Don Bosco



 Dear friends,
on the occasion of Don Bosco's Bicentenary, to enhance the event and to facilitate the pilgrimage of those who want to visit Salesian places and facilitate the work of those who must welcome, we send you some useful information.
It is essential to communicate dates and requests for reception as soon as possible.
We therefore ask you to indicate your requests.
Reception at Valdocco

  • Hospitality
    • overnight

If you need to stay alone
If you need to stay with your family
If you need to stay with a small group
If you need to stay with a group in rooms with services
If you need to stay with a group of children, boys, young people in the hostel
If you need to stay, and you're a Salesian confrere

    • Restaurant / Self-service / packed lunch

To book meals at the Basilica Restaurant: Lunch at the restaurant or at the self-service.
To reserve a lunch box: Lunch box

  • Visit
2.1 Children's bedrooms and historical places of Don Bosco

To visit the "Camerette di Don Bosco" and the other historical places of Valdocco: Visit to Don Bosco's bedrooms

2.2 Printshop Museum

To visit the printshop

  • Celebrations: Basilica, Pinardi, St Francis de Sales

To celebrate Mass in the Basilica or in the chapels: Celebration in the Basilica or in another chapel

  • Rooms and theatres

Request to organise shows, conventions, events: Request form rooms and theatres
For further information you can write to
Thank you for your attention
The welcome team