Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention, January 2022

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True human fraternity

For the promotion of human fraternity and good relationships within the Salesian family in Hungary.

We pray for all those suffering from religious discrimination and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognized, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family.  

[Pope Francis’ prayer intention]


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

I greet you warmly on the threshold of the new year of 2022.

We know that Don Bosco was strongly inspired by the figure of St Francis de Sales, whom we remember specially this year, four hundred years after his death. What was his greatest inspiration? First of all, as a true shepherd and a teacher of charity. But also, as a courageous missionary and a tireless evangeliser who always worked for the salvation of souls.

We are all invited to welcome the great gift of salvation brought to us through Christ's redemptive mission, and we are all part of Don Bosco's educational mission which is carried out in many forms all over the world. Let us draw inspiration, once again, from the love and ingenuity of the saint from Savoy whose name we have borrowed for our beautiful Congregation.

▀ Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime SDB, Rector Major

How an issue of Cagliero11 is born

Behind every issue of Cagliero11 hides a group of people contributing to its creation. We would like to present to you the nine-step process we go through and the people who are involved in the production of this missionary bulletin.

  1. Theme – choice of themes for Cagliero11 throughout the year
  2. Issue – the theme and contents of an issue
  3. Contributions – work on contributions from various authors
  4. Text – collection of texts written for the specific issue
  5. Correction – the "basic" text in Italian is corrected
  6. Translation – translations made into ENG, SPA, FRE, POR
  7. Design – finalisation of graphic design and layout
  8. Forwarding – text handed over for creation in other languages
  9. Sending – the number sent as per the need in each specific language

The production of a specific issue of Cagliero11 begins with the choice of themes for an entire year. The theme for a particular month is selected to correspond with the prayer intention of the Pope for that month. These intentions appear either at the bottom of the 2nd page or in a separate large box. The CaglieroLIFE videos, created in collaboration with the DBIEM centre in Paris, are also prepared on the theme of the intentions.

The Missions Sector at the “Sede Centrale” produces Cagliero11 in five languages, but at least 14 other translations are made in various provinces (Arabic, Assamese, Bahasa, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Tetum, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese).


Dear Derossi, you have been in Hungary for 12 years as one of the first missionaries. How has the province changed during this time through the presence of missionaries from abroad?

I am currently 13 years old in Hungary and belong to the third group of missionaries. As missionaries we have renewed our province with the values of religious life; in particular, to live and work together as brothers from different countries, cultures and traditions, but united in the spirit of Don Bosco. Thus, my province is rich in diversity and has grown in openness. The missionaries have made a qualitative contribution in the governance and animation of the province. Missionaries have taken on leading roles in various capacities at the provincial level and in communities.

What do you appreciate most about the nature of Hungarians?

I admire the patriotism of Hungarians. Hungarians adhere to their culture and traditions. Young people, too, are very proud of their history. The day that is very special and very close to Hungarian hearts is 20 August, when we celebrate the first Hungarian king, the founder of the Hungarian State and a saint, St Stephen of Hungary. I feel very moved when I see the State and the Church honouring the holy king.

The theme of this issue is promoting humanity, interconnectedness and relationships among peoples. Where do you see the biggest obstacles and challenges to realising these attitudes?

I am deeply edified by the initiatives of the government. We have a separate ministry set up to take care of persecuted Christians. The "Hungary Helps" is the movement supported by the government precisely to promote humanity, interconnections and relationships among people. And we Salesians in Hungary collaborate with them socially through volunteering. The challenge is to manage prudently the havoc created by the pandemic in people's minds regarding health, safety and finance.

Don Derossi Raja, SDB



    • FOOD is a gift from God, it feeds, nourishes & connects people.
    • FOOD varies from country to country.
    • We all love FOOD!

    The Missions Sector has taken a new initiative called BoscoFood. It will present the richness of the cuisines of each of the 134 countries of the world where Salesians are present.

    BoscoFood consists of two-page bilingual cards with a typical dish of the country. Starting with this issue, for more than two years, you will always find 4-5 cards attached to each issue of Cagliero11 – one card per week. The final goal is the publication of the first Salesian cookery book BoscoFood Book.