesus wants His followers to live. Structures, big constructions and very learned programmes have only one goal, namely, to attract peopletoJesus and notanything or a nyone else.
Priests and religious and all lay faithful who miss this point themselves get lost. They become mere "social workers' losing the Eternal Perspectives found in everything we do as Christians and as followers of Jesus. The fullness of Life which Jesus offers cannot be limited only to this passing world. Real life is Eternal. So too is real love. May allwhat we do help us to multiply the Joy that comes from sharing theGood NewsofJesusChrist. Thisisourvocotion. Thatis why we are missionaries "sent" to share and multiply the joy of proclamation.
A Language, an Altar and a Pillar, and a Highway Is 19:18251
Prophet Isaiah announced "this way" 700 years Before Christ
Isaiah 19:18-25 contains a pericope which surprises the readers. The prophet inserts into a block material (Is 13-23) where he lashes out against nations for their iniquity. Even Jerusalem itself is warned about its sinfulness. However a new style of speaking is found in Is 19:18-25. Threat, condemnation, and warnings give way to a note of consolation and hope. Isaiah, excoriating the language of condemnation. usesa tang uageofoptimismandjoy.
Isaiah projects God as the author and master of Evangelization. The Good News belongs to God. He can offer it to everyone and anyone. The heralds of the Good News are simply instruments in God's hands. The task of the evangelize, is to facilitate the diffusion of the Good News which is meant for everyone and which should reach everyone everywhere (seealso Mark 13: Wand Acts10:
Isaiah is among the most cultivated of Old Testament writers. His command over the language and the imageries that he uses are exquisite. In speaking of the spread of God's word, Isaiah speaks of God's language, an attar and a pillar, and a highway. In the land of Egypt, the Egyptians will praise the true God using Hebrew. Similarly the Egyptians will bring sacrifices and burnt offering in order to worship thetrueGod. A special altarand a pillar will beerected for this purpose. Isaiah assures the Egyptians that God will lead them to repentance. Hewill tistentotheirsupplicationsand healthem of their wounds. Isaiah speaks of a highway between Egyptand Assyria so that the latter too can comeand worship the true God of Israel in the land of Egypt. The high point in Isaiah's universalism is -Messed be Egypt my people. and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my heritage" (Is 19:25). laIrtinetioashetweenpeoplesandpeoplesarereouvedwben thereistbegeorinewomblootseosonooGoelgrhoistbeLonlof all.Here we want torecall how thePauline writings which repeatedly recallthis idea, namely, the worship of one true God that needs to takeaway all
differences (see especially 1 Cor 10:16-17: Gal 3:27-28: Eph          Col 3:11).
The word of God that Isaiah tries to diffuse is a n invitation to remove any form of superiority when announcing the Good News. With humility anda sense of gratitudethe heralds of theGospelareto offer
Jesus and his Good News to all in order to create
a more humane society. Like Isaiah the great visionary and prophet, we want to tell all peoples that the acceptance of the Good News
A               makes them all into -God's people, the work of God's hands, and God's heritage' (Is 19:25).
"I am ready to serve the LORD in all possible ways"
Here is thestoryof a family that found its way. Readon...
Indeed, I am very glad to tell you my story of becoming a Catholic. I live in Wokha. Nagaland. I was born in a Baptist family and was brought up as a Baptist youth. We were not taught the Christian Faith property. What we weretaught wasan emotionalway of worship where a lot of singing and dand ng was central. Then the Pastor would preach to usattheend of thedevotionalservice.
In early nineties, when I was in the college I met one lecturer by the name John. He was a Catholic and was very good to me. We were together most of thetirneeitherin thecollegeoroutside.Frequently1 visited him in his residence. I saw the way he brought up his children. And he explained the Catholic Faith in an open and simple way. He explained to methe wayCatholics worshipand what they believed. He wasa realinspirationfor me.
In the middleof the nineties, I got married toa Catholic woman. More Than nine years we remained as Baptists after getting married. &Awe did not go even to the Baptist Church. lama teacher in a Govt. School and mywife works as a nurse in the Eivi I Hospital atWokha.
