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CS Newsletter in 2019-07


Bulletin n°. 101 in July 2019


Dear confreres and friends,

Rome has begun to turn on the summer heat for what is known as Ferragosto [Ferragosto, summer holidays, Feast of the Assumption!]. For many of you it is a time for summer pastoral activities and accompanying the young. It is a time for vocational sowing and harvesting. I really envy you. I imagine that this is the case for much of the northern hemisphere, while the south is enjoying a pleasant winter! Six months of heat and six months of cold for everyone. Such is life.

I am writing to you during some very busy sessions of the General Council, where much of the time is dedicated to reflection on GC28. And this is how it should be. We are talking about the most important historical charismatic event for the Congregation every six years, and we are all part of it because it deals with our charism, our Salesian life. Hence, I want to take up the topic once more of GC28 from the point of view of communication.

Some days ago, by means of a motivational letter and explanations about procedure, we sent out the first part of the CG28 communication plan, the “Pre-capitular” stage.

I repeat the invitation to motivate Salesians, lay mission partners and young people in our works with your own conviction and creativity so that they can experience this Chapter in Valdocco in Turin in their local ‘Valdocco in real time, meaning of course in their own communities and works. So, this is an opportunity to create an information network with ANS, Church media and social media, works and communities, a network that will continue after GC28. This will strengthen the organisation and communicative structure of your province.

Study the GC28 communication plan we have sent you with your team and other people responsible for communications in your works and communities. It is also important to be in frequent contact with people at ANS for any clarifications needed: José Luis Muñoz (, and Jacob Iruppakkaattu (

It is important for Salesians, lay people and the young in your province to understand that we are all involved in the Chapter, not just the Chapter members who will be meeting in Turin. Help them to get involved in something that requires obedience to God, a question of hope, vocational and spiritual sharing among Salesians and lay people for the glory of God and the salvation of the young, especially the poorest of them.

So, start up the engine and get moving, because everything is ready. May the Help of Christians be for you as she was for Don Bosco: Mother, Teacher and Guide.

Greetings from all the Department staff.

Fr Filiberto González Plasencia