Don Bosco

Cholera arrangements

Arrangements for the Cholera epidemic

Dear Fr Rector,


In various cities and towns, not only in France but also in Italy, a number of cases of cholera have already been confirmed, as you will know through the newspapers. In this period of danger I judge it opportune to send out some advice to all our Houses and I recommend that our wise Rectors to let all their dependants know of these.

In the first place I recommend for as long as the cholera lasts we offer Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in all our churches daily, and making it possible too for our day students to attend, where the church is open to the public.

Secondly, I recommend that both Salesians and other members of staff take the precautions suggested by Christian prudence to avoid this fatal disease.

Thirdly and especially, where there is the need, let us offer our services to our neighbour inasmuch as our circumstances allow us to, helping the sick, providing spiritual help, and also taking into our Hospices youngsters who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of this plague. In this case however, it would also be wise to hear the opinion of the local health Commission to ensure there is no danger in passing on the disease to others in the house.

In letting you know the above I also pray that you may receive every heavenly blessing, and I pass on my warmest greetings to you and all my dear children.

Your most affectionate friend,
Fr John Bosco.

P.S. The request to accept poor boys orphaned by the cholera into our Hospices can be made to local authorities like the Mayor and Prefect or Under-Prefect.