Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - November 2018

Cagliero11 and Salesian Missionary Intention - November

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Salesian Missionary Intention

For Salesians in areas of conflict

For Salesians who live in various countries that are at war, or experience violent social relations, so that the Lord may enlighten them and make them witnesses of and educators to peace.


On all the continents there are situations of tension, including war, where Salesian presences are on the front line. We pray for their safety and that they may be instruments of dialogue and encounter that lead to a stable peace.


W ithin a year from now we will have celebrated with the whole Church the extraordinary missionary month announced by Pope Francis. We want to do it holding in our hands and our hearts the missionary letter of Pope Benedict XV, Maximum Illud. A simple but crucial idea in this letter is this: the missionary "does not fall from heaven". It is necessary to build him, to form him.

A key element to be taken care of is a level of fluency in lan-guages. It is an expression on the part of the missionary of his acceptance of the values of the peoples he is to evangelize. Language is a key that opens hearts and cultures. "The missionary loves us: see how he learns our language", it is often said.

Every Salesian is a missionary among young people. He is constantly learning new languages, even the new lingos popular among the youth. Among the qualities the Salesian missionary ad gentes must have is a predisposition for languages, though it is not this alone that makes a good missionary. We have some extraordinary models: Monsignor Oreste Marengo (1906 - 1998) was able to communicate in 22 languages of North-East India. And you, dear confrere, are you ready to collaborate more closely in this missionary and linguistic Pentecost?

D. Guillermo Basanes, SDB
Consigliere per le missioni

Salesian Pan-Amazonian meeting

S alesian Provinces with presences in Amazonia will hold a meeting to reflect on the 125 years of the our missions in Amazonia, the challenges of the present and to design the future with new vigour. We want to be in tune with the church, which is preparing for a Pan-Amazonian Synod. The main participants will be missionaries from the provinces of Manaus and Mato Grosso - Brazil. There will also be Salesians from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Paraguay. Many Salesian sisters and lay people will also participate. The presence of Don Bosco in Amazonia is very significant. We work in 35 missionary communities and serve at least 44 ethnic groups: Xavante, Bororo, Terena, Guarní, Kaiowá, Kinikianau, Atikum, Guató, Ofaié, Kadiwíeu, Kura Bakairi, Tukano, Tariano, Dessano, Piratapuia, Hupda, Cubeo, Uana-no, Barassanos, Mirititapuia, Arapasso, Tuyuca, Carapanasso, Bare. Shuar, Achuar, Shawi, Kandozi, Wampis, Awajun, Kechua, Chapra, Kucamacucamilla, Shivillo, Arawacos, Hiwi, Piaroa, Yanomami, Yekuana, Senema Yekauana, Ayoreo, Maskoy, Ishir, Tomaraio.

The young people of the immense and fascinating Amazonia are hoping to welcome even more children of Don Bosco. They want the faith and the riches of Christ shared with them in the Salesian style. They want to build together a Church with an Amazonian face. They wish to be, not only the physical lung of the planet, but also a spiritual lung. The encounter between Christ and the indigenous cultures can enrich the whole of humanity.

  1. The poster expresses the rich and complex variety of Pan-Amazonia: large urban centers, life along the river, houses on stilts, suburbs, villages, and mountains as symbols of the sacred.
  2. In the foreground are the main recipients of our mission: a young native one side and on the other children and teenagers who venturing out to the river.
  3. At the centre is the symbol of the Synod ... our unity with the Church.
  4. The flora and fauna are symbolized in the Arara and in the shades of green.
  5. The province of Manaus hosts the meeting while the Amazonian rivers form the water mark of the entire poster.
  6. The logo of the Synod in the same character and color expresses our service within the Church.

149° Spedizione Missionaria

On the 30th of Sep-tember, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, the Rector Major sent forth 25 new missionaries to various parts of the world. He gave each of them a missionary crucifix engraved with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and the phrase "Da mihi animas cetera tolle". The successor of Don Bosco emphasized some points in his homily:

  1. Genuine missionaries of the Spirit.
  2. You are not sent to "do", and "do" and “do still more”; but to bring a spirit, to widen the embrace of Don Bosco, the tender humanity of Mother Mazzarello and the daring of our first confreres and sisters. We expect an authentic sense of belonging to the Spirit of God, of which you will be heralds through your life and your word. We expect pastoral love to be the true centre of your being and doing; that the Christ of the Gospel, loved and followed by Don Bosco and our saints, be really at the core of your person; that you live a filial sense of the Church with humility and intensity; a predilection for young people; the typical loving kindness of the Preventive System; a family spirit in the midst of tireless work and accompanied by temperance.

  3. Humble Missionaries of the Ear.
  4. You go to them to listen to their word and to share yours, to hear and share their sufferings and joys and to announce the Word of salvation that is not yours but which you have interiorized through listening to the Spirit of Jesus.

  5. Tenacious and courageous missionaries for the little ones and the last ones.
  6. Today you are sent as missionaries to these, as disciples and servants. In the "memento" Don Bosco gave to the missionaries of the first expedition we read: "Take care of the sick, the children, the old and the poor, and you will earn the blessing of God and the good will of men.”

Testimonianza di santità missionaria salesiana

Don Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Postulator General for the Causes of Saints

The Venerable Simone Srugi (1877-1943). Salesian coadjutor, fellow citizen of Jesus. The 75th anniversary of his death occurs on November 27. He was very good by nature, but it was the spiritual work and guidance of his courageous teachers in the faith that led him to rise to the highest levels of Christian life. He was a nurse and a miller. Love was his weapon throughout his life, inspired by what he had seen in Bethlehem at the school of Don Belloni. He used it with all, even towards Orthodox and Muslims. It was not easy in those times for Catholics to have serene relations with Muslims and Orthodox. Indifference towards them was normal and even a little of enmity.