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CS Newsletter in 2019-06


Bulletin n°. 100 in June 2019


Dear confreres and friends,


Greetings, as we find ourselves amid the General Council and the weeks dedicated to formation of the new Provincials in Rome at Sacro Cuore.

First of all, let me tell you that the Salesian Bulletin Editors meeting has given new impetus to this institutional magazine founded by Don Bosco as he was founding the Salesian Congregation. Hence we are talking about an historical work of foundation and significance. The theme: “The Salesian Bulletin: communicating to involve people in the mission, between the press and digital culture”, was tackled from different angles by specialists, in view of confirming the identity and mission of this magazine, seeking to respond to new audiences in a culture communicating with new languages and technologies. We can sum this up by saying: “With Don Bosco and with our times”. I have sent the conclusions to the Provincials, Delegates for Social Communication, and to SB Editors and their teams.

In noting the signs of the times, and being active in forming a new culture and acknowledging that we are dealing with new youth, GC28 is inviting us to reshape our personal and communal vocation as Salesians. The Department and all the Communication Delegates of the Congregation are fully engaged in reflecting on the Chapter theme: “What kind of Salesians for today’s youth”, with a theme that affects the content and manner of formation: “What kind of Salesian Communicators for the youth of the digital world?” We have chosen a range of documents and studies to be shared and discussed across the seven regions of the Congregation, and they will offer us a basic profile in terms of four dimensions: shared existence, being, knowing, doing. The result, starting from this basis, will be our contribution to the formation of new generations of Salesians and lay people who commit their life to the young who, like us inhabit a digital environment.

A third point that directly involves Delegates is communicating GC28. A General Chapter is the most important event bringing the following together every six years: the Rector Major and his Council, all Provincials of the Congregation who are there by right, elected Salesians who represent each Province, and at the same time it is the clearest sign of unity in diversity for a Congregation that is in 132 countries. In this multicultural, fraternal meeting, Salesians seek to remain faithful to the Gospel and the Founder’s charism, attempting to understand God’s will at this historical time so as to better serve the Church and the young. In order to communicate and bring the GC28 to life in each Province, the Department has drawn up a plan over three stages: preparation, celebration, continuation. You have a key role to play in all this. During each stage ANS will see that you receive information, materials and necessary requests. From here on, I thank you for your collaboration.

Greetings in the name of the Department staff and may you have a happy feast of the Sacred Heart, a clear sign of our spirituality which is embodied in the Preventive System.

Cordially in Don Bosco:

Fr Filiberto González Plasencia