In 2006, I was under training in DIET (District Institute of Educational Training) inChiechama, Nagaland. Themlwas planning my future i.e. howl should bring up my child ren, etc.! have four children. That same year( decided to become a Catholic. Then !came to Wokha to convince my wife about my becoming a Catholic. She said that the family members back in our village, and the Baptist Community there would turn against us since there were no Catholics in our whole range. an area comprising 6 or 7 villages. We would have to face the dire consequences of teasing the Baptist Church. Nevertheless, she was ready to cooperate with me. Then one day we called up the Parish Priest of Wokha, Rev. Fr.T.D. George who came to our house with some Catholic elders and prayed in our house. They prepared us for the Baptism. On 31st Dec. 2006, my whole family was baptized by Fr. George. My wifealready had been baptizedasa child.
At first, as a newly baptized, I was feeling shy to go to the Catholic
Church. Sometimes I even thought that I had made a mistake. But
gradually, I learned many good aspects of the Catholic Church and I am convinced that this is thetrue Church. lamvery happy to bean active member of the Catholic Church today. Moreover, my family members are also very happy that we haveembraced theChurch. Wedo enjoythe blessings of God in various ways, and I am ready to servethelord inallpossible ways.
Mission Councillor's maiden visit to the region
Rev. Fr. Guillermo &manes SDB. the General Councillor ter the Minions. rrede Os maiden ,isit Si the region. He errived in Bangladesh on July 24. 2014 arid scent a week an the nee. rnssions treated by Ft France Alencherry. the former COunolior for the Mesons. 'The is my maden mil to Asia and I any NOV/ he%e staled A with Bangladesh. (Nang RON France who Spoke about gong to to conphoty, he sail 'Bangladesh is truly a perohery and so my not a al the more sigrifcanr. Visiting the Salesian missions in led country Fr. Basaies congratulated the confreres for Ma. hardwork &mestanary intathes.
In Bottom Fr. Guttlermo Basaiesyistled the tomb of EJ Mother Theresa ands coupe of Salesian houses. Dunne his two week long stay at Guwahat. StIcharandOirrepur 0000000. vstted many Salesian meson °saves sea loneance Muses indeasyj these se theoillesSalesianFamily members
Fr. Basailes had interaction vath the Ca0O9ane Of theresstenarY muse el klathaS IrsIttute. Shillong. conferred the ministries of Lector and Acolyte at Saaed Heart rneclogical College. Shillong and inaugaaled the academic year His visit o tha rrissionarf asprantate at Strajuli. Assam nstl led tresonary zeal among the young Seminarars

At the Generale* house of the MSMIIC sisters at Heliport:
The most important Ming a 10 learn to become Poly. Thrs rs the mom Ming token,. Activities andother thrngsanyonecando• At Bon Bosco Provincial Nouse.Gurretteth
'We need to think of other regions too in the congregation and send out the best ones to the missions.
To the boarding boys at Don Bosco Nengpole
ot is important to create brotherhood and friendship, net enmity Those whoaredi hereof horn usere notate. enemies.'
At Mawireng Pathht
'We need /*pout (nether countries as missionaries: we should also be fninSiOneneefallefevel.efe.'
At StAntonys Higher Secondary School:
'0 is not enough to study and (Nobly ourselves for Our Owl sake. We shouldalso herpothersand Mae poxe and joy into heir bows.' At the MSMIC Novitiate Community. Mewroht
am on a pilgrimage in India where Irony missionaries gme fIreir beet' M,ssion and holiness are related. Holiness is needed fo mission. Saints canOniiedenner for then met fyidomor fOrhOlinentOf !WWII; later :..ther reasons.'
At Don Bosco Technical School.Shahante
Reminding tide confreres of the 140th nhssionaly expedition, H. &Wes challenged the Salesians to send the best personnel to the missions for fruitful missionol the tad.
At MSMHC ProvInclalate, Peachland:
He exhorted the sidearm/ Minos* their bond with the Salesian Family. He gave them a Vremnbee 041000: 'You need to study and Bon BOSLO, No MSMHC should say diem is nonce to study Don Bosco. you loose yourbondwithhimpouwillthe.
