Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - January 2021

Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - January 2021

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Human fraternity

For fostering the human fraternity and Salesian spirit of loving kindness in France.

May the Lord give us the grace to live in full fellowship with our brothers and sisters of other religions, praying for one another, open to all.



Happy New Year 2021!

Although we are still struggling to cope with this ‘new normal’, we start this new year ‘moved by hope’ because we are convinced that the Lord makes all things new. What is important is to have the eyes of faith that will enable us to reread the events with the eyes of faith.

You have also in your hands Cagliero 11 which has been renewed in its format and content with the sole purpose of making it a resource material for missionary animation of the Salesian community and of the members of the Educative-Pastoral Community.

May this ‘change’ in Cagliero 11 foster a renewed appreciation of this simple but important tool for keeping alive missionary spirit and fervor alive in the hearts of every Salesian and in every Educative-Pastoral Community.

Fr. Alfred Maravilla, SDB
General Councilor for Missions

For whom & with whom


Cagliero11 is entering into the 12th year of its existence. We want to continue offering this bulletin to all those who are sensitive to the missions, and we are pleased to present you some changes and news starting from this issue:

  • a new modern layout with bigger images and color combination
  • a “Forum” of interesting remarks, reflections, and examples of good practices
  • every 3 issues of Cagliero11 showing more of one continent, then it changes
  • Pope Francis’ prayer intentions linked to the prayer for a specific country
  • every 3rd month there comes an extra page with photos: CaglieroPics

With the new format we want to invite you to cooperate with us in a closer way. For Cagliero11 to be interesting and attractive, we need your active cooperation. What exactly?

  • Send us news from your missionary reality accompanied by some photos.
  • Send us examples of good practices, ideas, experiences, testimonies.
  • Send us one or two quality photos in high resolution (at least 2MB).
  • Pray for the missions, missionaries, volunteers, benefactors, and young people.

Here is our editorial staff. Three Salesian priests and a young lay man from the Sector for the Salesian Missions in Rome:

  • Fr. Alfred Maravilla (Philippines): general councilor for the missions
  • Fr. George Menamparampil (India): responsible for missionary solidarity
  • Fr. Pavel Zenisek (Czechia): responsible for missionary animation
  • Mr. Marco Fulgaro (Italy): cooperator of missionary animation

In the next three months (Jan-Mar) Cagliero11 will turn more to the "old continent", where Project Europe is still underway. The prevailing color of this quarter will be blue as the color of the flag of the EU, and the Marian color. We entrust every missionary activity to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

With the best wishes of God’s blessings,
Your friends from Cagliero11
Pavel, George, Alfred & Marco
(in the photo from the left)

P. S. If you know anybody who would appreciate receiving this newsletter, let us know please.




The most inspiring and encouraging experience that keeps me always in movement is “God’s compassion and love towards me”. I can never explain how deep this joy is to be a Salesian of Don Bosco. My inner happiness is doubled by the grace and gift to be a Salesian Missionary in Europe. I never chose or wanted to be in France.

As with every missionary I must go through all the struggles in the beginning, but God was, is, and will be with me. I feel really loved by my confreres in FRB province. What more do I need than this? Even before coming to France I always shared with my confreres my desire to communicate GOD’s Love to young people through Media. I never knew that this dream would get its form in an unknown country, called France. God’s plan and His way of leading is extremely inspiring.

What is the “added value” or benefit of a young SDB coming from a different continent to work in Europe? Is the Salesian “Project Europe” still in vigor?

Confreres coming from different continents to work in Europe should not be seen and interpreted that “most of the confreres are elderly here” and therefore the congregation is sending them. We are an international congregation, receiving and sending confreres to the places where they are needed. This is something that is a part of our congregation’s DNA. The question if Project Europe is still relevant should be answered by each confrere who lives with young missionaries coming from different continents.

You are working in both, Mission Animation and Social Communication sectors in your province. Do you think it is good?

Being in both sectors makes my work easy and less problematic. I always had a soft corner for Mission Animation because I am a Salesian. This flame will remain with me always. Don Bosco had to face industrial revolution, we are facing digital and technological revolution today. Due to COVID-19 this digital revolution has come to light and we are able to see and experience its positive and negative effect. It is time now for the Salesians around the world to ACT like Don Bosco with the one and only goal “to see our young people HAPPY here and the next world”. | |

Fr. John Paul Swaminathan, SDB, 1987, Tamil Nadu, South India. SDB province of origin INT (Tiruchi)
Member of FRB province since 2011 | Delegate for Social Communication | Delegate for Missionary Animation




Solidarity COVID-19

The principal response of the Congregation to COVID-19 consisted of: our educational, pastoral, spiritual and religious services, all of them adapted to the demands of quarantines and lockdown. The world level coordination under the Missions Sector also received requests for about:

  • 8.5 million euro for 282 projects of which about 165 were supported with about 6.5 million.
  • 11 million people belonging at least to 625,000 families were helped by material assistance.

This became true Initial Proclamation by focusing on the most marginalised, forgotten, unwanted and stigmatised people, reaching heroic proportions and generating at least two Salesian martyrs in service against COVID-19.

Fr. MC George Menemparampil, SDB |