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Brazil - Fr Scaramussa meets the local delegates for Social Communications



Brazil – Fr Scaramussa meets the local delegates for Social Communications

Fr Scaramussa meets the local delegates for Social Communications
(ANS – Jabotão dos Guararapes: 8 February 2006) - Fr. Tarciso Scaramussa, General Councilor for Social Communications, met those responsible for communications in the different Salesian houses of the Recife Province. Held at “Colônia Salesiana” di Jabotão dos Guararapes, the meeting was intended to assess the progress made in this area and to plan new initiatives. During the two days of work, Fr Scaramussa presented to the 35 taking part the planning programme of the Congregation for the six year period 2002-2008 and the document “Salesian Social Communication System” (SSCS). During the meeting the members of the Provincial Social Communication Commission were elected. Taking part were representatives of various Salesian publications, of web sites, radio stations and various different musical and artistic projects in the Recife Province.

Meeting for Salesian Video Production Centres
ANS - Belo Horizonte: 16 January 2006) - Between 2 and 4 March at Belo Horizonte there will be a “Meeting for Salesian Video Production”. It is being promoted by the Salesian Centre “Salesian System for Videocommunication” (SSV) in Belo Horizonte and sponsored by Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa, General Councillor for Social Communication and his Department. Fr Genesio Da Silva, director of SSV says: “The meeting is meant to be an opportunity for the directors and coordinators of Salesian centres for the production of videos in various countries to meet and study together.” Starting from the Salesian Social Communication System (SSCS) there will be an attempt to find common lines of action and to point out the characteristics of the various centres. All the centres will be invited to contribute from their own experience and in view of a possible network at various levels.

The work of a Salesian printing house recognised
(ANS – San Paolo: 19 January 2006) - Recently the “Editora Salesiana”, Salesian printing house of the Salesian Province of San Paolo, Brazil, has received two prizes in the context of the XVth “Fernando Pini” Graphical Arts Exhibition, which rewards the best graphical arts work in the country. In the illustrated books category it received the prize thanks to the volume “Progetto e Sviluppo sostenibile”, printed by the Senac Publishers. The second prize went to the printing house for the diary section for “A daily Brazilian diary; poetic images”, printed by the Escritura publishers. The Salesian Printing house of the Salesians in San Paolo was represented at the award ceremony by Fr Ailton A. dos Santos, Rector of the Salesian House, by Sérgio Luís S. dos Santos, General Director, by Waldir Carlos Buccini, production manager and other workers. It is the first time that the “Editora Salesiana” Printing House has taken part in a national competition.

Two youngsters from the “Jovens na Tela” take part in a programme on “Canal Futura”
(ANS – Belo Horizonte: 27 January 2006) - Marianne Fonseca and Tiago Gonçalves, two young collaborators in the educomunication project “Jovens na Tela” (Youth on the net), run by the Salesian TV Station in Ponte Nova, Brazil, have been invited to take part in the series “Trilheiros, uma aventura em Minas Gerais” (Scouts, an adventure in Minas Gerais). The programme is produced by “Canal Futura”, an educational channel which broadcasts nation wide. The recording of the series, which is intended to make the state of Minas Gerais better known began on 20 January and will finish by the end of the month. The programme, recorded in a “reality” style, follows the activities of eight youngsters who visit various places in the state in order to get to know the local culture. It is being filmed in the Sierra di Caraça region, which is very important historically, economically and culturally. The series will go on air on “Canal Futura” in April.

Collaboration by the Don Bosco Catholic University in television and radio programmes by the Brazilian army
(ANS – Campo Grande: 23 February 2006) - The Don Bosco Catholic University (UCDB) in Brazil recently signed an agreement with the Brazilian Army for the production of a series of television and radio programmes which are meant to inform the public about the activities of the military institutions. On 21 February Fr José Marinoni, Rector of the UCDB and General Luiz Cesário da Silveira Filho, Commandant of the Military Forces in the West (CMO) took part in the official presentation of the programmes “Exército em Revista”, for TV, and “Exército em destaque”, for radio, made in the media workshops of the UCDB. The programmes will be broadcast by the State “TVE Regional” and by the Radio Station “FM UCDB” belonging to the Salesian University. Also present at the ceremony were the Director of “TVE Regional”, Mr João Bosco de Castro, and the Coordinators of “TV UCDB” and “FM UCDB” Mr. Henrique Shuto and Mrs Vera Lacerda. For Fr José Marinoni, Rector of UCDB, the new programmes are an excellent opportunity to bring the life of the armed forces and general public closer together. On his part the Commandant of CMO said that this project was a dream come true for the army in the area of communication and an opportunity to work with the future, represented by the University.