Aid to live Eco-Theological Lent in the spirit of Laudato Si'

The Integral Ecology Sector of the Youth Ministry (YM) offers an aid to live Lent according to the spirit of Laudato Si' to all the Delegates of the Youth Ministry, the animators and all those interested. It is a proposal to live and experience Lent starting from the Gospel of the next five Sundays, making a concrete commitment to as many issues. The theme is: “TAKE THE PLANET BY HAND, TAKE YOUR NEIGHBOR BY THE HAND”.

One hand, five fingers: five weeks and five commitments a week that start from the Gospel and are fulfilled through a brief comment, and take concrete form in concrete actions in favor of the planet and others.

Accompanying this "eco-theological" journey are 40 phrases from the Gospel, one for each day of Lent.

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