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Newsletter January 2015

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Newsletter no. 60 january 2015

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First Don Bosco Film Festival in Manila

First Don Bosco Film Festival in Manila

The Province of the Northern Philippines has organized its first ever Don Bosco Film Festival. The P ...
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Don Bosco’s Churches

Don Bosco’s Churches

As a tribute to Don Bosco, in this bicentenary year, the International Publishing Company SEI of Tur ...
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Argentina - Presentation of the book

Argentina - Presentation of the book

On December 16, in the Provincial House of Argentina South the book "Francis and Don Bosco" written ...
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ROME: Pisana, Salesianum, 19-22 February 2015, World Advisory Council - Social Communications
ROME: UPS, 17-18 April 2015, SDB-FMA, Study of World Social Communications Day message 2015.
ROME: Pisana, Salesianum, 23-26 April 2015, Meeting of Salesian Publishers of Europe
SPAIN: Valencia, May 14-17, 2015, Meeting of Provincial Delegates for SC Mediterranean
POLAND: Gdansk-PLN, May 25-28, 2015, Meeting of Provincial Delegates for SC North Europe

Animation - Letter from Fr Filiberto

Dear friends,

The World Day for Social Communications, the only worldwide celebration called for by the Second Vatican Council as referred to by “Inter Mirifica" (1963), is celebrated in many countries. Upon the recommendation of the bishops of the world, we celebrate it on the Sunday before Pentecost (in 2015, on the 17th May). Its theme is announced on the day of the Holy Archangels (September 29th), while the message is traditionally published on the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron of writers (January 24th), the day we in the Social Communications Department choose for posting this monthly newsletter.

The theme of the World Day of Social Communications this year is in continuity with that of last year and, at the same time, must be contextualized with the central theme of the next two Synods about the family: "Communicating the family: privileged environment of 'meeting in the gratuitousness of love." Pope Francis is very clear in its choice: at the center of social communication, are always people, this time in a privileged context but also threatened: the family!

Four years ago during the Department meetings, we have made the choice to celebrate this day in every province in unity with the Church and with the Salesian Family. Let us take this same Message of the Holy Father as the theme for our initial and on going formation. Just the other day (January 21st 20015), in the joint meeting of the two Councils of SDB and FMA, one could see the need for these moments of formation together, because of our charismatic character being its main motivation and not only strategic. Young people need us, as a family, always united and in communion.

I reiterate the invitation which I repeat each year: the Delegates for Social Communication and for Formation, together, both SDB and FMA, study and prepare well the day of the Salesian Provincial Day for Social Communication. Your preparation and implementation of that Day is already a rich and meaningful content that communicates and becomes a prophecy louder than words.

I wish you wonderful Salesian feasts for that of St. Francis de Sales and for Don Bosco fitting on this year of his Bicentennial.

The members of the Social Communication Team greet you all.

Sincerely Yours,
Fr. Filiberto

Information: Don Bosco at Expo2015: 99 days to go
Don Bosco at Expo2015: 99 days to go

World Expo Milan 2015 will be inaugurated in less than 100 days. The Salesian Family, Don Bosco Netw ...
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Production: A film on Don Bosco to mark the Bicentenary
A film on Don Bosco to mark the Bicentenary

The month of Don Bosco has already begun, and in all Salesian environments people are looking out fo ...
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The Salesians of the Doganella community in Rione Amicizia in Naples work with children and adolesce ...
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Preservation: International recognition for the Salesian Museum in Punta Arenas
International recognition for the Salesian Museum in Punta Arenas

The Salesian Museum "Mayorino Borgatello" in Punta Arenas has received the seal of international qua ...
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