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Newsletter july 2012

P. Fabio Attard
General Counsellor for Youth Ministry
NEWSLETTER february-july 2012
Welcoming words. This Newsletter will be a means of communication by the Department for Youth Ministry (DYM) with the Salesians and lay collaborators who together share the mission of Don Bosco today.
In this first editorial I want to comment on the ongoing process of rethinking youth ministry. In the past four years, the DYM has embarked on a journey that GC26 has asked for. The various stages of this journey had a purpose: that of promoting a theological and pastoral reflection that involves the entire Congregation. The first step was to listen to the reflection offered by pastoral and theological centres. The second step was to seek a reflection from within all communities in the Congregation.
The question regarding all this could be: where are we heading? what are the objectives? The answer is given by the Rector Major himself in his message at the beginning of this present process. He presents five points, in line with the whole Church in its commitment towards new evangelization:
[a] to deepen the evangelising dimension of our youth ministry, putting at its centre the encounter with the Lord Jesus;
[b] render more evident the force of the Preventive System, especially when it concerns one of the aspects of the classic triad of this system, i.e. religion, but the role of reason and its crucial relationship with the faith;
[c] encourage a renewed interest, study and practice of catechesis, promoting a reflection on the ‘oratory’ criterion and its contribution towards the renewal of catechesis;
[d] promote greater knowledge and awareness of the different cultural contexts and how pastoral decisions need to be adopted and adapted to the local context;
e. strengthen the identity of our Salesian ministry in its reference to Don Bosco; a change in our pastoral methods, based more on processes, experiences of accompaniment with greater influence on the vocational aspect;
[f] adjust the “framework” of Salesian youth ministry.
My hope is that this newsletter will give an idea of the effort that so many Salesians and lay people are doing within the area of youth ministry in all continents. In addition I hope and pray that these processes may be increasingly driven by that vision of evangelization that Blessed John Paul II never tired to proclaim a new evangelization - new in its ardour, in its methods and in its expressions (John Paul II, CELAM Assembly, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 9, 1983).
 Rome – Meeting of European publishers. On 4th March 4 Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia took part in the European editorial meeting organized by the Department of Social Communication. His input focused on policies and strategies within the Catholic school, as well as on structures, educational institutions and issues for the Catholic school today.
 Madrid – Meeting of Provincials the Western Europe Region. On the morning of March 7th,Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia participated in the meeting of provincials with the input: "School in Europe. Trends and scenarios." The theme focused on the school and the overall educational projects in Europe and the input of international organizations within education. He spoke of the concept of European citizenship and education; and finally, he spoke on some relevant issues and/or problems in education. In the second part, he focused on educational leadership of the principal. He spoke about the practice of management and leadership in our schools; new forms of community leadership and pastoral education, the professionalization of the management function and the identity of the lay with all its uniqueness.
 Madrid – 3rd Meeting of our coordination team of European Salesian School SDB-FMA. On March 10th there was the study of the final text of the Framework for the development and evaluation of a Salesian school or professional training environment in Europe, looking for some criteria for the formulation of indicators for evaluation. This concludes the updated version of the roadmap of the Commission until April 2013 and encouraged a better and more effective use of the website Agora.
 Nicaragua – XIV Meeting of Salesian Schools - CERCA Internacional. From March 30th to April 1st, 150 members of the Salesian Family in Central America and Panama met for the CERCA meeting (Comisión Escuela de la Región Centro América - School Commission of the Central America Region), taking as its central theme "Accompaniment in the Salesian Educative Ministry." The meeting was led by Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia. Together with a large group of educators and religious, there were also present the Provincial Councils of the SDB, the two councils of the FMA and the General Council of the HDS (Daughters of Divine Saviour).
They reflected on the guidelines to ensure pastoral care in Salesian schools in front of today’s complex challenges. They also discussed the issue of pastoral accompaniment in education, its contents and its conditions (the environment, the group and, especially, the personal encounter).
