Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - November 2021

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People who suffer from depression
For members of EPCs in the USA suffering from burn-out, anxiety, or depression.
We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will


Dear brothers and friends,
'Burnout' has to do with a person's energy. Burnout refers to those who can no longer cope, who have spent all their energy and are unable to regenerate it.
Pastoral workers can also suffer from this syndrome: emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and lack of personal satisfaction. We are talking about normal people who have started their service with generosity and dedication and later got scalded or burnt out. Listening to their discomfort and helping them understand their internal and external situation realistically help them to take steps to revive  the ·name· of their dedication. It is certainly a flame that must be fed with prayer and other spiritual aids, but it is right to recogrnse that, sometimes, the concrete conditions in which pastoral service is carried out are such that they burn up the resources of evanglisers, at least some of them.

Don Miguel Ángel García, SDB
General Councillor for Youth Ministry

Strength and weakness go together

It gives us great joy to see the 23 missionaries who form the 152nd missionary expedition; we thank the Lord for this great gift. We know that it is not at all easy, especially in these last two years, to opt to be a missionary ad gentes, and often having to wait many months before actually being able to leave. As always, the missionary is required to be strong and robust. And, also, humble because such high expectations from so many are placed on his shoulders. But, what if, despite sincere discernment and honest preparation, he does not come up to expectations; what if he does not make it What do we do? Pope Francis' prayer intention this month is for those suffering from depression or burnout We should be sensitive to these people who may be close to us, indeed even among us. Not only to respect them in their fragility but also to allow ourselves get concerned about them. The apostle and missionary, Paul of Tarsus, wrote, "when I am weak, it is then that I am strong" (2 Cor 12"10) If we look at Christ in the Gospel, we see that what brought us salvation was not the great power with which he worked wonders for the good of the people but, in the end, his weakness and helplessness on the cross. We are a vibrant and strong congregation; we do so many good things, so many activities. Also, thanks to our missionaries. Without their courage, determination and energy we could never be who we are called to be, we would not be the faithful sons of Don Bosco. We should, however. not be afraid to recognise and accept our limitations too. to present our empty hands to God. Certainly, thanks to faith and trust in the Spirit of Christ, we can do much more than we think. Along with the contemporary theologian. Tomas Halik, and the architects of skyscrapers, we can admit at the same time that "what does not shake, is not necessarily solid'.

Fr. Pavel Ženíšek, SDB
Member of the Missions Sector


▀ Do I know my personal strengths and limitations?
▀ Am I willing to find and meet Christ even in my weaknesses, frailties and limitations?