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Bulletin n.88 June 2017

Letter of Fr Filiberto

Dear friends,
During all the council sessions, we usually have the visit of the new provincials. It is always a joy to meet them, to support them in their new ministry and, at the same time, to offer them the orientations proper to each sector, in my case, on the Communication.

In my talk with each of them, the first thing I do is to listen to what they understand by Salesian communication and what is done in their province in this regard. Then I offer them guidelines that I consider fundamental so that communication, always together with other sectors, grow in function of the mission and the institution.

The charismatic identity, the birth of the Congregation and the testimony of Don Bosco as a point of departure for Salesian Communication, are the first things that I always underline. In Valdocco, we were born because of God’s initiative and for the salvation of the young. Our father was an evangelist, educator and communicator. It is an historical-charismatic fact that is irrefutable and irrevocable. For this reason, communication is a matter of being and not just doing, it is a vocation for Salesians and lay people for a youthful and popular mission. It is not based on having or not having the means, but on being Salesians who are among the young, with an experience of Christ as the content, using the local media and learning the current youth and media languages that allow us to communicate an experience of God which the vast majority of communications does not offer. That is our contribution to society.

Precisely for this aspect, from September 10 to 14, the SC delegates of the two regions of America will meet at the Center for Permanent Formation in Quito to study and experience spirituality and communication. We want to focus on Jesus, the communicator of the Father, and on Don Bosco the communicator of the joy of the Gospel to the young. We are preparing this encounter with great hope that will touch our being and become better Salesian communicators. At that time, I will then comment on the results of that experience.

I also invite you to update data that is very important, in the following link: /es/dati-cs-raccolta-generale-2017-it

I greet you personally and also on behalf of the staff of the SC Department, our prayers for all of you.
Fr. Filiberto


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