Don Bosco

Eight notices for the good progress of the Congregation. (Latin)




The directors and other superiors of each house of the Salesian Congregation in D. S. P.,
September canteens have recently been completed, General Chapter in our College at the entrances have been in the more established the utility of our meeting. But, before we are able to be communicated to hujusmo.di Decrees printed to have intrusted to our allies, when it is time, still beardless, and no labor is required, it is a good view of it is to note in some of it in advance, and which are more closely akin to the practice and the observance of which are considered to be very much in the Lord, we commend not necessary. They are:

1. deliberations, which have already been ratified in the first General Chapter of the mission, particularly relating to the behavior and look at the economy, it needs to be restored.

2. Directories should devote the greatest care, in order that each of the men was hid everyone to his companion to open their minds freely and conveniently. Similarly, the practice of the goods of the dead a day for them, or all of the un at the same time had been collected, or even separately from it, each man to carry a whole, and on the same day, we read that one of the chapters of the Constitutions, or by epistle of Pope St. Vincent de Paul, which flew the foundation of both of these.

3. There are serious reasons to recommend it, and no one in the medical priority, added to the water bath.

4. The obedience of us is in fact superior to, the regulations, the responsibilities entrusted to each. Clearly explioentur St Paul's words: Obey your etc. For this reason no one from the house, where, from the Su illness than, this child is his own, not even for a moment, let him depart without the Superior 's consent, through the intercession of a just and reasonable cause.
Again, We were with her in the money, no one keeps for himself, nor paid to the heir, unless for a reason and the measure of which they and the Superior has appointed.

5. strive roof to be closed at all bad Workshop, such as vacation time with parents or friends Pass.

6. Each himself as an example of good works, and every kind of scandals in the most exact flight lays.

7. Patience, love and gentleness brightly on our services and sermons, so we have to be implemented by the words of Christ, they say you are the world, you'll light.

8. Canteens in February and March of each year, each partner to write a letter to Mayor-rectors, in which health and the call of his stature and confidently stating that men can consider on the quiet and utilized. By such a letter here, since it is the responsibility of the Superior inseripta, no one can not even read, do not dare to, 'Be opened.

In Christ of my dear ones, remain in the calling -qua called us, and endeavor to do good works for the call and election possible.
For that, God forbid, if we back away from putting his hand to the plow, we do not fit in any of their directors Kingdom of the single family partners with our intentions letter read, develop, and each of the articles on adnotatis often have conversation with them briefly.


Grace of Jesus Christ is always with us. Amen.

Given at Paris, the first day they TAKING PLACE ON THE NINTH DAY
Mass. Immaculate Conception BV 1880.

John Bosco priest.