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Meeting of Formation Centres to Social Communication across the Salesian world (São Paulo : September 23, 2007)



Meeting of Formation Centres to Social Communication across the Salesian world

(ANS – São Paulo : September 23, 2007)


Formation Centres for Communication plan for the future

Representatives from all continents gathered in São Paulo`s Instituto Teologico Pio XI, a member of Brazil`s extensive UNISAL complex, concluded their four day meeting on Sunday evening 23rd September with firm commitments to forward planning.

The meeting, the first of its kind involving key Salesian and lay personnel in Centres of Formation to Social Communication across the Salesian world voted at the conclusion that the meeting had not only fulfilled all of its stated objectives but had created a unique experience of communion, synergy and opportunity for the future.  Participants also evaluated the Salesian Social Communication System as it has been planned and experienced over the six year period of the current Salesian animation and government, noting in particular its strengths and indicating areas for development.

Amongst concrete forward planning, particularly around two connected central themes, educommunication and Open Source approaches in today`s digitl culture, the meeting determined a series of workshops for a profound study of theory and practice in educommunication, and an international congress on Open Source and educommunication for the coming year.  In both cases details  of time and place have already been broadly planned.

Participants identified areas for joint effort between the Centres` combined planning and IUS, the Salesian Institute for Universities, between themselves and Centres for Ongoing Formation in the Congregation, and called for a core group to accompany the key themes identified in the course of the four days as well as to plan the next meeting.