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Synergy and formation: basic criteria for the development of Salesian SC in Italy



Italy – Synergy and formation

Verbale (De Nicolò) Statistica (CS)

Italy – Synergy and formation: basic criteria for the development of Salesian SC in Italy
(ANS – Rome: 19 January 2005) - What is the situation regarding Salesian Social Communications in Italy and what are the prospects for the future? It was on these two questions that the meeting of the Provincials and Provincial delegates for Social Communications in the Italian Region focused its attention. The meeting for the ten Provinces: IAD (Ancona), ICP (Torino), ILE (Milano), ILT (Genova), IME (Napoli), INE (Mestre), IRO (Roma), ISA (Cagliari), ISI (Catania) and UPS (University) was also attended by the Regional Councillor Fr Pier Fausto Frisoli and the General Councillor for SC Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa. All the Provincials and almost all the delegates were present together with the National Secretary of CISI Fr Giuseppe Casti, the National Coordinator for SC Giancarlo de Nicolò, the National Delegate for CGS Roberto Guarino and all the members of the Department (Frs Baroni, Fox, Gonsalves, Manieri and Butera). In the first part of the meeting the Delegates presented the situation in their own Provinces. There is a lot of good work going on. There was also an examination of the Department’s programme for 2002-2008 as it is reflected in the policy document of the Salesian System of Social Communication (SSCS). The three groups of the Provincials and delegates (North – Centre and South) then identified challenges, problems, needs and priorities and indicated some concrete steps to promote, accompany and assess. Two criteria were emphasised: synergy, so as not to scatter the efforts being made, concentrating on the needs both ad intra and ad extra; and formation, that for some Salesians means a professional approach, and for others ongoing formation, preparing lay collaborators. From the two criteria some working strategies emerged. In spite of the limited time available, aware of the interest and concern of the Italian provinces regarding SC, Fr Scaramussa underlined the value of greater appreciation of its importance for the mission, the value of what had already been undertaken, the desire for synergy, the exchange of ideas and collaboration. He mentioned a letter the Rector Major is preparing about SC for the 120th anniversary of the publication of Don Bosco’s letter on “Spreading good books” (1885), the Magna Charta, pointing out the importance of SC in the mission of the Salesians. The meeting ended with Fr Frisoli recording his positive impressions regarding vitality in this area. He emphasised the priority of formation for the preparation of competent people who in their turn will form others, Salesians and young people. He pointed out the need to put in the local and national media Salesian ideas about such things as education and young people, in a coordinated and unified manner avoiding a fragmented and individualistic approach, especially through uptodate web-sites, easily accessible and open to dialogue with the world of youth. Finally he suggested the valuable experience to be gained from meetings to give young people an opportunity to express themselves, and from the exchange of initiatives and productions.