At St. Antonys College Hostel.Shillonet
it rs notenough fOgIOn high.. and higher inexcellenCe; wanted fOgffra on our solidarity with others We need to be useful for others, bringing Peec e and joy into the fe of others, nn matter lowniObeit ethnic group they belong...We need to appreciate the variety of ethnic groups represented in this college Diversity can become a challenge, lAk should learn to include and not to exclude others. The tongue of St. Antony remained incorrupt and is preserver I in Padua because he made the best <nem' it Use your tongue nottobritateor hurtoMmsbuttobring thempeaceanolsolideriv.
At Sacred Heart theelegicalCellege, Mawtalt
'Ministries are not diploma to be technicians or mechanics. We are not Mechanic, at Mealier, but pastors. We or e /neon( for breaking the Word and the Bread of Life for the people of God. Our formation should be missionary formation Mary, the Mother of God teaches no her to het a synthesized tole; she carried Jesus in her womb and rushed out to share hintwithothere:sheis the hest example for missionaries.'
To the Salesian novices et SunnysIdet
'Becoming Salesia s should bnng abouta genetic change in you. When yv make your profession you befeng fo a biner wbe than yew awn, forever 14y belongingness to the congregation becomes tugger than my belongingoess to my brothers en sisters because the congregation is my
ownchoicewhereasmy own brothers       _
cv sisters I d,d not cameo we need             -y
ac tremendous faith to accept this
rashly.' Fr. [Usages exoteined to
them the importance of Salesian
oneness and belongingness to
the congregation bernd all ethnic
lies, citing 1h0 example of the ethnic      .• genocide of 1.2 million people in
hat four months fn Rwandan 1994. wwawrrNSMwnkwa
Missionary Animation
in South Asia
The Delegates for Missionary Animation in the region came together to relaunch missionary animation. The two day meeting, held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Kolkata. from July 31 to August 02, 2014 had the following objectives:
1 to strengthen and rerleuneh the missionary animation in the region
2 to evaluate action plans and strategies
3 to draw up a 6 year plans for missionary animation
4 to promote collaboration with various 5PC5A commissions
5 to strengthen communication and collaboration among delegates
Rev. Fr. Guillermo Rosaries SOB, the General Councillor for the Missions, addressed the delegates on August 01. He emphasized that the first target group for missionary animation is oneself. 'It's a wonderful opportunity as a delegate, animating the province with the mind and feelings of Christ who said, 'I have come to bring fire on earth...' Fr. Rosaries challenged the delegates to have the same passion of Christ. One should cultivate the missionary zeal through personal prayer, study ard reflection.
145th Missionary'.
Expedition sets sail
The Rector Major challenges missionaries "to be upright before God, serve the underprivileged and always do the will of the Father"
The Salesians. the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA) and lay volunteers leaving for the missio on genies gathered in Turin on 28 September, 2014 with Fr Angel Fernandez Anima. the Rector Major, and Mother Yvonne Reungoat, the Mother General of the FMA, for the 145th Missionary Expedition.
The Rector Major opened the gathering by recalling the first Of the 145 missionary expeditions that have taken place in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians: that day. 11 November 1875. Don Bosco gave the mandate to ten young Salesians to go to Argentina. In the expeditions that followed during Don Bosco's lifetime, a total of 153 missionaries departed, heann9 testimony to the founder's great openness to the needs of the universal Church.
In his homily, Fr Angel pointed to three core ideas. inspired by the liturgy of the day. He invited the missionaries to be 'upright before God", tree of any attitude of superiority due to the gift they received. He urged them to be 'servants without privileges'of young people and of the people to whom theyare sent, after the example of Don Bosco. who gave of himself to his last breath for the young. Finally, he reminded everyone that the meaning of our being missionaries who are baptized end consecrated is "to fulfil the will of God," working fraternally and In profound communion with the pastors and educators they will meet in Mecourse of their mission.