 Roma – The inauguration of the page in three languages. Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia published in April a corporate website that provides textual and graphical information of interest on the Schools and Vocational Training Centres of the Salesians in Europe. It provides a series of basic information: collection of educational provision by provinces, with data about students and staff, issues relating to services, facilities, associations and extracurricular activities. The website also provides search and retrieval of data by categories and subject indexes. The list of centres is a meeting space that enables communication, mutual understanding and bilateral contacts with other Salesian centres in Europe.
 Lisbon – Seminar on evangelization in schools in the Western Europe Region (Lisbon). Convened by the Regional Councillor, Fr. Jose Miguel Nunez, the Regional Seminar was held on "Evangelization in the School" from April 13th to 15th. Present for the meeting were provincials, youth ministry delegates, representatives of schools and Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia, who is responsible for the schools and TVET within the Department for Youth Ministry, and also a member of the committee preparing and organizing the event. In the meeting some key issues were presented: the effort to further integrate the educational and evangelizing dimensions in a single movement (evangelizing through educating); evangelisation inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ecclesial life); the educational project is an effective tool for the task of educating and evangelizing where the educative and pastoral aspects are treated within the pastoral educative community PEC. The PEC is called to be a Christian community, a point of reference, where leadership, responsibility and formation need to be strengthened. The person of the educator is an " evangelical mediation", a profile of a believer who is followed by each of the educators.
 Alcalá de Henares (Spain) - training of management and personnel of the Salesian schools in Spain. From 6th to 10th February in Spain there was the last week of formation for management and personnel organized by the national coordinating body of the schools in Spain. The purpose of the course was to train the laity in view the challenges and the roles of school management in the Salesian perspective. The training concluded with the preparation of project guidelines and was certified by the International University of La Rioja (UNITE).
Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia gave the module on the Charismatic Origins of the Salesian Mission: an overview of the educational institutions of Don Bosco, college and technical education in the educational experience of Don Bosco; the Preventive System as a model of education with the study of the presentation of the institutional and personal writings of Don Bosco. In this sense, criteria were given to help the reading and the synthesis of the key elements.
 Madrid – National Technical Meeting of the Technical-Vocational School Salesian. On the morning of May 16th the Meeting began with a presentation by Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia on the challenges and opportunities of the TVET of the SDB in Europe. He presented a variety of current data and some highlights of the training of the Salesian works in Europe: corporate identity, the specific PEP, the recipients, the training of personnel and the sustainability of such works.
Youth Ministry Department 3
In the following dialogues those present shared their concerns about the programs of national and transnational mobility in view of the training centres. The also insisted on promoting cooperation between education, training and business-services employment.
 Firenze - Meeting of the School, Central Province of Italy, "Sacred Heart". On May 6th, Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia gave a talk about the Salesian school as a place of evangelization. He developed the argument about how we, in the twenty-first century, we can – and must – strive to form Christians through education. There are two strategies to follow: formation of our personnel, managers and teachers; and the Educative Pastoral Project. He also spoke of the operative choices entailed for us Salesians since within the Educative Pastoral Community we have the role of "the heart, the memory and the guarantor" of the Salesian charism.
 Aleksandow (Poland) - Conference of the Salesian Provinces of Poland (KSIP) and the Special District Eastern Europe. On Wednesday 23rd may, Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia spoke of the reality of the Catholic and Salesian school in Europe and its prospects in Poland. He has encouraged the Provincials and the Provincial Delegates for the schools to work together and develop networks of mutual support and synergies to foster common reflection on significant educational issues; to discuss different situations and share good practices; to stimulate mutual knowledge and analysis of the reality in different areas; to use a common pastoral language and cultural references towards a more effective education; to ensure an optimal use of resources and savings in the Provinces; finally, to strengthen a strong institutional presence within the civil and ecclesiastical levels.
 Guadalajara – Jalisco the XV Meeting of MESOAMERICA CIMAC. In this meeting, reflecting on the Salesian School took part representatives of the Antilles, Haiti, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela and Mexico. It was held from 20th till 24th February. The central theme was the animation and the Salesian school management. Fr. Miguel Angel offered as a starting point the complex and rich educational communities in Catholic Schools and the various subjects within the educational community. The reflection focused on relevant aspects of the current situation of the school: the mission of the founding institution, guarantor of the permanence of the identity of the centres, the new configuration of the religious community within the school, the style of leadership of the management team and the general director. Concluding the meeting, along with other interventions, there were three major challenges:providing an animation model that favours development and implementation of continuous improvement plans, improve the training of management teams and set a leadership style based on change. Participants included three groups of the Salesian Family who work in schools: Salesians, Salesian Sisters and Daughters of the Divine Saviour, as well as some lay collaborators.
