We carry out activities and works in which it is possible to promote the human and Christian education of young people as:


1. The Oratory and the Youth Center

An environment of wide acceptance, open to a great diversity of young people, especially those who are far away, with a diversity of educational and evangelization proposals, characterized by a youthful protagonism and a strong personal relationship between educators and young people, capable of becoming a missionary presence in the world young and in civil society.


2. The School and Professional Training

Centers of systematic education, inspired by gospel values, in accordance with the Salesian spirit and pedagogy, which promote a popular education attentive to the most needy young people, to their professional training and to the accompaniment in their insertion into the world of work.


3. The boarding school and the pensioner

A welcome service for young people who do not have a family or who are temporarily away from it, in which personal relationships, the leadership and responsibility of young people in daily life, group life with different educational offers and Christian formation are fostered.


4. The presence in the university world

Through institutions of higher education, of Christian inspiration, with Catholic character and Salesian style; retired or residences for university students, other university pastoral services.


5. The Parish

Characterized by special attention to young people, especially the poorest, the popular environment where it is found, the presence of a Salesian religious community as an animating nucleus, the proposal of evangelization and education to the faith closely integrated with the human promotion of people and of the whole human group.


6. Works and social services for young people at risk

A family environment of welcome and education, animated by a community, with the criterion of preventivity according to Don Bosco's educational style, inspired by the Gospel and with evangelizing intentionality, open to the transformation of the realities of social exclusion and the construction of a culture of solidarity, in collaboration with other social institutions.


7. Social communication

Through education in the understanding, use and use of media, the development of people's communicative potential through the new languages ​​of music, theater, art, etc ..., training in the critical, aesthetic and moral sense , the promotion of information and editorial centers in the fields of the press, radio, television, the Internet etc ... at the service of the Salesian educational and pastoral project.


8. Other new forms of Salesian presence among young people
  • The Salesian Youth Movement: the communion and connection of all the youth groups and associations that recognize themselves in Salesian spirituality and pedagogy, take up its educational and evangelizing choice and commit themselves to sharing and coordinating among themselves.
  • Salesian Voluntary Service: a voluntary service that is committed to education and to the human promotion of young people, especially the poorest, and of popular environments, according to the style of the Preventive System of Don Bosco and the values ​​of Salesian Youth Spirituality, in view of the transformation of society and the removal of the causes of injustice, and which favors the community experience and the vocational development of the volunteer.
  • Vocational guidance services: meetings and centers for vocational guidance, welcoming communities and vocational proposals, etc.
  • Specialized services of Christian formation: specialized centers of pedagogical orientation of young people, retreat and spirituality houses, centers of pastoral and catechetical formation, etc.