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World Advisory Body assembled at the Generalate.



The work of the Advisory Body is permanent

RMG-Rome, Italy - 28 July 2003 - The General Councillor for Social Communication Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa with the World Advisory Body assembled at the Generalate between 25 and 28 July..

RMG - Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa: The work of the Advisory Body is permanent

(ANS - Rome, 29 July 2004) - "The Advisory Body has given a series of important suggestions based on an evaluation and orientation on some aspects of our plan for the six years term. In particular, these suggestions centred on the formative journey of the Salesian, the Salesian Bulletin, the ANS and the Portal." These are the words of the Councillor for Social Communication, Fr. Tarcisio Scaramussa, commenting on the meeting of the World Advisory Body that ended yesterday. The Councillor emphasizes that the work of the Advisory Body is permanent, that is, not limited to meetings alone. "It consists of about 30 specialists in the field of Social Communications who constantly work in order to give guidelines, to research and study Social Communications in order to keep the Society always up to date". The members of the Advisory Body collaborate to continue responding to requests but also suggest spontaneously with a positive and committed attitude. Other points of importance discussed at the meeting included: the development of communications in the Provinces (the role of the delegate), the need for synergy against fragmentation, the continuity of processes, the practical implications of being and working in Social Communication; the quality of Salesian productions. Moreover, the Advisory Body contributed suggestions to a frame of reference of the complex governance of social communications in the congregation (the SSCS).

RMG - The Meeting of the World Advisory Body for Social Communications ends

(ANS - Rome, 28 July 2004) - Today is the final day of the meeting of the World Advisory Body of Social Communications. These were days of intense work in which the participants were given the opportunity to share on themes and on the situation of SC in the Congregation. The discussion on creating an itinerary of formation in SC did not carry a unanimous decision. The basic prevalent idea seemed to be to integrate the formative project on communication into the "Ratio" in order to avoid giving it a mere appendix status in the formation of a Salesian. The dimension that needs to be developed is that of a Salesian as an educator-communicator. The study of the draft document called SSCS (Salesian System of Social Communication) was open to the scrutiny and observations of all. The style of working was in groups which favoured participation on principal points of reflection. Yesterday afternoon and this morning the following items were presented: a picture of the work done, the realisation of the Salesian Bulletin project in the world, the presentation of the Portal and that of the ANS agency. The processes that have commenced in this meeting will be taken forward through meetings and contacts using the Reserved Area of the Portal. The next meeting of the Advisory Body is planned at the end of the six year period of the present General Council.

RMG – World Advisory Body of SC: first reactions

(ANS – Rome, 26 July 2004) - With a message from the Rector Major who at present is in Africa, the work of the World Advisory Body for the Salesians’ Social Communications. There are 33 people involved, with specialist backgrounds in animation and formation, in information and business, in teaching and in collaboration with dioceses and Bishops’ Conferences. In the first session there was an evaluation of the state of Social Communication in the Salesian Congregation, highlighting the positive and also the negative aspects, and beginning to suggest options for the future. This morning there was the presentation of work done on Formation Programmes in Social Communications (IFCS) followed by group discussions. In the afternoon the Councillor for SC, Fr Tarcisio Scaramussa, presented a draft document on Salesian System of Social Communication (SSCS). This will be completed with contributions from different sources prior to its publication and distribution. The work will continue until Wednesday 28 July. For tomorrow afternoon a visit is planned to the new premises of the Faculty of Social Communication at the UPS.