Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention, September 2022

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For the abolition of the death penalty

For fostering Salesian preventive system and education without punishments in Papua New Guinea.

We pray that the death penalty, which attacks the dignity of the human person, may be legally abolished in every country.                                                               

[Pope Francis’ prayer intention]


Dear friends!

I greet you from Colle Don Bosco, together with the Salesians from various provinces who have made themselves available to the Rector Major and the Congregation to be sent to the Missions at the end of this month as missionaries ad gentes and ad vitam.

September is known as the "month of the Bible" in memory of St. Jerome, the first translator of the Holy Scriptures into Latin. A month that reminds us that we need to communicate with God every day through his written Word. When we open the Bible, we open our lives! The Bible is a propitious space to get closer to the Holy Scriptures; it offers us opportunities in which, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, we open our hearts to be fertile land in which the Word of God produces thirty- or sixty- or a hundred-fold, wherever we may be!

With all the Salesians who are part of the 153rd missionary expedition, I wish all the readers of Cagliero 11 a blessed and intense month of listening and praying in the light of the Word of God.

  ▀ Fr. Reginaldo Cordeiro, SDB Member of Sector for the Salesian Missions

 153rd Missionary Expedition 2022



Dear Fr Alejandro, what is the reality of the Salesians in MOR?

Our province carries out its mission and offers its witness in 5 countries where Christians are a minority: Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. The SDBs are mostly missionaries (70%); however there are also Arab Salesians (30%) who carry out their mission in countries of the province other than that of their birth and culture.

How about the work of our volunteers?

Since long we have needed the support of lay people who volunteer in our works: Middle East commitment, VIS, volunteer professors in Italian schools in Egypt, and many friends who offer their service. This year more than 20 young people from the ICC, INE and SMX provinces will have a short-term volunteer experience in various houses of the MOR.

Despite the great need for personnel to carry out the works in the established institutions of our province, several missionary experiences have also been made for short durations during the summer in Upper Egypt, Baghdad, Istanbul, and Erbil. SDBs as well as lay people participated in these experiences. Since 2015, our provincial missionary animation has organized an exchange of animators among the oratories during the summer. This promotes the missionary spirit and communion among the works of the province. More than 24 young people lived this experience from 2015 to 2021. This year there are 16 of them:

  • Syria, Aleppo   sent 4 young people                                                           
  • Syria, Damasco   sent 5 young people and received 2
  • Syria, Kafroun   sent 2 young people and received 4
  • Egypt, Cairo–El Sahel   sent 2 young people
  • Egypt, Cairo–Zeitun   received 1 young person
  • Lebanon, El Housson   sent 3 young people and received 9

What is the criterion for choosing the destination for MOR volunteers?

Our criterion is simple. When it comes to sharing life and faith, there are no communities that are too poor to share their wealth; nor are there any communities that are so rich that they do not need to receive these testimonies.