Don Bosco

Index of Circulars


To Directors (Rectors) of Salesian Houses. p. 3

Don Bosco's Circular letters to his Salesians, and some other writings p. 7

Ways to cultivate vocations and preserve our spirit of piety amongst Salesians and the young - The need for labourers on behalf of the Gospel - Ways to cultivate vocations and preserve our spirit of piety - Fostering associations - Fleeing particular and worldly friendships - Going to bed and getting up on time. p. 9

Eight pieces of advice for the smooth running of the Congregation - Reading decisions made - Exercise for a happy death - Not going to public baths - Obedience to Superiors - Not keeping money aside - Not spending holidays with relatives and friends - Charity in words and deeds. - Writing to the Rector Major twice a year. p. 13

Reading material - Damage caused by bad literature. - Ask the boys for a list of their books as the year begins. - Vigilance always. - Rules for individual items of literature and for reading in the refectory and in the dormitory. - Value publications by our confreres p. 15

Observing the Rule - Thanks for your greetings - Ways to save our soul - An answer to certain problems. p. 20

Arrangements during cholera outbreak - During the outbreak there will be Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament - Charity and taking precautions - Take in orphans. p. 23

Spreading good books - Spreading good books is a Divine way of saving souls. - Advantages of a good book. - Reasons which should urge us to spread them. - Our own publications. - Rules for the boys and suggested subscriptions p. 24

Choosing the Vicar General and other Superiors - Choice of Don Rua as Vicar General and reasons for such choice - New Prefect - New Councillor for Schools - Bishop Cagliero appointed as Pro-vicar of the Missions in South America - Note regarding titles for addresses. p. 30

Convocation of Fourth General Chapter - Convocation of the General Chapter - Electing members of the Superior Chapter - Norms draw from the Rule - Invitation to pray for help from the Holy Spirit p. 33

Arrangements for the General Chapter The next General Chapter - Time to send in proposals - Prayers to be said. p. 34

New departure for missions, America - The need to extend missions in Patagonia and Brazil - Need for aid - Appeal for funds to Cooperators - Departure of missionaries and a conference - Thanks and prayers for those who have made offerings. p. 35

Report from the Fourth General Chapter and various exhortations - Report from the General Chapter - Elected members of the Superior-Chapter - Exhortation to practise obedience - Avoid complaints - The spirit of poverty. p. 40

Earthquake on the Ligurian Riviera, Ponente - Divine protection and thanksgiving - Destruction of the House at Bordighera - Providing help - Thinking of the young - Request for prayers . p. 44

Final goodbye and reminders for Cooperators - Thanks for help given - Exhortation to follow - The Lord will reward you - We shall see you in heaven p. 46

Don Bosco's Spiritual Testament - Goodbye - Spiritual reminders - Obedience to my successor. p. 50