Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - July 2019

Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - July 2019

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Salesian Missionary Intention


For the Salesian Family in AMERICA

That the Lord may protect and make the Salesian presence fruitful in America: may the Gospel be spread through education and the promotion of peace and justice.


The Salesian Congregation is present in 24 countries of America with 510 Salesi-an communities and the commitment of more than 53,000 lay collaborators. Let us pray that this rich ecclesial presence may be a leaven of new evangeliza-tion and of a new civilization through justice and love.

CAGLIERO11_127, JULY 2019

Dear confreres, dear friends

In this month, with Pope Francis and with a missionary heart, we are listening to the sixth beatitude: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

"Keeping your heart clean of all that dirties love, thats holiness" [GEx 86].

People often ask the Councillor for the Missions which is the most "dangerous" place for the Salesian mission today. And the answer is clear: the greatest danger for a Salesian missionary is that he will lose his missionary spirit. This is, therefore, the most dangerous "place", the one to be feared most: to let the apostolic passion get dirty or weakened. This is what constitutes the purity of the missionary heart: keeping the apostolic fire always burning and burning bright. This requires an at-tentive and daily spiritual discipline, precisely from the disciple-missionary. Like Don Bosco, Salesian missionaries are very attentive to their daily examination of conscience. They celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation frequently (cf. C90). I often ask missionaries, by e-mail, by Whatsapp or even face-to-face: "Do you have the possibility to confess frequently, dear missionary?"

Keeping your heart clean of everything that dirties the apostolic passion, here is the secret and the strength of the Salesian missionary.

Fr. Guillermo Basañes, SDB
Councillor for the Missions

Extraordinary Missionary Month

In view of the Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM) announced by Pope Francis for next October – to commemo-rate the centenary of the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XV, Maximum Illud – the Sector for the Missions has prepared an animation tool for all Salesians and pastoral workers who intend to relaunch the Churchs evangelizing action in their own fields of activity. This booklet, which has as its title the same EMM theme, “Baptized and sent. The Church of Christ on its mission in the world”, was officially launched on Sunday, June 9th, Solem.of Pentecost.

The booklet edited by the Sector for Salesian Missions was elaborated in the form of a diary that accompanies the reader / missionary / missionary group throughout the month of October 2019, offering various elements for reflection each day. It features:

  • A quote from the Maximum Illud; -Biblical references related to the same subject;
  • A reflection of the magisterium of the pontiffs following Benedict XV; - A thought of Pope Francis;
  • A statement from the documents of the Congregation.

This wide range of elements offered to the readers reflection is completed each day with two other segments: a section that suggests points for a discussion, a sharing of thoughts, and suggestions for concrete activities; and the proposal of a Saint each day to pray to for the needs of the Church in a nation associated with the saint.

This material could be used in Salesian Communities instead of the morning meditation or evening vespers. Groups in schools, parishes, oratories and residential institutions could use it for their animation. Only a limited number of copies have been printed in English and Italian, leaving it to Provinces and Institutions to print their own versions adapted to their culture and language. Translations are ready also in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Vietnamese, etc.

But there is more: The purpose of this initiative is to support global eccle-sial missionary action. The Missions Sector offers the aid with its layout in its editable digital pdf form to any Church group that wishes to benefit from the work already done. They can modify the content to suit their needs and use the layout already made. It is available, free of charge, to religious Congregations and local Churches.

“We simply want to be of service to the Church,” explained the editor of this product, Fr George Menamparampil, SDB.

For anyone interested in receiving this material or further information, please write to:


The Mission is always a Service


Ive been in Lahore, Pakistan, for almost a year. It is a very complete Salesian work: with a boarding, primary and secondary school, technical school, Saturday oratory and many other activities. We are just three Salesians who run this presence. We have about 200 children and young people living with us or participating in our educational activities and services.

I must say God took his own time time preparing me for this work. I sent my first letter to the Rector Major, offering myself as a missionary ad gentes immediately after my first religious profession (21 years ago) but it was only in 2016 (after 10 years of priesthood) that I received the permission to go to Pakistan. However, I had to wait another two years for my visa.

During the years of my formation and early Salesian life I understood that the mission God entrusts us with is not only in the future, nor in a distant country. The mission is precisely the time and place we live every day, the service of generous dedication to the young and to the people around us, the shared life in commu-nity and especially prayer. The Salesian mission is in the present. Life is always a mission, a service, an apprenticeship.

I realized that every mission has prepared me for what I am doing now, here in Pakistan, and that this beautiful mission will prepare me for the next one, in the time and place that God points out to me. One of the virtues that I had to strengthen in this period of preparation and expec-tation was undoubtedly "patience"; patience also made me grow in obedience and faith.

Now I am very happy here in Pakistan, because my life as a Salesian priest only makes sense among children and young people and here I am surrounded by them. I am happy that my religious community, my brother Salesians, Fr. Noble and Bro. Bernard, have welcomed me with open arms, regardless of the differences in customs, culture, language and thought. I am happy because God gives me the opportunity to continue to grow as a human being and to continue to learn to be a Salesian.

GABRIEL Cruz sdb, Mexican, missionary in Pakistan


Witness of Salesian Missionary Sanctity


Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Postulator General for the Causes of Saints

The Servant of God Nino Baglieri (1951-2007), completed an important journey of conversion during his life. He allowed himself to be moulded by the Father, transforming his suffering into a joyful proclamation of the Good News. Conversion triggered in him the desire to commit himself for others. He first became a Salesian Cooperator, and then he chose to consecrate himself entirely to the Lord, becoming a CDB (Volunteer with Don Bosco). He said: "You see, everything is the work of the Holy Spirit and it all began when I said ‘yes’ to the Lord, when I opened my heart to him. I cant move at all: it is the Lord who makes his hands and feet available to me, through his friends, through my brother-in-law, my family. We who suffer need the people who are well and you need us to... buy Paradise. The Lord will only ask us if we have known how to love the brother next to us.