ANIMA Released Re, Fr. Guillermo Base hes releases
sit       - the first issue of ANIMA at Don Bosco Shillong on August 3, 2014, and hands over the first copy to His Grace Most Rev. Dominic Jala, the Archbishop of Shillong. His Grace
111, 4.0 Most. Rev. Thomas Menamparampit, the Archbishop Emeritus of Guwahati, Rev. Fr. • George Matiekal, Provincial of
' ‘..                 Sitchar, Rev. Fr. Thomas Vattathara, Provincial of Guwahati, Rev. Fr. Nestor Guria, Provincial of Dimapur, Rev. Fr. Michael,
Provincial of New Delhi were among those present.
Bicentenar Offer!
Would you consider joining the . 14e Missionary Expedition in 2015
The Rector Major informs as of the fields of pastoral mission:
Missionary work needed in Amazonia, especially in Manaus, Campo Grande, and Venezuela; in the Chaco Paraguayo; in some regions of the Pampas and of Argentine Patagonia.
Missionary presence required among the immigrant communities in the United States; in the Middle East, in addition to being tremendously afflicted by a variety of armed conflicts; in North Africa, in the countries of the Arabian Gulf and Pakistan...
Missionaries are invited by the Project for Europe which is concerned in large measure with the °marginated as a result of the various migrations.
Missionaries needed for the strengthening of the new missionary presences for First Evangelisation in Asia and Oceania: Mongolia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Laos...
Watch and Pray: Mission Videos on the net
On Use 00th World Mission Sunday on 19 October 2014, Don Bosco Missions of Turin produced and published on the net seven videos to promote the Salesian Mission Day 2015. Watch them on this link: http://wenv.missionldonbosco.lvieniengnis. Place this link on your Facebook and invite all to watch.
Anima thanks Fr. Anteniarakan for
0./ 1 supporting the printing of this issue.
We invite sponsors to support the forthcoming issues.

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Ao.Aa. 544,1-044°'
-4 P                  w arvo
The more we give the more we receive.
October18th 2014 was a memorable day for the Vice-Province of Sri Lanka (LKC). It was a happy send off to a young missionary in the person of Cleric Thennakoon Marsha Bandana SDB. Having finished his missionary course in Rome and received the 'Missionary Cross' from the Rector Major, Bro. Marsha came to the Vice-Province before he took off to the Philippines and from there to his mission destination of 'Papua New Guinea (PNG): He is the second missionary after Fr. Priyanga SOB (missionary in Solomon Islands), opting for the missions already as a cleric.
On that day, the Salesians of the Novitiate and Philosophate of Kotadeniyawa gathered with all the Novices and Post Novices for a Solemn Mass in the morning. Fr. Dixon Fernando SOB, the Vice‑Provincial of the Vice-Province presided at the Mass and gave a fitting introduction while Fr. Thomas Ellicherail, the Rector of the Philosophate gave a solemn homily.
Thanking the confreres at the end of the Mass, Bro. Marsha underlined that his desire to serve in the missions began already when he was a novice and it flowered in his philosophate days at Karunapuram and in his experience that he had during holidays, working with the street children cared for by the Salesians in Hyderabad. Bro. Marsha is to be noted as the only son in his family and his two elder sisters and parents are settled abroad and his father is a Buddhist With all this background it is really appreciable that Bro. Marsha has taken up this challenging task of working in the Missions.
As Bro. Marsha got his inspiration during his Novitiate we also chose to observe this celebration of 'Send Off' in the Novitiate so that many more get encouraged to opt for the Missions. Though the Vice-Province itself Is small In number, offering another confrere for the Missions was a tough task for Fr. NI hal, the Provincial and the Vice-Province. Yet with the thought that the more we give the more we get' the Vice-Province has generously accepted to relieve him and see him off with a Solemn Mass and a lunch. It was very fitting that on the following day of 'Mission Sunday Bro. Harsha took his flight to the Philippines. All the confreres in the Vice-Province wish him well and fulfilment in his calling wherever he will go to work. Congrats Bro. Marsha. Siren Voyage.
Fr. Arokiasamy sdb,
Sri Lanka Delegate for Missionary Animation

They inspire us !
Anima begins a new series on the reel life stories of the veteran Salesian missionaries who made history in the annals of the Salesian India. They gave their lives (Or Jesus and his Kingdom. They showed us the DB way in action. They challenge us.