 Ypacarai (Paraguay)- SEPSUR School. From May 10th to 12th, representatives of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay gathered together with the aim of reflecting on the challenges to the identity of our charism and to our proposals for education in the faith of the new youth contexts. In the meeting, Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia presented the processes and policies of ESA III highlighting the criteria and the challenges that still lay ahead. With the group of Salesians he also presented the strategies of the Department in assisting the school environment and animation/TVET: the identity of the Salesian school, the educational quality, institutional relations, coordination and networking.
 Roma - VI General Assembly of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education - IUS. In the days of 9th to 14th July, at the headquarters of the of the Salesians (Pisana, Rome), took place the Sixth General Assembly of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS). At the meeting there were about sixty people, Salesians and lay, from 39 institutions in five continents: Africa (3), Latin America (16), Asia (14), Europe (5) and Oceania (1). The Assembly is part of the networking process that IUS performed since 1987 and has led to the definition of identity and mission of the Salesian presence in the field of higher education. The Assembly concluded with the development of guidelines and options that will guide the way to all the IUS in the coming years. There was also the election of new Board of Directors.
 México (DF) – Meeting of parish priests of the province of Our Lady Guadalupe. The Salesian pastoral ministry in parishes entrusted to the Salesians is gaining in importance. Parish priests of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe, based in Mexico (DF) met between 27th and 29th February. Fr. Rafael Borges guided the reflection.
 Los Angeles (USA) - Pastoral Council and Parish animation teams, Dominic Savio parish. During the first four days of March, Dominic Savio Parish in Los Angeles (USA) had the presence of Fr. Rafael Borges for a conference dedicated to the strengthening of the parish council and of the pastoral animation teams in the parish project.
 Lisbon - Seminar on spiritual and vocational discernment. From 25th to 29th June, 35 participants (pastoral coordinators and psychologists from various presences of the Salesian Province of Portugal), attended the seminar led by Fr. Miguel Angel Garcia. The contents and proposals within the meeting were aimed at reinforcing the urgent need to integrate spiritual direction within Salesian ministry; promote a better understanding of this pedagogical tool, from the theoretical and practical perspectives, and to acquire the skills that make it possible to offer spiritual accompaniment to youth. Other issues have been addressed in depth: some sensitive points of spiritual guidance; for example, the personal approach as a pastoral method at the service of evangelization; the relationship between psychology, theology and the stages of the accompaniment. There was also the presentation of biblical icons of accompaniment; the harmonious integration of the qualities of the person accompanying the young with a Salesian heart; the spiritual accompaniment by Don Bosco. The most developed part of the course focused on the help relationship, the interview practice, and the spiritual growth and vocational discernment.
 Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Antilles and New Jersey (USA) – Training modules in Salesian youth ministry. The Salesian pastoral training is one of the cornerstones of animation that keeps the Congregation in search of a mentality increasingly assuming pastoral and consensus. In the two regions of America, Fr. Rafael Borges gave several training modules. The Province of the Sacred Heart, Ecuador, held its annual conference between 2nd and 5th February, while the Province of Christ the King, Mexico, Guadalajara, ended the third training module on the 22nd to 26th of the same month. Salesians and lay people participated in the pastoral training courses offered by the Province of San Pedro Claver, Bogota (Colombia) during the first week of March. In the Province of the Assumption of Mary, Paraguay, there was the second pastoral training module during the days of March 14 to 18. The last days of April were devoted to pastoral training in the Province of San Juan Bosco, Antilles. This cycle of training programmes came to an end in New Jersey (USA) with a course offered to the students in formation of the Province Saint Philip, New York (SUE), during the days of 14th to 18th May.
