Social Communication in the Salesian Congregation focuses on the following objectives:

Making specific contributions by SC to the priorities of the Animation Plan of the Rector Major and his Council 2002-2008

Building up and gradually making use of a communication system for the Congregation that is professional and sound but flexible: in order to encourage the creation of a “communication ecosystem” that involves everyone (SDBs, Salesian Family, educators, pupils) in the Salesian spirit and mission; in order to guide and facilitate relationships of communication and exchange of ideas in the organization of the Generalate and between it and the provinces. in order to encourage internal charismatic communion with a sense of belonging in the first place to the Congregation over and above that to one’s province, and then to the Salesian Family through reliable information; in order to help Salesians and lay collaborators as educators to have a positive attitude in accepting and being familiar with the use of the instruments and the techniques of communication, in view of carrying out the educative and pastoral mission; in order to develop within the Congregation an understanding of SC as field of mission and as a setting for young people to come together (GC25, 47) and to support the conviction that mass communication and the development of information technology are means for innovative models and new ways of thinking (GC25,3) – cultural models; in order to make the specialized communication and information services linked to the Salesian mission, so that they provoke action by society; in order to present the Congregation more effectively to public opinion.