  • Archbishop Louis Mathias

49 Louis woo born in France in 1887. became a Salesian in 1905. and
won Ordained priest in t913. Nine years oiler his ordinotion Fr. Lotus
-A n        Mothios heeded the first teem Of Salesian missionorieS to Indio in 1922. He wos forthwith appointed Prefect Apostolic of Assam. When heond hiS teem teethed Shillong, the Who're population of the entire Assom won only 5000. With extroordinory vision end foresight. he soon opened a novitiate ond studentOte. Young aspirents were brought from Europe to be trninedin locoRehimsell
.,4 being personolly involved in their formation. With its phenomenal
;,..1 growth. the mission becomes paradigm of missionory exponsion in the history of Church's evongelizotion. Mgr. Mathias olso gave
priority to education and opened numerous schools, technical institutes and a press. The year
1926 saw himas theSalenion provincial of India. In 1934 when the Prefecture Apostolic of Assam
was mode into a diocese, he was appointed its Bishop. The following year, the Holy See
tronsferred him to Madros,where he forged aheod ns was his wont. Having spent hisentire life tor
Christ and hisKingdom ArchhishopLouis Mathias diedat Legnanoot rho wain.
Archbishop Louis Mathios was a Salesian who doted and hoped. He stands out as o stalwart pioneer in the history of our mission. His leadership, vision, commitment and dedication were largely responsible for the remarkable growth of the Church. A priest of intrepid faith and dauntless hope, he was °dreamer. a planner and a builder. lie adapted himself sa totally to India that it become his second home. Speaking at his funeral at Madras. Cardinal Grncios eulogized him:"...a noble san of hiscountry.a genuine lover of Indio, onoutstanding member of hisreligious society and on ornament to the hierarchy of Indio; one who during his and distinguished episcopate combined in himself the qualities of on able administrator, a dynamic leader, on efficient organizer, a noted educator and a sound social worker." Read the complete biography of thisgreot missionary in the bookDare and Hope.
Responses to the previous question: Q What la the greatest cbaUenge in mission today?
"The greatest challenge to mission today is the great stress that the priests, religious. brothers, and the laity give to school, education, worldly knowledge career, name, fame, business, wealth, etc and forgetting to give the knowledge and love of Jesus in word and deed to people especiallythe poor and the needy. They forget the motto On mihi animas, ccetero toile, and stop visiting, preaching, teaching catechism, heating the sick, and being available for the sacramental life of the people.'
-Fr.loe D'Souta SOB (Delhi)
For me the challenges in mission are: relativism in faith; the influence of consumerism thatweakensthebelief systems; the erosion of family values; and the scandals in the Church that shakes the faith of simple people.
-Sr. Christine Myncong MSNIIC (Assam)
"According to me the greatest challenge to mission today is: persons who can announce the love and mercy of Jesus. with their life. thanwith their words."
- Sr. Marietta Kaidatbara FMA
"The greatest challenge today is first of all to be full of passion for Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, ultimately it is Jesus who matters to me. He should be my topmost priority. He is the greatest treasure and Good News for me. If one is convinced of this, then the he/she will share this Good News and the treasure with others. particularly with those who have not heard of I4im."
Fr.Manuel Monello SDB (Hornbill)
"The challenge is to bring back kerygmatic preaching so that the power of the Gospel will transform thelivesof God's people."
-Fr. (Dr.) Ikons'., Vaxhayil SOB (Shillong)
"The biggest challenges are: 1) Need of missionaries who are deeply rooted in their own Jesus experience. He alone is the reason for mission; 2) Need of the missionary to have a great love for the people to whom he is sent, ready to accept them and make of them his new family. That is what our pioneer missionaries did; 3) Need to bring hack enthusiasm and initiative in our missionary methods."
- Fr. (Dr.) Roy Antony SOB (Cherraponjoe)
"I have been reflecting onyour Brainstorming question. The greatest challenge in mission today in India is building communion. Redemptoris Nissio calls missionaries universal brothers (and sisters). We are bridge builders or to put it in theological language, agents of communion. rhereare manydivisive forces at work in our country. These are also affecting the congregation. To the extent we
are able to deal effectively with these challenges, we are missionaries. Otherwise, we run the risk of becoming failed politicians trying our luck in religion and calling it mission.'