 Columbia, Medellin – Animation and formation visit. From January 28th till February 3rd, Fr. Fabio visited the Province of Medellin meeting with the Provincial Council, the team of PG and making visits to some works in Medellin and Cali like. The purpose of the visit was to meet with various groups and committees involved in the Youth Ministry of the Province, to strengthen the reflection on the theme of evangelization and vocation promotion. Another issue which has given much thought was that of Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), its current situation and future development and growth.
 Madagascar, Antananarivo – Meeting with the pastoral coordinators. From Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th February, Fr. Fabio has offered a seminar on the model of youth ministry of the Congregation. The study of the Constitutions and the GC23 with reflection on the Salesian youth spirituality enriched the discussion around the theme of the four dimensions. The sharing of the participants regarding the pastoral challenges was an important exercise for a comparison between the increasing urgency for evangelization and the need to have a clearer understanding of the our charismatic sources and the youth culture.
 Philippines – Two seminars on the Pastoral Model of Youth Ministry and the integration of Education and Evangelization. From May 4th to 16th, in two cities, Cebu and Manila, Salesians and lay collaborators have had the opportunity to reflect on the model of youth ministry and the challenges of evangelization. In Cebu, 25 Salesians, directors and coordinators of the pastoral work of the Southern Philippines (FIS), have reflected on the proposal for a youth ministry of the congregation leaving the Constitutions and the GC23, until the Reference Framework. The days were useful because they offered a broad and solid vision of the Salesian pastoral roots and their relevance today facing the challenges of the new evangelization.
 In Manila, the pastoral teams of schools and educational centres of the North Province of the Philippines (FIN) met for the annual seminar on Salesian pastoral ministry. The meeting discussed the integration of Education and Evangelization, stressing the importance of forming a community of "significant" adults, which are able to journey with young people by offering them clear proposals and demanding process. The group continued the reflection on ways of recapturing the spirit of Don
Bosco and the preventive system while we face new educational and pastoral challenges; practical issues concerning the management of time, talent and personal qualities in the educational and pastoral communities were also touché upon.
 Messina, Sicily – Conference on Youth Ministry and the Challenges of the New Evangelization. On 18th May, the Councillor has given a lecture on YM and the challenges of evangelization, at St. Thomas Theological Institute, Messina. The central point of the conference revolved around the primacy of Christ in the New Evangelization and the urgency to be in tune with the youth culture that is in search for meaning. The conference was the final academic act of the masters’ curriculum in YM that the Institute has offered over the past two years.
 Rome, Italy – Two Conferences for the Pontifical Council for the Laity. On Saturday, March 31st, Fr. Fabio was invited by the Pontifical Council for the Laity to deliver two lectures on the YM: the continental challenges and the challenge of contents and methodology. Participants for the meeting were those representing movements, groups and ecclesial Communities. The meeting was held at Rocca di Papa. The participants have examined the experience of World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 and programmed some guidelines for the next World Youth Day in Rio 2013. The two lectures in various languages can be found at:
 Ghent, Belgium – Conference to the Bishops Conference of Flanders and their YM teams. On Friday, April 27th, the Councillor has been invited by the bishops of Flanders, Belgium, to offer a conference on Youth and Vocation Animation. The central point of reflection was the urgency to promote processes and experiences of youth ministry where young people feel welcome, but where they are also offered an experience which gives them identity, an identity rooted in the gospel. The various processes of the human and Christian maturity are the basis of the vocational decision. The assembly was attended by the Flemish bishops with their YM teams.
 Niteroi, Brazil - Continental Commission of the SYM America. The preparation for the First Continental Meeting of SYM America is in progress. It will be held next year as part of World Youth Day (16th – 28th July 2013) in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). To this end, the Continental Commission met in the city of Niteroi (RJ) from 19th till 23rd March with the aim of supporting local processes so as to assure increasing educational and pastoral quality of the SYM America meeting 2013.
