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Regional meeting about Social Communication in the EAO Region 3-4 February 2004.



Regional meeting about Social Communication in the EAO Region 3-4 February 2004


Japan – A Regional meeting about Social Communication

(ANS – Chofu/Tokyo, 3 February 2004) - The Social Communications Regional Meeting opened with a Mass celebrated by the Regional Councillor for East Asia-Oceania Fr Vaclav Klement. All the Provincials in the Region, 9 in total, together with the Delegates for Social Communicatin are taking part. At the meeting which is being held in the Salesian Formation Community of Chofu (Tokyo), Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa, General Councillor for SC and his staff are also present. The meeting will last for two full working days dealing with SC in the individual Provinces and in the Region as a whole. This morning after the local Provincial Fr Orlando Puppo has welcomed everyone, each Province will give an account of the current situation with regard to the subject. In the afternoon Fr Scaramussa and his two collaborators will present the SC project for the next six years, the draft of a document on the Salesian System of Social Communication, the web-site with the services it offers and the information service of the ANS Agency. In the house where the meeting is being held there is a Salesian formation community. There is also the tomb of the Venerable Mgr Vincenzo Cimatti, the first Salesian missionary in Japan.

Japan – The situation regarding Social Communications in the East Asia- -Oceania Region

(ANS – Chofu/Tokyo, 4 February 2004) - From the enquiry prepared by the SC Department regarding social communications in the East-Asia-Oceanea Region prior to the present meeting of Provincials and their Delegates in Tokyo it emerged that there was an increase in awareness and in growth in the Provinces. Three areas were covered: animation and formation; information; and productions and businesses. With regard to the first, each of the 9 Provinces (AUL, CIN, FIN, FIS, GIA, ITM, KOR, THA, VIE), has a provincial delegate for social communications, though only one is full-time. 6 provinces have drawn up a social communications plan; they also have a provincial commission, but only two have an advisory committee. With regard to initial formation, SC is part of the programme in the novitiate (1), in the post-novitiate (1) and the theologate (3); 4 provinces already have people working in the area of SC, while in 5 others they are preparing to do so. In 5 there are media education initiatives; in 1 there is someone doing this and in another there is a centre specialising in practical formation in SC.

Regarding information 3 provinces have an ANS correspondent; 2 have press offices; 7 produce their own Salesian Bulletin and 8 have provincial newsletters. In 5 there is an official web-site; 7 have an archive of documentation and 4 produce magazines other than the Salesian Bulletin. In the area of productions and businesses, there are 2 schools of printing and their associated productive presses. 5 have their own publishing houses producing texts in general, while in 2 text books are printed and in 3 catechetical books. 4 Provinces have book shops; 2 have audiovisual centres, and 1 an internet production centre. 3 provinces are involved in local radio broadcasting programmes. There are no TV, radio or audiovisual production centres.

From this analysis it can be seen that there is clearly a slow but constant development in this area of production and businesses. The information area has continued to develop especially in comparison with the last regional meeting in SC at Batulao (Philippines, 1997). Finally, there has been development in the efforts to improve in the formation and preparation of personnel for animation.

Japan – Making SSSC effective in the EAO Region

(ANS – Chofu/Tokyo, 4 February 2004) - This was the second working day for the Provincials and delegates for SC in the East-Asia-Oceania Region. Among the aims of the meeting, to make SC more effective in the Region; examining the outline of a document on the Salesian System of Social Communication (SSCS); and identifying some practical proposals to implement the SSSC in the Region. Yesterday the first two items were considered, while today those attending the meeting concentrated on the last one. The meeting on SC finishes this evening, while on Friday and Saturday the Provincials will continue their discussions on the animation of the Salesian Family.