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Newsletter September 2013

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Newsletter no. 47 September 2013

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Chile - 8th Social Communication Day

Chile - 8th Social Communication Day

About 30 expert communicators from various Salesian Houses in Chile came together in Santiago from 1 ...
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ITALY: 3-6 October 2013, SEI Turin
INDIA: 15-18 October 2013, CS Delegates Meeting - South Asia
THAILAND: 21-24 October 2013 CS Delegates Meeting - EAO
ROME: Pisana 24-27 November 2013, Meeting of Salesian Publishers of Europe

Animation - Letter from Fr Filiberto

Dear friends ,

I greet you from Bariloche-Argentina, where we finished the continental meeting of Provincial Delegates for CS, last Sept 22.

The meeting was well organized and had a good participation. There was a good climate of familiarity while we discussed issues of importance to the Provinces of both regions, accenting the spirituality and holiness of Ceferino Namuncurá, Laura Vicuña and Artemide Zatti.

An expert of Social Communications specializing in institutional and educational communication was invited to stir our reflections. One of the ideas developed in a particular way called my attention: "Current communication is centered on the quality and creativity of the narrative, the story of what one is and lives." That made me think of the great opportunity we Salesians have as evangelists and educators in the midst of this highly technological society .

The Church, from its beginnings, has lived to tell the experience of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. There is no other center or other objective. It was a true story, supported by the witness of people, and not just mere knowing. The same thing happened during the first decades of our Congregation's history, when the Salesian charism was narrated to others in various ways, with a cheerful and generous donation of life, with the creativity of various media.

There was a topic referred to by the delegates, a primary and fundamental challenge: A need for a paradigm shift in the formation of the Salesians, so that while having deep content and a renewed experience of God, we learn to narrate according to the times, ways and contexts in which Christ wants to meet young people. In this way, we build the personality of a Salesian evangelist-educator-communicator.

I conclude by inviting you all to be await on 29 September the theme that Pope Francis will choose for the coming World Day for Social Communications. Let's make this theme a point of Ecclesial and Salesian convergence to be shared with the other Salesians and collaborators .

I and the the members of the Social Communications team greet you.
My fraternal prayers for all.

In Don Bosco : P. Filiberto

Information: Argentina – Continental Meeting of Delegates of Social Communication
Argentina – Continental Meeting of Delegates of Social Communication

The meeting of the Social Communication Delegates of the American continent concluded yesterday with ...
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Formation: 7.8 The Social Communication Team
7.8 The Social Communication Team

7.8 The Social Communication Team (Provincial Commission or otherwise named)

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Production: Brazil - Radio Don Bosco, FM 96.1
Brazil - Radio Don Bosco, FM 96.1

Fortaleza, Brazil – September 2013 - Radio Don Bosco, FM 96.1, a Salesian broadcasting service bas ...
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