 Rocca di Papa (Roma) - RIO 2013 – WORLD YOUTH DAY preparation by PCL. The venue where nearly 280 delegates from 98 countries and 45 international Catholic Youth Movements, Associations and Communities, gathered to evaluate and plan the World Youth Days of Madrid 2011 and Rio 2013 respectively, is one of the beautiful villages in Italy, located in the Alban hills near the lake Albano. The study and planning sessions between 28th March and 1st April culminated in the celebration of the 27th World Youth Day with the Holy Father, at Vatican Square on the 1st April with the theme, “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Phil: 4:4). As representatives of the SYM, a member from SDB-YM and FMA-YM participated in the program..
Youth Ministry Department 5
During the inaugural presentation Stanisław Card. Ryłko the president of the Pontifical Council for Laity reminded us of the core message of the Holy Father to the youth at Madrid – be a cascade of light. The team that was responsible for organizing the WYD in Madrid enlightened and inspired everyone on the first day. In the second day the core organizing team from Brasil stormed us with the preparatory measures for Rio2013. The afternoon was filled with suggestions from the floor for the organisers of Rio2013 to avoid the pit falls of Madrid. The study theme for day three was, “The Christian education of young people: a priority in the mission of the Church” – The much appreciated discourse on the subject was by our general Councilor for Youth Pastoral activities Fabio Attard. With our participation in the Papal mass that initiated the Holy Week celebrations and the solemnizing of the World Youth day the members dispersed to meet again in Rio in the last week of November for further planning.
 Roma- The Coordinating Team of the Salesians for the XXVI World Youth Day in Madrid. From March 16th to 18th, the coordinating team the Salesians of the XXVI World Youth Day in Madrid visited the General House, La Pisana. The purpose of the visit was to thank this group of 5 people, 4 SDB’s and 1 lay, who were responsible for organizing the reception of the young people for the SYM-Meeting at Atocha. The Rector Major, Fr. Pascual Chávez has personally thanked the National Coordinating Youth Ministry Team of Spain for all the effort involving over 7000 young people of the SYM from different.
 Paris - The Small Team Salesian Youth Movements of Europe. This team is the elected executive body of the federation of the Salesian Youth Movements of Europe, at the service of SYM EUROPA for four years. The Small Team, an 8-member squadron, met in Paris for its annual meet from 8th to 10th of June. The forthcoming Annual General Assemble of SYM Europe was predominately the subject of discussion and planning. It will take place in Lyon between 16th and 18th of November, this year. Each country will be represented by youth and SDB & FMA representatives’ elected/nominated by the national body or provincial body of Youth Ministry. The national and provincial organizations should come prepared to participate in the election of the members for Small Team as many of the present members complete their office. The World Youth Day at Rio di Janeiro in 2013 is another great occasion to witness the triangular bond between Christ, the Church and the Young. The ways and means of participating in the forthcoming pilgrimage, as a single international movement was highly recommended. It was the desire of every member present to recreate the rich experience of Atocha – Madrid as one international movement.
 Jakarta (Indonesina) - Youth Ministry Delegates of East Asia. Though Indonesia is a small delegation, its vibrant team, headed by Fr. Boidi - the delegation leader, had prepared the necessities for the meeting of the Youth Ministry Delegates and Provincials at Jakarta from 5th to 8th March 2012. The Provincials and the delegates together studied for two days the process of Rethinking of the Youth Ministry, initiated by the Congregation. Led by Fabio Attard, the group arrived at means and methods of making every community, confrere and members of EPC participate in this process. It was undoubtedly accepted that this is a moment of internal speculation of our ministry with the young and an invitation to be open to the changes as per the needs of the world of the young. The sharing of the ministry, as per the questionnaire sent on the structures of youth ministry in each province and country, by the delegates in their separate study days were inspiring and educative.
The delegates elected Fr. Favie Faldas, which was approved by the Provincials, as the regional youth ministry coordinator as Fr. Andrew Fung completed his office. With a task in hand and ideas in mind the delegates dispersed with a resolve to make the Youth Ministry more effective and efficacious. Close to the young, together with Christ, in Don Bosco’s way was the resounding in everyone’s heart.
