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From data gathered and reports on SC in the Provinces the following can be seen:
1-       In the area of Formation in the field of Social Communications, the provinces show an evident awareness and commitment, and initiatives have been taken. The number of trained specialists is also significant. Likewise the promotion of the various forms and languages of communication in pastoral work: theatre, music, art, exhibitions� But the question of Media Education for young people does not make much of an appearance �
2-       There are good SC structures: there is a Provincial Plan, a Provincial Delegate for SC (even though not fulltime), a commission, the technological resources, etc�
3-       There is a large number of publications: magazines, books, newspapers� There did not appear to be an Editorial policy and an integrated system to avoid dispersion.
4-       Every Province has its correspondents and provincial newsletter. Various initiatives have been taken to have a presence in local media.
5-       Every Province has a website: most of them are well looked after and continually updated.
6-       There is a significant number of printing schools.
7-       Business-wise: big publishing houses, and a notable number of bookshops and audiovisual centres.
Our reflection led us to some guidelines and concrete indications for the coming years, without� having come to any binding conclusions by vote.

These are as follows:

1- Taking account of the needs of the Provinces, what is indicated by way of developing SC in the Provinces,
considering the current European scene and the challenges this raises for the Salesian mission?
a) Work out of a VISION STATEMENT to:
. promote a positive image of young people in the social communications media;
. promote family, intercultural, and faith values;
. bear witness to our option for education;
. make the fullness of Don Bosco�s person known;
. encourage collaboration and networking at a European level.
b) Promote concrete initiatives, giving priority to:
. put more life into the provincial SC structure: a consistent delegate, commission and plan;
. take care of the on-going formation of Salesians and lay workers in the context of the new technologies and the media culture;
. manage the use of the means available to get the most out of them while saving energies, technical and economic means, and personnel.

2 � At the Regional level, any indication for work or projects in common, always looking for greater synergy?

a) It would seem interesting to have an agency or reference person who could publicise the official Salesian position on questions affecting youth, education, the more significant happenings of the context and culture (immigration, religion, etc.). What to do and How to do it? Continue with this line of thinking.
b) continue with the Salesian System of Social Communication, looking for opportunities and possibilities of networking and working together (synergy), especially in productions and in the websites.