-Fr. (Dr.) Paul Vadakumpadan SOB (Shillong)
How can we transform the families into evangelizing families today?
In one paragraph (inevemum or too words).
Selected reflections will be publisheek. You could atso post your questIons for rettectan.
A missionary W. driving a jeep to a mission centre in a remote wane in India To his bad luck that day. he knocked down a cow on the road. of course on an Indian road! The owner of the cow and the villagers


 surrounded him and began accusing him of rash driving and not respecting the animal on the road. The smart missionary rose up to the situation and assorted: "I have the license to drive on the road, show me the license of your cow", As he proceeded, he thought to himself, "After all. the Lord appointed we the shepherd of his sheep and not of his cows"!
In fOcus
Muniguda, one of the remote villages of Odisha (Orissa) the 11th largest state of the Indian Union, enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the rural India until 2008 when persecution against Christians broke out in some parts of the state. Although the worst hit district was Kandhamal. in the midst of deadly violence against Christians andChristian institutions, the peacefultribalthristians of Muniguda, located 60 km from Rayagada, was not spared. A mob of a round1000 people belonging to fundamentalist groups dashed into the campus withweapons, petrolbombs, gas cyli nders etc. And what followed was violent destruction: the Church was ransacked, sacred articles were desecrated and set ablaze inside the church, buildings and properties weredestroyed. Thenuns whowerelookingafterthepoorvillagegirls providing the grhani training were chased out along with the boarders... The priests who took care of a small Catholic community had to flee for life.
With the arrival of three Salesians of the Hyderabad province on January 26, 2010, Muniguda began to rise from persecution to gloty."We had to face many difficulties in the beginning' says Fr. Sony Cyriac, the rector. The presence of the newly arrived Salesians was seen with great suspicion by some who were involved in the communal riot. "The Andhra Christians have come to take revenge on us', they said. A group of CRPF men came to take over the entire church campus claiming to have the permission of the local bishop. They did not succeed.
Against all odds, the Salesians put themselves at the service of the local people. In sin monthstime, they opened a school for the village children. This primary school has today a strength of 220 students and 10 teachers. The CRC sisters arrived this year and have joined hands with the Sa lesians in the mission.
The church was repaired and re-dedicated at the request of the people themselves who said: "We feet guilty to see the church remaining in this condition.' The local people including those of other faiths, made contribution to the church. All the villagers were invited for the blessing of the church on December 13. 2012. A new spirit began to grow among peopleof different faithsasa result of theInter-religious Dialogue meeting held on the day after the dedication of the church. Besides the local Bishop and priests, leaders from the various faith groups such as the Hindu Samaj, the Sat Baba Group, the Brahma Kumaris and the Protestantscame together on a common platform to buildup religious ha rmony.
Free vocational skill training programme for the BPI. (Below Poverty line) youth was introduced with the help Of DB-Tech. Each training programme lasts three months. Within a short span of just two years, the mission trained up 622 young boys and girls, in three separate trades, among whom 484 werejob placed.
Muniguda has also become a nursery for vocations. During the first year of thearrivalof theSalesians, a groupof 15 aspirants begantheir formation journey with hardly any building facility available. Today. 48 boys recruited from Muniguda are under formation in different formative stages. 8 have professed no far. Muniguda presbytery homesaround 20aspirantstoday.
Rising from the ashes, the Christian community of Muniguda looks forward tothe reign of freedom from all formsof discrimination, fear and ignorance. The people of Muniguda have great hope in the Salesians whose presence made a big difference in their lives. Needless to say, Muniguda offers scope for great work and will continue to rise to glory if the peace and harmony which the people enjoy today continue to prevail.
Salesian missionary intentions for the three months
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Von too ean jnin our Mission'
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Spiritually adopt a mission centre (preying for one year) ittrticipate In the missionary course in Shillong Volunteer to work in the missions part limo or full limo
Offer financial help to missionary works: build village chapels. support training of catechists. missionaries. education of poor children, sponsor seminarians. sponsor Bibles. religious articles. etc
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