 Rome – An International Pastoral Team of Theology and Salesianity was convened by the Department for Youth Ministry. The meeting took place from 23rd till 25th March 2012, with the task of proposing a theological reflection that will be part of the process on Rethinking Salesian Youth Ministry. This last phase aims to update the "Basic Framework of Reference: The Salesian Youth Ministry.” The following participants were present for the meeting: D. Alberto Martelli (Italy); D. Jose Luis Plascencia Moncayo (UPS); D. Gregoire Kifuayi Nzilimpiem (Cameroon); D. Koldo Cuesta Gutierrez (Spain), D. Charles Maria Antonysamy (India), D. Charles Loots (Belgium); D. Marcello Baek (Korea). Together with this group, there were members of the Department for Youth Ministry: D. Robert David Simon, Sg. Mario Olmos, D. Miguel Angel Garcia, D. Rafael Borges, coordinated by the Councillor, D. Fabio Attard.
The group is in the process of producing a theological and salesian reflection that will introduce and enlighten the methodological and practical aspects of youth ministry. A key and essential element is that of inserting our salesian youth ministry within the mission of the Church, especially in this period so historically laden with meaning and great pastoral challenges. In these days of study there was a commitment that our youth ministry should have theological depth that will enhance our salesian identity and mission. There was also insistence that we put evangelisation at the centre of our educational processes and pastoral ministry in our presences, as well as the essential unity between education and evangelization. Thought was also given to the need of reflecting theologically on our youth ministry. This will sustain the process of forming of the Salesian as a minister of the young: that is, ongoing formation in favour of the mission.
August-October 2012
 Seminar on spiritual accompaniment and spiritual discernment for
trainers and trainees of the Province of Sao Paolo, from 23rd to 28th July.
 Salesian Youth Spirituality as a proposal towards sanctity in St. Francis
de Sales will be the subject of a reflection in the training sessions that will
accompany the Congregation in various Provinces of America during the
summer 2012 (ECU, VEN, PER, URU and ANT).
 The Saint Luis Beltran Province, Medellin (Colombia) will have the
presence of a member of the Department of YM during the first week of
September. A similar service is offered to the delegates for YM of Brazil in
its biannual meeting from 10th till 15th September.
 The Youth Pastoral Delegates of African region (CIVAM) will be meet
together from 16th to 20th September for the biannual meet at
Johannesburg. Evangelisation and family ministry will be the study theme
for the meeting. The moments of evaluation and planning should help the
region to grow in being signs and bearers of God’s love to the young in the
changing socio-political & economic-cultural context of the continent.
 In preparation of the bi-centenary, 2015, there will be a meeting of
SYM and the Salesian Family in Piła (Poland) from 21st till 23rd September.
 The Inter-America Region is preparing the X Regional Meeting of the
various Projects for Assistance to Children and Youth at Risk. It will take
place in Mexico City, from 11th till 15th October. The aim of the meeting is
to strengthen the pastoral and educational dimensions, together with a
better networking.
 There will be in the coming months the regional meetings of the
Delegates for YM in America. The Southern Cone Region will have its V
Meeting in Montevideo (URU) during the last days of September and the
Delegates of the Inter America Region will have their Xª Meeting in Mexico
City (DF) in the second part of October.
 First Meeting of the TVET Group of the Salesians in Europe will take
place in Frankfurt-Automekanica International Fair, from September 12th to
14th. The purpose: to boost, improve and strengthen the coordination of
TVET centres of SDB’s in Europe; to deepen the contacts between SDB’s in
Europe and the automobile companies and other related services and
 National Educational Conference of Don Bosco Schools (NECDBS) for
the Principals of Don Bosco Schools in India to be held from 28th
September till 1st October, at Don Bosco, Park Circus, Kolkata.
 5th October, General Assembly Don Bosco International
 6th October, annual meeting between the Department of YM and the
National Coordinating Team of YM of Spain together with the YM of the
Western Europe Region.
 Seminar on personal accompaniment and YM, in Mexico (MEM) from
17th till 31st October.
 2nd – 5th November, Symposium on the South Asian youth in India, at
the occasion of the annual gathering of the Youth Pastoral Delegates in
November at Guwahati. The delegates will study and share subjects and
experiences pertaining to our ministry with the young, the regional process
of rethinking of youth ministry: its results and effects at the national level.
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