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Meeting of Delegates for Social Communication in the Interamerica and America South Cone Region



Meeting of Delegates for Social Communication in the Interamerica and America South Cone Region

(ANS – Ciudad Mexico : September14, 2007)


A course for better communication

At Tlazala the training meeting for  SC Delegates CS and ANS correspondents promoted by the Department for Social Communication which began on 15 September came to an end. It was attended by representatives from the Provinces in the Interamerica and America South Cone Regions.
The first day was devoted to the participants getting to know each other and the work they are doing, and to the work of the Department. Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa, Councillor for Social Communication, gave a presentation about the progress made by the Department and by the Congregation in the last six years. Br. Jesús García, coordinator for the area of the Spanish and Portuguese language for ANS, demonstrated the site of the Agency and the work being undertaken in the central office in  Rome.
Dr. Alejandro Acuña Limón, teacher in the Technological  Institute of Monterrey, led the first part of the course. Distinguishing between “Emigrants”, - those who had lived through the cultural changes of the computer revolution, and “Natives”, - those who were born during the computer age,  Dr. Acuña gave a rapid presentation of the  evolution from knowledge derived from a linear approach, linked to the book, to that more related to a multimedia approach. Through a guided tour of various sites and multimedia products proposed by  Dr. Acuña, those attending the course were able to become more familiar with communication and information that were more successful and effective.
Claudia Elena Cruz Rios and Miguel Angel Hernandez, research students from the Monterrey Technological Institute demonstrated various practical approaches to methodology and techniques in the creation of sites, blog and Flash presentations.
On the last day Br. Jesús García, taking up again the theme of the course presented some principles for good computer journalism offering some suggestions  for the progress and improvement of the network of  correspondents and collaborators of ANS. Fr Scaramussa concluded the days recalling the aims and the strategies of Salesian information and then presented to those taking part attendance certificates from the Monterrey Technological Institute.
The very warm welcome by the “Hombre Nuevo” Salesian Retreat and Conference Centre of the Mexico-Mexico Province (MEM) greatly contributed to the success of the meeting. On the final evening there was a concert by the Isidro Fabela Cultural Association with traditional Mexican dances.


Emigrants and Natives

Tomorrow a training course in computer journalism organised by the Social Communcation Department of the Salesian Congregation begins  for Provincial Delegates involved in this field  and for correspondents of the iNfo Salesian Agency (ANS) from the Salesian Regions of the American  continent.
Four days will be devoted to considering the work undertaken by ANS, to acquiring new skills in view of an improved coordination of the various provincial services of information, in particular computer services, and for laying the necessary foundations for launching new  publications.
The course, being held in Tlazala, at the  “Hombre Nuevo” Salesian House in the Mexico-México Province (MEM), will be attended by Delegates and correspondents from the Provinces of the Interamerica and America South Cone Region. Also present will be  Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa, Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Donato Lacedonio, in charge of ANS and Bro. Jesús García, coordinator for the Spanish and Portuguese language area.
The course, totally dedicated to computer journalism will be held in collaboration with the Monterrey Technological Institute of Higher Studies (ITESM), a prestigious Mexican university centre of studies.